Arizona Campaign Could Earn More Than $40 Million for Schools

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UPDATE: The Grand Canyon Institute, an independent Arizona-based think tank, has released a report that concludes the proposed initiative to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in Arizona would likely raise more money for schools than backers of the initiative estimated last month.

According to a press release issued by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol:

According to the Grand Canyon Institute, a “centrist think-thank led by a bipartisan group of former state lawmakers, economists, community leaders, and academicians,” tax revenue from the initiative would initially generate $64 million annually, including $51 million for K-12 education and all-day kindergarten programs. It estimates that by 2019, once the new system is fully rolled out, it would raise $72 million per year, including approximately $58 million for public education.

“The Grand Canyon Institute…finds that the revenue projections were conservative as proponents claimed,” the report reads. “The revenue gains do exceed the $40 million espoused by proponents of the initiative.”


The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona held a press conference at the State Capitol Wednesday to highlight the fact that the initiative would generate more than $40 million in annual funding for public education in Arizona.

The initiative includes a 15% tax on retail marijuana sales, and 80% of that funding would be allocated to public schools and full-day kindergarten programs.

The campaign conservatively estimates that this tax would generate more than $40 million each year, and it could be an even higher amount than that.

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6 responses to “Arizona Campaign Could Earn More Than $40 Million for Schools”

  1. Funding for schools is just one benefit, and it’s alot more than just $40 million, that’s just what the schools could get. the reasons for legalizing this so called drug, far out weigh any negatives, if there really even are any personally, I can think of at least ten items in my house right now that are more harmful to me, my health ,my children, family or even nieghbors. Marijuana is actually one of the safest plants on the planet, the fact that we ever let it become ILLEAGAL is just appauling to me and frankly ignorant. It’s time we stop depending on the state or federal government and instead run it the way it was meant to be by our forefathers, I mean George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be outraged, I believe that. Legalize this plant and stop the Cartels from taking money we could be using to improve our cities I refuse to let gangs and cartel related drug dealers run my nieghborhood

  2. Its great that Arizona is moving on with the Arizona Campaign, and good ole Texas needs to get reliable leadership in the Gov seat to come on board and pass laws marijuana laws not only making it legal for personal possession of Marijuana, its use for medical issues, but to also reconstruction drug laws that place thousands in the slammer for mild possession charges…Idiots Texas Republicans. They worry that the heavy religious right that will remember them on election day. Texas like the rest of the states needs to get on board and legalize it. Texas is not only about the heavy religious right who believe that hell and damn nation will result if its legalized, but the liberal left who want to have the right and freedom to choose for themselves what they want to do. Texas needs to kick the legal process in the head and get on board.

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