Adults can now purchase cannabis in Montana!

Jan 03, 2022

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Adults can now purchase cannabis in Montana!

Happy New Year! The beginning of 2022 officially marks a major milestone in the decades-long effort to reform Montana’s cannabis policies. As of January 1, adults in Montana can now purchase cannabis from licensed retail stores across the state! 

Thanks to the efforts of New Approach Montana, the 2020 ballot initiative campaign supported and led by MPP, 57% of Montana voters approved two complementary ballot initiatives to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis in the state. As a result, cannabis sales will no longer be relegated to an illicit market. Instead, we have created a legal marketplace that will improve public health and safety, create new jobs, and generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for Montana. Today is a day to celebrate what our movement can achieve when we mobilize popular support for sensible reforms.

For now, adults in Montana may purchase cannabis in stores located in so-called “green counties” — where a majority of voters approved Initiative 190. Other counties will require approval via local referendum to allow adult-use cannabis sales. You can view a map of which counties currently allow sales here.

If you plan to stop by a cannabis store, bring your ID to show that you are 21 or older — and when transporting cannabis, keep your package unopened and stored in the glove compartment or trunk of your car. 

Celebrate responsibly, Montana!