Adult Use Bills Introduced in Maryland Senate

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This week, two companion bills that would legalize and regulate personal use amounts of cannabis for adults 21 and up were introduced in the Maryland Senate.

SB 928 would allow adults to possess up to one ounce of cannabis and to grow up to six plants, and would set up regulated businesses that would cultivate, process, and sell cannabis, including a “craft cultivator” category for small businesses. SB 927 sets a $30 per ounce excise tax and 9% sales tax (the same as alcohol). Half of the proceeds would go to high-poverty schools.

Much of the cannabis discussion in the General Assembly is about Maryland’s continuing failure to properly implement its medical program. The Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition strongly supports making medical cannabis available as soon as possible, but this bill would not impact the medical program — it would set up a parallel system for adults. Every year as the General Assembly waits to pass these reforms, thousands more people are searched, fined, and often arrested for using a substance safer than alcohol.

If you are a Maryland resident, please let your lawmakers know the time has come to allow adults to use cannabis.

3 responses to “Adult Use Bills Introduced in Maryland Senate”

  1. This ns needs to end asafp as the holy shrubbery has more benificial and medicinally applied uses for the suffer of so many illnesses chronic terminal that help in ways that conventional medicines are unable to give the samereliefandthat in a safer form than most modern meds .. free the weed and plant the seed ! I been waiting for Md to make it legal or at least get the medial my program off and running and yet they’ve dragged ass doin g this for over 20 yrs since Md first added the Med my lawto the boooks . And now over ad evade and a half later they are just getting the dispensarys up and running soon 🤞 We don’t need to have this state of prohibition like hat of alcohol which was a horrible massacre and caused more deaths and problems then the actual drinking of the liquor itself .. why send the $ to other countries for the me when we can grow sell and it here and put it back in the economy of the USA .. that’s a lot of fn miulla as well!!! I mean billions in just taxes on it .. stop fn around and let’s get this done .. 420 all day everyday .. peace pot microndot

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