Act now in support of urgent federal cannabis reform!

Dec 06, 2021

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Act now in support of urgent federal cannabis reform!

Call on Congress to pass SAFE Banking!

Congress is now negotiating the fate of a bill that would make it easier for cannabis businesses to get basic banking services. The SAFE Banking Act, which would allow banks to legally work with state-licensed cannabis businesses, was recently added to a must-pass piece of legislation currently under consideration — the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). We are asking for your help to ensure it passes. 

Click here to send a message to your members of Congress in support of including basic banking protections for state-licensed cannabis businesses in the NDAA.

Leaving cannabis businesses unbanked is dangerous for both workers and communities. It is absurd that state-licensed businesses are required to operate entirely in cash simply because the federal government refuses to budge. Burglaries, armed robberies, and theft occur at disturbing rates. You can take action right now to help.

Small and minority-owned businesses in medical and adult-use states across the U.S. struggle to get started without banks, unable to take advantage of the same workarounds available for well-funded cannabis businesses. Simply put, the Senate’s failure to pass meaningful reform has disproportionately hurt small business entrepreneurs, many of whom are social equity- and minority-owned companies.

You can speak up right now to help.

The SAFE Banking Act is a key step toward ending federal cannabis prohibition. It would not only make businesses safer and give new startups a better chance, but it would also be an important victory in Congressional cannabis reform. Few elected officials anywhere are as popular as cannabis, and few issues in Washington are as bipartisan as SAFE Banking. Help pass this measure right now.  

Please take action today by calling on Congress to pass SAFE Banking.

Thank you for your support.