A Chance to Demonstrate Our Movement’s Strength

Jan 28, 2010 ,

President Obama has created a YouTube channel where anyone with an Internet connection and an idea can hold an “exclusive interview with the president.” The project is called CitizenTube, and it is very similar to the Open For Questions forum the Obama team unveiled one year ago. And just like last year, marijuana reform questions are by far the most popular.

Here is MPP’s entry:

You can visit the site to vote and help our question be one of the few chosen by Obama for a live YouTube event next week. Click here to help us demonstrate the importance and popularity of this issue.

17 responses to “A Chance to Demonstrate Our Movement’s Strength”

  1. Once again, Change.org is asking for more ideas…. I am asking that Marijuana be removed from a Schedule I substance (I think you would all agree this should happen).

    Please go vote and tell your friends to as well (you have to sign up with change.org first):


    Yeah… I realize this may be glossed over once again, but it doesn’t hurt us to keep pressing the issue!!! The vote gathering for round one will go on until Feb 18th and we need to make sure marijuana related ideas make it to and then stay in the top three of each appropriate category. I emplore you to take two minutes and sign up and vote. Pass this around on facebook, myspace, twitter, and any other pro-pot websites so that we can get the most attention as we can.

  2. Obama’s appointment of Michelle Leonhart at the DEA tells me there is a deaf ear on the other end. I don’t think I’ll submit my video likeness to be added to facial recognition databases. Am I paranoid? Maybe. But the “war” is not going anywhere on Obama’s watch. He has lied yet again.

  3. This is great 🙂 MJ has a place in every cateogory in the top three if not ALL of the top three. I can’t wait to see how he handles this.

  4. President Obama is asking us to speak. Let’s speak. Let’s be polite and engaging and supportive. I don’t recall any other President asking for this kind of feedback, so let’s keep in mind that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and show ourselves to be a positive, good-neighbor, upstanding-citizen group, and keep moving forward.

  5. Having voted for the MPP question, I’ve also put questions into the Jobs, Edcuation, Foreign Policy, and Health Care categories. Rather than asking yes/no or “why?” questions, each of them asks President Obama, “What will you do?” regarding various aspects of marijuana law. Anyone else posting questions, let’s hear from you here and keep pulling together.

  6. He seriously thinks there are facial recognition databases that the government keeps for marijuana smokers? What a moron.

  7. Luke C – that’s an excellent point – how would our President like to have been jailed for a joint, or his liberties taken away from him and his family.

    The harm needs to stop, that’s all I know.

  8. Well, here we are again with another chance to tell the president how we feel about marijuana and our ideas. How wonderful it is. Now Obama can show his wimpy side for a second time, dodge the issue, and it is a real issue, and let it all go with a laugh by saying, and I quote ” I guess this says something about the online audience” unquote. And then, the great Orator Obama will quickly move the attention to the next ?. Oh, the second ? won’t be about mj, even if the top 3 ?’s are about mj, they will lump them into one ? as pertaining to mj. #8, you are the moron. They do have facial recognition databases, maybe not mj specific, but databases nonetheless that they can use for whatever purpose they want, right now it’s terrorism, tomorrow?
    #2, He did lie again. Obama went and basically put the Clinton Administration back in office. He needs all new Cabinet. Outsiders. Non Lawyers and Politicians. Real People would be a good start. Now on to the ? at hand. Why isn’t the MPP video about the fact that the USG has a patent on MJ or a comp0und of its substructure, and it relates to it in the abstract of the patent as a get this “MEDICINE”. So how does the USG DEA claim it has no “known” medicinal value, when, if one were to go look at one of the USG’s own printed pieces of paperwork, specifically, the posting of patents by the US Patent & Trademark Office, which is an OFFICIAL paper published by “you guessed it” the USG. That is the fucking ? that should be on youtube youdumbfucks. You need to start vaporizing sativa and get off mind numbing indica’s. You need a ? with some balls, and what you got ain’t it.
    Peace my brothers and sisters.

  9. Well Mr President I understand there is not a country wide initiative to have marijuana legalized. I have Cadasil which slowly destroys the brain and have been using Marijuana as my medication as there are no meds for my disease. I have smoked for 15 years now I am on a vaporizer as it is much safer taken that way. I will continue to use MJ for my disease as there is no other fix and I would deal with bone crushing headaches and pain daily. Please allow it to pass especially in the State of New York.

  10. This is all starting to have a deja-vu feeling to it. Back in the late 70’s we were on the brink of legalization, at least in public opinion. But out of the blue, we got Nancy Reagan and her ramping up of the rhetoric. Next thing you knew, they were telling our kids in school to turn their parents in. I hope we are not headed back into the dark ages of the 80s.

  11. why cause now there is the internet, in the 80’s there wasnt a norml or mpp website where u could get accurate informarion about marijuana; the only info was the propaganda. Thats why we need to stand up and speak out because the facts are on our side. the more educated someone is the more likely they will support reform. SO DROWN OUT THE PROPAGANDA AND SPREAD THE TRUTH AT ALL OPPERTUNITIES.

  12. #13, You, we all, could be looking at a dark ages like nothing we have ever seen before. All ya need is a president like Bush Sr. or Jr., or Reagan. Let’s see Cheney, omg. , bruddah it could get way f-in worse than it has ever been B4. If it don’t happen with the O-man. We are f-ed.
    Peace bruddahs and sistas

  13. Hey I’m trying to watch the stream, but I just don’t have the bandwidth here at work (I wish there was an audio-only feed). I’m looking forward to getting a report on whether he addresses these cannabis reform questions or not, please keep us posted.

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