Survey Shows Record Support for Making Marijuana Legal

Mar 25, 2016 , , , , ,

On Friday, even more evidence that most Americans no longer support marijuana prohibition was released.

Washington Post reports:

A new survey released today by the the Associated Press800px-Associated_Press_logo.svg and the University of Chicago finds that a record-high percentage of Americans — 61 percent — say they support marijuana legalization.

The survey uses the same question wording (“Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not?”) on marijuana as previous Gallup surveys, which had shown a previous high of 58 percent support for legalization last October.

The survey comes at a potential tipping point for drug reform. Next month, the United Nations will hold a special session in New York to re-evaluate the state of international drug laws. Many researchers and public health experts have been encouraging the UN to take a less-punitive approach to drug policy. Yesterday, a group of medical and public health experts urged governments to decriminalize all drug use and experiment with regulated drug markets in some cases.



9 responses to “Survey Shows Record Support for Making Marijuana Legal”

  1. Public sentiment and the truth about cannabis does not stop the institutional thieves from sinking the nation further into the abyss of intolerance and indifference.

  2. I think it is hard to argue that Marijuana has medicinal effects (and side effects) and then totally legalize it. It should remain legal with a physician’s recommendation. JMO.

  3. At some point, the federal government has to bow to the will of the people, and let them make their own decisions. The people are capable of determining in what activities they wish to participate, or what they wish to consume, as long as it does harm to no-one else.

  4. The result of prohibition has been a complete failure in regard to stopping people from using any drugs.
    More harm is visited upon individuals for criminalizing personal use than the use of drugs in and of themselves.
    It is long overdue time to stop a war against people and their natural habit to seek self medicating, and provide treatment and treatment only, when and where necessary.
    Take away control from violent groups by bringing drug users out of the dark or back alleys and into the light of open markets and our society will go much further in helping those that need help. Less harm will come and families won’t be torn by lengthy and unnecessary prison sentences.

  5. I follow many websites for Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Arthritis, all of which I have that begin at the age of 40, I am now 50. I’ve had 9 surgeries in that time and had to go on Disability Retirement from a job that I truly loved at the age of 43. I’ve had countless doctors and now am to the point where I take 9 different medications several times daily. All of these sites and their research have “proven” facts that Medical Marijuana does indeed decrease pain levels and improve quality of life for people like me and so many others suffering.
    Why is there even a question in any state that Medical Marijuana should be legalized or not? I’m my mind, this is bordering on inhuman to allow people to suffer when you KNOW there’s something that will help them but you just don’t approve of it. Is it the pharmaceutical companies that produce the nine prescriptions that I take and pay for daily? Is it because some of you don’t think it is morally acceptable? I’d appreciate an answer from someone please.
    Is there anyone on the Supreme Court, United Nations, Senate and lawmakers that would benefit from Medical Marijuana? A family member perhaps? Someone that you have to watch day after day suffer just to get out of bed?
    Think about please…and do the right thing

  6. Ask yourself, who gains by keeping MJ illegal? Big pharma, because they can’t make money if everybody is able to get access to meds which people can grow in their homes. Who else? Why the legal system…Just think about all of that money which will end up elsewhere, when the prisons are no longer clogged up with MJ cases, and the prisons are no longer filled with MJ offenders. So, we have an unholy alliance of big pharma and the court/prison/law enforcement honchos, who will lie, cheat, and do everything in their power to keep MJ illegal. The only way forward is to vote on election day! Elect pro pot candidates, and vote for legalization, if it is on your ballot!

  7. I think the honest truth of the matter is alcohol is legal there is no reason why marijuana shouldn’t be to my knowledge the one glass of wine a day for The blood is the only real medicinal value to alcohol. Where on the other hand marijuana has many. Not to mention driving a vehicle after smoking a minor amount of marijuana isn’t very dangerous and in fact from when I have heards makes them a little bit more cautious. And we all know what happens when people drive after a few drinks. Marijuana brings peace to people in creativity while alcohol creates domestic violence. Also alcohol is one of the only drugs on the face of the earth that has been known to kill people from withdrawals the other being benzo’s. I’m personally not a big smoker myself but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Would I tell my 18-year-old children they are not allowed to smoke marijuana absolutely not I would rather them do that as opposed to drinking. Further being classified in the same category as heroin criminally is absolutely so ridiculous it’s pretty funny other than when people get in trouble for minor amounts. As long as these new devices work as alca-sensor or a breathalyzer it should be regulated when it comes to driving or using heavy machinery but for those that need it for medicinal purposes or simply feel like taking a load off at the end of the day on the couch and smoking a little bit, only those that are naïve would really have a serious problem with that as long as the person uses responsibly and is of age. Other benefits include Taxable income for the government as well. Unfortunately controlling children a hundred percent is pretty much impossible and when it comes to that I don’t believe that children under the age of 18 should smoke marijuana. Although maybe at the age of 16 with a parents permission I think for somebody that is able to drive a car is pretty much at the point in their life where they can make their own decisions And if they choose to smoke marijuana at that age it would be a lot better than choosing to drink alcohol. fights break out at high school parties due to smoking marijuana as a child and if they choose to smoke marijuana at that age it would be a lot better than choosing to drink alcohol. Few fights break out at high school parties due to smoking marijuana as opposed alcohol. child abuse occurs more frequently from alcohol abuse as opposed to marijuana. Another great point is that people look at marijuana as a “gateway drug” I believe and I don’t think there’s any question about it but alcohol impairs judgment of people thinking about doing other drugs as opposed to marijuana if it were legal. People just really need to realize that the stuff isn’t as bad as one’s grandparents probably made it out to be at some point. Unfortunately ran Paul is the only recent presidential candidate that thinks this way I would almost consider voting for Donald Trump if he supported the legalization of marijuana .

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