New Gallup Poll Shows 58% of Americans Support Making Marijuana Legal

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A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows 58% of adults in the United States think marijuana should be made legal, up from 51% in October 2014. Just 40% think it should remain illegal.

The national poll of 1,015 adults was conducted October 7-11 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. The full results are available at here.

Gallup 2015


Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana is the highest Gallup has measured to date, at 58%. Given the patterns of support by age, that percentage should continue to grow in the future. Younger generations of Americans have been increasingly likely to favor legal use of marijuana as they entered adulthood compared with older generations of Americans when they were the same age decades ago. Now, more than seven in 10 of today’s young adults support legalization.

But Americans today — particularly those between 35 and 64 — are more supportive of legal marijuana than members of their same birth cohort were in the past. Now senior citizens are alone among age groups in opposing pot legalization.

These trends suggest that state and local governments may come under increasing pressure to ease restrictions on marijuana use, if not go even further like the states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska in making recreational marijuana use completely legal.

4 responses to “New Gallup Poll Shows 58% of Americans Support Making Marijuana Legal”

  1. This is very encouraging news, as this unnecessary objection to a plant that has been used to humans’ benefit for thousands of years needs to be rejected! Millions have been incarcerated, ruining their lives, and costing the economy numerous billions of dollars, to no avail!!!!

  2. Only 58%? The other 42% must have a problem with being able to think critically – or are woefully ignorant(or are paid to be so). Cannabis has shown that it has many positive medical applications – alcohol doesn’t. Cannabis does not significantly impair driving ability – alcohol does. In fact, a person with cannabis in their system is slightly safer,since their time sense speeds up, i.e. – when asked to drive 60 mph (without being able to observe the speedometer) the driver ends up driving around 40 mph.
    Also, there is no correlation between medical or recreational marijuana use and crime – in fact studies show crime actually decreases.
    Now, will somebody give me a rational reason why marijuana should be considered illegal and alcohol not?
    For those that are mentally challenged, the operative word in the last sentence is ‘rational’.

  3. The radication of nature, whether it be marijuana, mushrooms, or any other earthly organism is just plain primitive. I mean they make cubensis and marijuana illegal. but not dogwood, nightshade, or any other poisonous organism. personally i think the classification of nature as being Legal, Illegal, is arrogant. i mean come on??? were one species. one planet. why do we have to be divided?

  4. what are these politicians afraid of!!! legalization would pay off the deficit in a short time!! the feds need to stay out of state’s rights if they want to legalize!!

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