National Gallup Poll Shows 64% Support for Legalization

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The latest Gallup poll showed that nearly two thirds of Americans support making marijuana legal, a record high.

Tom Angela reports for Forbes:

The 64% of Americans who say cannabis should be legal in a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday represents the highest level of support in the organization’s 48 years of polling on the topic.

The new survey also shows that a majority of Republicans — 51% — support legalization for the first time. Seventy-two percent of Democrats and 67% of independents are on board.

Gallup been asking the same question — “Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not? — since 1969. That year, only 12% of Americans backed legalization.

MPP’s Morgan Fox released the following statement:

It makes sense that support for ending marijuana prohibition is increasing. Americans are tired of wasting resources arresting hundreds of thousands of individuals every year for using a substance that is safer than alcohol. In the five years since the first states made marijuana legal for adults, it has become increasingly clear that — unlike prohibition — regulation works. Adult-use marijuana laws create jobs, generate tax revenue, and protect consumers while taking the marijuana market out of the hands of criminals.

As public support for ending marijuana prohibition continues to grow, it is crucial that states continue to be given the freedom to serve as laboratories of democracy. We urge the Department of Justice in particular to continue its policy of not interfering in states with well-regulated adult-use and medical marijuana programs while lawmakers catch up to the will of the people.

11 responses to “National Gallup Poll Shows 64% Support for Legalization”

  1. According to this report, it has taken American adults 48 years to rise to 52% of adults who want marijuana legalized. That’s about 1% per year of the adult population voting for marijuana legalization.
    The false information about marijuana shoved-into-the-faces of American citizens by the federal United States Drug Enforcement Administration for over 80 years, denying the facts to be honest with American citizens.

  2. I hate even saying this but I’d expect this to continue to rise over time. It’s reality but as the older generation of adults pass away it brings the adults that were tolerant of it in to take there place. It’s kind of rediculous to think that marijuana can be very helpfull for people with severe illnesses but it’s not okay to buy yet almost everywhere you go alchohol is sold and consumed. Deaths caused by DUI’s and liver failure is okay though.

  3. Since we got all hypocrites in america that always discriminate the acknowledgment of the constitutional of law and refrain it to their own make up the law statement which their is no law for that they do have not followed the statement of the law and nothing is happening in america.

  4. It is time our government legalizes any and all forms of marijuana use by those who wish to use it. If the feds would back off like the “people” want them too, it would no longer require states to hold expensive votes to legalize marijuana. It should be legal.

  5. “out of the hands of criminals”

    Well, I don’t consider people buying, selling, growing, or distributing cannabis as criminals. They are the victims of a law that never should have been passed. And once we get to sanity where the herb is legal, ALL of the charges and convictions made over the decades should be expunged.

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