Marijuana Potency Hype: Is Fact-Checking Dead?

May 29, 2009 , , ,

In mid-May, spurred by a press release from the drug czar’s office, the American news media reported with varying levels of hysteria that average marijuana potency had soared past the 10% THC level for the first time. Clearly the sky was falling, or at least was about to.

Small problem: According to the actual report, from the Marijuana Potency Monitoring Project at the University of Mississippi, average marijuana potency is only 8.52% — a fact easily determined by doing something most journalists apparently didn’t bother to attempt: reading the report, which is based on tests of samples seized by police. The way they got to the claimed rate of 10.1% was by including samples of hashish (average potency 20.76%) and hash oil (15.64%).

There’s more. While the potency of marijuana samples did increase a bit from the comparable period a year ago, the overall proportion of samples represented by hash and hash oil also increased. That is, a greater percentage of the cannabis products seized and sent in for testing was the high-strength stuff.

But are these police seizure samples tested representative of what’s actually available to marijuana consumers? There is absolutely no way to be sure, but every indication is that they aren’t.

First, the number of samples tested dropped markedly, from 1290 a year ago to 818 in the current period. Why such a big drop? The MPMP report doesn’t say.

Second, as with prior years, the domestically produced marijuana tested tended to be significantly weaker than the imported stuff, but domestic cannabis only represented 29.7% of the samples tested. No one seriously believes that less than a third of the marijuana consumed in the U.S. is produced here. Indeed, a 2005 State Department report suggests that the real proportion is almost the exact reverse: “More than 10,000 metric tons of domestic marijuana and more than 5,000 metric tons of marijuana cultivated and harvested in Mexico and Canada is marketed to more than 20 million users in the United States. Colombia, Jamaica, and Paraguay also export marijuana to the U.S.” Those last three countries, though, represent a tiny fraction of what comes here from Mexico and Canada.

Is the average potency of marijuana inching upward? Probably, though there isn’t the slightest evidence that this makes it more dangerous. Is the real average potency over 10%? Only if you believe in the tooth fairy.

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  1. Nothing new here. While it would appear that the “officials” just mean well and are prone to overzealousness in their modalities, their real motivation is to keep mj illegal at all costs. Why? When legalization would eradicate so many problems and solve so many more, why the tenacity towards defending such absurd and ongoing claims? It doesn’t make sense until you discern where they are really coming from. They must have a stake in it, either from the standpoint of maintaining nazi-like control over those who would question them, or because they benefit monetarily. These yayhoos don’t give a rat’s ass about whether mj is safe or not. They are liars first and foremost. And not very good ones, at that. But it is more important for us to know when we’re being lied to than it is to let them know that we know. When it just doesn’t make sense, it’s because you’re looking at it from the wrong angle.

    Let’s stick to our guns and stick to the facts. The facts will never vary, but the lies will shift and adjust daily.

  2. This is all HYPE anyway…

    The only way that potency matters is if the higher potency leads to higher death rates…

    If there are no deaths caused by marijuana does it matter how strong it gets?

    This absolutely does not surprise me that the FED would twist statistics in this manner so they can get out there and spread the HYSTERIA.

    Bruce – Thank you for doing the fact checking on this…. next time you get to debate please ask your counterpart a couple of quick questions (Aaron and Rob, you too!):

    How many people have died in the 60’s and 70’s from marijuana overdose when the potency was 3%?

    How many people died last year when the potency level increased over 10%?

    Please explain why this even matters?

  3. News Flash for every one their are now 4913 people that has signed the petition at

    I believe that they are waiting to get 5000 signutures this being said hope fully these petitions like the one mentioned as well as over a dozen others would help towards our cause. The one petition that was listed on here was started by Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

    Lets keep fighting the fight and end this war against us “The people of our great nation” for we are a patriot and as such must keep up the fight for our rights as Americans .

  4. Jeremy R, You are right,this is about liberty and rights,not about getting high. This law any many others have hi-jacked the constitution. Our government knows if we can change this law,we will be coming after the power they have wrongfully taken from “WE THE PEOPLE”, for we do own this country and they do work for us.

    As we all know,the potency does NOT matter,its just more lies they need to use in order to try and keep our voices from being heardor recognized. Our voices must be powerful indeed if they need to lie to keep thier power over us.

  5. If the qaulity of pot is up, that is super news for the medical communies! YAY! To bad it is mostly cycobable…

    I would think that the qaulity of pot today is exactly what makes it a good choice for modern medicine. Imagine trying to curb your pain and anxiety with mexican seed ridden crap?

    I kind of feel sorry for all those people feeding of the narco war pot…..if they really want to end things like narco terrorism in this country, they could simply let them grow our own? That user group of smokers would certainly be a lot healthier overall rotf….I am also guessing that pot users around the country reading this [another qaulity post by Bruce Mirken] that are used to low qaulity imported meds are asking themselves the question…….they are asking…..where can I get my new super charged ultra power purple pot………

    Head West Right here in the U.S.A.

    Its just that its nothing new….been doing it for 70 years…

  6. the only thing being sent in for testing is high potency of corce the averges are going to be higher in florida in the county i live in they have 5 officers that do nothing but look for grow houses one officer told me that they were destroying the houseing market (they found one person that had financed his house 3 times )i’m tired of the scare tactics they are using . I have always said as long as they can scare the unknowing they will have have the upper hand . more potent pot just means more content stoners

  7. Is the average potency of marijuana inching upward? Probably, though there isn’t the slightest evidence that this makes it more dangerous.

    That’s the important point here. There’s not a single negative impact of higher potency. In fact, the drug warriors should be careful; in effect they are advertising for the drug.

    “Smoke less! Fell better! Get more for your money!”

    I thank the wonders of genetic science and the ingenuity of the marijuana cultivation community every time I read one of these stories.

  8. Regardless of higher potency in SOME pot, you can still buy ANY kind of pot you want! You can buy it weak or strong, however you like. The argument is irrelevant in that respect as well. Of course, like others have said, if it’s higher potency, then obviously you smoke less, which is only good for you!


    CNN should be called to correct their broadcast. Journalists should tell the truth, not distort the facts. However, I believe there is little truth in the major networks and stories all have the spin the current administration wants.

    We need to call on CNN to do the RIGHT thing, and present the facts accurately and fairly.

  10. This is a very important finding and should be made public outside of our circle! I can’t see how the truth to a blantant lie to the American people can go unannounced. I mean. this was a big deal when it was announced and multiple networks chose to report the story nationally during prime time, only now we know that its a complete lie!

    This war on drugs just keeps infringing on our civil rights, it has to end now and the way to do that is to bring EVERYTHING out into the public. We need commercials that are as blatant as election campaign commercials. CALL OUT THESE OFFICIALS FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE, LIARS!

  11. I’m astounded that people buy this sort of shady argument. Is liquor vs beer such a controversy? Of course not. People drink to the level of intoxication they desire. Some just get mellow, others get tanked. It’s your right as an American to do to yuour body what you want, as long as you hurt no one else.

    But stronger cannibis is horrific? It’s used VERY similarly, especially with new ‘batches.’ You ingest a bit to get a sense of the strength, and then you imbibe to the level of intoxication you CHOOSE. You can just get mellow, or you can get tanked. As an American, is SHOULD BE your right, as long as you hurt no one else.

    But the narco-nazis come at it like it is the worst of crack,meth and heroin rolled into one. The hyperbolic rhetoric serves no purposeother than to reinforce the beliefs of those who’ve already decided not to question the ONDCP and DEA, and to further erode the confidence in said offices that the rest of America has. Do they not grasp that by continuing to wail and gnash their teeth in mock horror, they are only doing THEMSELVES, and their fellow American citizens a grave disservice? Of course not. That would require an open mind, and a modicum of logic and reason. They are BEYOND logic or reason at this point. They have a self-fulfilling obligation to keep Cannibis illegal, because if they don’t, it might become LEGAL. God forbid Americans should be left to make their own decisions.

  12. 15,000 metric tons (15 Million kilograms, or about 33 Million pounds) is marketed to 20 Million Americans, so that’s about 750 grams per smoker per year, or about 2 grams per smoker per day. Four joints a day on average? If it’s really 15,000 metric tons, there’s either a lot more than 20 Million users or they’re all staying stoned what… 4 joints a day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime? Every one of the 20 Million? Something doesn’t add up.

    Hey, let’s put the violent drug cartels out of business.
    Let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.
    $100 per year for a permit for 12 plants.
    Would anybody go for it?

  13. I am a voter and I know for a fact if their is not going to be any one who will be running in the next election that does not shares our views or that even wants to keep marijuana illegal then I wont vote for that person . They need to know that you can not push American voters around who smoke marijuana and not have them push back when election time comes. We all need to stand together to protect our rights as Americans and fight till we can no longer fight and when we fight it must be hard , long and if need be to then end of our life for as long as we breath we must fight for or rights as Americans and not be dictated what our rights are for we are Americans and not our governments slaves. We who fight the fights are known as patriots and we have but one thing to do and that is live as a free American with out giving up on our fight to preserve our rights given to us from our fore fathers who created the constitution…..

  14. I just went thru the numbers in the report and they skew the outcome even further by a disportionate seizures of “High potency” weed from the Southwest and Western research Laboratories. What a coincidence that these would represent the seizures mostly from California. The “samples” taken from legal medical dispensaries are obvioulsy going to have higher potency buds. You aren’t going to find low grade marijuana at a Compasionate Care Center. The hasish and hash oil as well.

    Here’s the DEA once again using the sick and injured to bolster there HYSTERIA. Easy picking for the DEA with shops operating openly. I really wonder what these statistics would look like if they removed all samples that originated as medical marijuana.

  15. IDEA we need to buy air time and have a comercial that shows America that Alcohol and Tabaco are more dangerous than marijuana . this type of project would educate America and at the same time we may present facts example while the comercial is being run we say some thing like this ” X amount of people die daily from alcohol X amount of people die from tabaco yet these 2 things are legal yet zero People has ever dies from marijuana and marijuana is illegal. As Americans why do we not legalize and tax marijuana which is safer than alcohol and tabaco combined and help the people solve a problem. Time to end marijuana prohibition today contact your government and tell them we want marijuana legalized and taxed.”

  16. And when they ignore this tact, once again, it becomes more and more clear that these bastards aren’t listening! They certainly aren’t bound by the facts! What we are up against is not reasonable people, but people with their own agenda, and it is not at all what we are being told it is. They are liars, first and foremost. And their sold motivation is money, which is facilitated by being in dogged control of the populace. You can’t reason with a liar, because they are double-dealing, double-faced liars. The only chance we have is in flexing our numbers in the streets. Massive smoke-outs, like at rock concerts, where the pigs only have one choice: look the other way and pass the bong across the aisle.

  17. Since I have the God-given freedom and liberty to consume or not consume what I freely choose, as long as it does not infringe on the rightfull liberties and freedoms of anyone else, as documented in the Constitution of the United States, what do they (the American Taliban, i.e. D.E.A.), care about current cannabis quality? I trust their concern is with my health, although it is none of their business (if they think it is, they of course would not mind me putting them on a diet or depriving them of their ethanol, the original date rape drug), but I’m happy to say this simply means less inhaled smoke to yield the same effect (another of the countless unintended consequences of prohibition). If they are indeed concerned with people’s health, I suggest the government subsadize the cost of top quality vaporizors, as they tend to be a little pricey. Otherwise, I suggest prohibitionists simply read the Constitution and stop trying to run other people’s lives. Another suggestion: if they spent less time testing cannabis samples and more time at combat marksmanship training which includes accurate target aquisition, they might not have dismembered that one-year-old child when they shot and killed its twenty-three-year old mother committing the crime of holding her innocent baby in her arms in her home. Thanks again and a hearty “well done” for protecting us from that “killer” weed, a common shrub less adictive than coffee and less dangerous than asprin, that has never killed even one person in at least the last 5,000 years. I know I feel much, much, much safer. Come to think of it, I do have another suggestion for prohibitionists, but I think there may be some rules or something about the use of profanity on this web site.

  18. Non-Users of MJ must be pretty confused at this point. The devide between users and non-users should be obvious. Non-users of MJ have no clue what to really believe in the news, government reports, etc., along with the histeria so easily promoted by prohibitionist. It’s all about accountability, being liable, responsible for distributed public information. Misleading the public should be a punishable offense. That’s how we got into this mess of marijuana prohibition in the first place.

  19. Another solution simply when election time comes around if no one is willing to stand up for us then let us the american people stand up and not vote the person/s in office . They may not listen to facts but I bet they will listen to electorial votes that put them into office after all why should we be pushed by bullies when we should push back telling them they are not our owners we are free and not a slave that may be pushed around with out us pushing back . They think just because we do what we do and do not fight that we are push overs this being said lets prove them wrong and show them we will not stand for that and push back when election time comes after all we out number them in numbers and in politics numbers matter at the voteing box….

  20. Yeah, it’s dead. They got the headline they wanted and ran with it, who cares about actually reading the study?

  21. God im depressed today I was expeled until further notice for smoking marijuana in the bathroom for my depression.

  22. Nice work, Bruce et al. It is just a shame that you had to do this at all. After 70 years of reefer madness propaganda, you would think that someone would catch on that people just are not that gullible. The Ministry of Truth has clay feet.

  23. Pooch, they don’t want you using a non-pharmacutical that works for depression. How else will they make money. You can try 10 different anti-deperessants and just still end up more screwed up from it. Then you spend more on doctors and therapists,they give you more drugs,you get more screwed up. Its a vicious circle. Cannibis quiets your mind. They know if its legal,people can just grow thier own, they make NO money on it. This country is sooo greedy! Money and power is more important than the truth. Its so sickening! Money and powerMoney and powerLies lies and more lies just to make themselves self important. The thing is,we all know the country would go on with out them if they were to disapper. They act as if the American people can’t think with out them! ITS SICKENING!

  24. These lies from the Drug Czars office is a total abuse of power. They are proving they got more power than god. They do not need truth when they got people in high places to believe them.
    Some do not care if they are lies, they just need an excuse to do carry out their orders. It reminds me of Germany back in the 1930’s.

  25. pooch the this is the sickening thing. all the pharm meds for depression the psych prescribe work in the central nervous system. alot have serious side effects especially when you stop taking them cold turkey. think withdraw from heroin. cannabis from what ive seen can achieve the same effects with out the extreme potential side effects. why because it is natural and not chemically built in a lab.

  26. side note
    i just saw that movie milk. we all have to stay in the closet or risk losing our jobs, homes, kids every thing. this is the new civil rights struggle as i see it. in the movie harvey milk gained alot of political power by uniting the gays to boycott certain products that weren’t gay friendly. we should do the same thing. this hits them where the money is and that seems the only thing any one listens to any more. facts don’t matter to the prohibitionist, but money i have a feeling is the weakness.
    i also will not vote for a canidate of anything that doesn’t tell us how they side with cannibis.

  27. We have had nothing but fact after fact in the pot movement.So after all these yrs,1.why is it still illegal, 2,when is our government going to do something about this, 3 Also when is it going to finally get changed from a sched 1 drug which it clearly isnt.These forums are nice, but enough is enough about pot not being legal yet.I mean isn’t there enough of a argument that pot doesnt kill and alcohol clearly does?4Cant states or for that matter individuals should be allowed to do whatever in their own house,why should we have to explain anything,and if anything isnt it enough of a good point that we want it taxed and regulated?

  28. Bruce and Staff:

    Can you make sure that I have this correct. Late 60’s the NIXON administration believes that the country has a new enemy…. drug abusers. The hippies and the protesters were causing issues in NIXON’s political future and he wanted to conrol them. Make those people out to be criminals and essentially silence their vote. Congress didn’t know whatto do with Marijuana at the time so for the purpose of the CSA they included it as a Schedule I drug. From my understanding this was agreed to because the NIXON Administration was creating the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse and the finding from that commission would be the guidingforce for Marijuana’s classification. In 1972 before the Shafer Commission released their report, NIXON found out that it might be lenient with marijuana and he met directly with Raymond Shafer and tried to direct him to take a harsher tone with marijuana. He warned Shafer to get control of his commission and avoid looking like a “bunch of do-gooders” who are “soft on marijuana.” He warned Shafer that the Commission would “look bad as hell” if it came out with recommendations different from the direction of Congress and the President. The comission of coarse came out with their recommendations to the shigrin of NIXON. Their report tried to correct the “extensive degree of misinformation,” to “demythologize” and “desymbolize” marijuana. They reported finding that marijuana did not cause crime or aggression, lead to harder drug use or create significant biochemical, mental or physical abnormalities. They concluded: “Marihuana’s relative potential for harm to the vast majority of individual users and its actual impact on society does not justify a social policy designed to seek out and firmly punish those who use it.”

    As we all know the report was contrary to what NIXON wanted so instead of actually reading the report he shut down printing runs so that the report was not widely available. Nixon’s private comments about marijuana showed he was the epitome of misinformation and prejudice. He believed marijuana led to hard drugs, despite the evidence to the contrary. He saw marijuana as tied to “radical demonstrators.” He believed that “the Jews,” especially “Jewish psychiatrists” were behind advocacy for legalization, asking advisor Bob Haldeman, “What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob?” He made a bizarre distinction between marijuana and alcohol, saying people use marijuana “to get high” while “a person drinks to have fun.”

    So if all of this is right, and we are talking about the SAME Administration that sent “the plumbers” in to spy on the DNC, why is it that we so blindly follow the EXTREME WISDOM AND GUIDENCE of President Richard NIXON????

    I think that if you framed the discussion in the terms that we as a nation are still following the recommendations of Richard Nixon (you know the President we all look back on and say “the one was the most OPEN AND HONEST President we’ve ever had” — yeah right!!!) more and more people might want to take a closer look at why we still have Marijuana classified as a Schedule I substance.

    Richard Nixon RESIGNED from office in shame. He was proven to be a liar and cheat, and someone that was unwilling to sit back and let his power taken from him. In his mind he was the Supreme Exaulted Ruler of America and regardless of science and the recommendations from the commisssion he created he was going to determine what was acceptable and what was not.

  29. I feel like I’m the only one that notice the elephant in the room. Of course marijuana is harmless. Do you really think that the Control Substance Act of 1970 is a health issue?
    You can smell the elephant when you talk about marijuana and the subject gets diverted.

  30. Voting is open until June 3rd when Ideas get moved to the next discussion phase:

    This is currently the #5 issue on the site (out of over 1200 ideas)while an issue for Full Legalization is all the way to #3. Signing up takes minutes, so go do your part so we can keep our ideas in front of the President.

  31. When I say harmless, of course there is harm in everything. Example: Drink too much water and it will kill you.

  32. “Some do not care if they are lies, they just need an excuse to do carry out their orders.”
    Joel @ 28

    It is much worse than that. They are way beyond merely carrying out orders, they are well into actively influencing policy and building empires for their own benefit (with no regard to the consequences for overall society).

    Anti-cannabis law enforcement has become a massive, self-serving, self-sustaining, self-justifying, and totally illegitimate industry.

    Follow the money (and the jobs).

  33. Yes, they probably say that in the 70’s when I got stoned I ate a sandwich and now when I stoned I eat three sandwiches so it must be more powerful. Where did we get these larrys anyway? C I agree that we must find out where all the politicians stand and vote out all Prohibitionists!!!

  34. There is nothing random about how they they select samples for testing. They send in the samples they want to send in. They’ll select the most potent looking product for testing, and they now know what is potent and what isn’t. The MPMP results are simply not credible. This is just more rigged data from the feds.

  35. Elephant Bud- 34%THC – NOW that’s medical grade Marihuana!( as they spelled it on my MMJ Registration Card. Sounds GREAT to me and looks even betterthan great, It’s amazing! 44 days or so from seed to Bud too.

  36. i just ran across the is pamphlet, The facts about marijuana , by mark s. gold, m.d. dated 1992. every argument the prohibitionists use are in this book. crazy. the potency argument, the addiction bs, the gateway theory. same bs as today also alot of lies and scare tactics bs. most of made me laugh, but then i thought about what people must have thought that read this and didn’t know the truth. they would be very scared of cannabis and any one associated with it. get the word out that this is bs.

  37. we use to smoke with the air force dudes in Mesa, AZ back in the early seventies. They had the good shit. Thai stick. It had to be at least 15 to 20 percent. They brought it back in the body bags from Nam. The potent stuff has been around for a l0ng time, you just didn’t have the amount/quantity of it as you do now. More people grow the good stuff now than back in the old school days, but we did have the good stuff back then, Maui Wowie, Puna Butter, Kona Gold, Panaman Red and Gold, Columbian Gold etc.. Plus we use to get a majority of Sativa strains, now it’s mostly pure Indica or an Indica/Sativa mix. I like the high of a Sativa any day better than an Indica unless I want to fall asleep and lounge all day, which I don’t.

  38. So that’s their latest argument? They got Marinol on the market and they wanna say that its strength doesnt do any good? Good weed that we see these days is HEALTHIER meanings its not like shwagg that makes you lazy and eventually makes you depressed, but a full high thats better and more pure. The whole marijuana argument is going no where fast because all of these politicians WONT smoke it but rather criticize it

  39. At this point, the only thing holding them back is the realization that admitting that they were wrong the whole time means that SOMEBODY is owed some payback.
    They just don’t want to admit they were wrong… They were wrong.

  40. Of course potency doesn’t really matter, except that more potent is better! It doesn’t matter because users puff ’til they’re done. They don’t get twice as high on MJ that is twice as potent – they smoke half as much. So any possible secondary damage to the lungs (never demonstrated) is minimized. This is common knowledge; I wonder why I have to repeat it? Are the drug warriors that stupid? Or are they malicious? You know it’s the latter.

  41. To za about marinol: One chief complaint about marinol is that it gets users too high. This complaint is from the users. Note that the drug warriors don’t have any particular problem with that! The key is that some big corporation is making a handsome profit – which makes all the difference! Their problem (I lump pharmaceutical companies with drug warriors) with street MJ is not that it gets anyone too high – it’s that they don’t make any money off of it! Note that the only movement we’ve seen toward more sane drug policy is that, in lieu of prison, the drug warriors might be willing to substitute “drug programs” (brain washing). They really don’t care about anything nearly as much as that the cash keeps flowing.

  42. Just an aside: On a rowdy TV show tonight, I heard about a murder that was done by someone “in a cannabis rage!” Incredible! This was the most baseless, viscous propaganda, in the form of entertainment! And I HAVE noticed – murder as entertainment? These are the same people who would tell us which drug to use? Of course MJ does not cause rages! On the contrary, it tends to quiet them.

  43. When we can take the money and power away from the politicains then this country can get back to what its supposed to be ..FREE! WE are America, it not what the government thinks is best for America,its what WE THE PEOPLE know is best for America. Whats best is for the government is to shrink dramatically and get out of our lives. We can take care of our own. We don’t need them as they think. The country won’t stop with out them,thats what they are afraid of,not being needed,not being …”powerful”. Pathetic people they are.

  44. It is the rule of advertisers to sell the product that they are Preaching!! If the Government has weed that has 30 percent Thc then I volunteer for the experiments. Can you imagine the Reality show Survivor where the contestants have to smoke a fatty before going to a reward challange. Ohhh I bet they would work really hard for that food. Chasing and eating anything that moves!! Imagine the for charity drunk experiments that cops do with celebrities and then let them get behind the wheel to complete an obstacle course, Oh, they don’t want to do that with weed because the people will drive too safely!!! I like the idea that all elected officials should be invited by the DEA to smoke some of this super potent bud and then see if they can justify their war on The American Public. I want my government to protect me from the Drug Cartels by ending Prohibition, but they want us to bleed a little more to satisfy some twisted sadistic need to punish us because they say so, Logic does not compute to them. Voting them out is our only hope!!!!

  45. Darth Post33- Thank you! for that link and good info – I’m very excited to see that people are jumping on the RE-Schedule Bandwagon. It is and always has been the main issue in my mind. Because what good is all of this State voting and legislation and all the plans that are going on for compassion Clubs and organizing all the rallies and inteviews –you get it- TONS OF WORK – that can still be made null and void by the boot of a federal agent and all his buddies with riot gear. After the fact, everyone has to fight it out in court. It sickens me and it’s not ignorant (as you wrote, NIXON had the truth and evidence) it has become a downright stupid waste of the taxpayers money.

  46. ON TOPIC…i must be old – I caught the tail end of the original strains that were not screwed with by man. I smoked REAL Columbian Gold- Incredible taste, like noting in this world and an amazingly potent high. Panama Red, yes the real thing,It had some black hash-like pure resinous goo(NOT OPIUM!) in the center of the Cola – NOT man made- ONE little metal bowlful and both my friend and I, at 15 years old (usually TONS of energy) fell asleep for 8 hours! LOLOLOL – We woke up with the needle of the album repeatedly hitting the end of the record and saying ” WOAH -What Happened?” WOW. My Mom gave it to me for $5 she needed. Oh BAAROTHER.
    I have never seen anything as amazingly sweet and potent since, EVER…you kids don’t know what you missed. smiles
    They’re nuts when they say it’s getting more potent. ANd so what? – Robert Vetter made an offer to be a lab rat, I agree- I am dyin from MS, I’m up for a research project – %100 – let’s go for it- I won’t DIE- I may sleep for a while, which is GREAT to me because of insomnia, but I’ll be fine after I wake. In a normal situation, I would just smoke much less.

  47. One other point worth always worth considering is comparing the “potency” of cannabis with the strength of other medications and drugs. Certainly cigarettes have had increasing nicotine levels. Additionally we have all used “Extra Strength” everything.

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