Marijuana in Middle Age: Two Interesting Studies

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Attention middle-age marijuana users: you now have one more piece of ammunition to use against people who say that marijuana use is making you slow.

According to a study published last year in the American Journal of Epidemiology, moderate marijuana use, both past and current, has no long-term effects on cognitive function and memory. Of the 9,000 adults around the age of 42 that were surveyed, those that had used drugs in the past (even the recent past) scored equal to or slightly better than those who had never used any drugs when tested at age 50.

“Overall, at the population level, the results seem to suggest that past or even current illicit drug use is not necessarily associated with impaired cognitive functioning in early middle age,” said lead researcher, Dr. Alex Dregan, of King’s College London.

That is certainly good news, especially for the more than 17 million regular marijuana users in the United States. However, it is important to differentiate between users and abusers, especially considering that harder drugs were included in the survey. Dr. Dregan goes on to say:

“However,” he told Reuters Health in an email, “our results do not exclude possible harmful effects in some individuals who may be heavily exposed to drugs over longer periods of time.”

It seems safe to say we can add this study to the others showing that cognitive impairment from marijuana is only temporary and will not, as they say, make you dumb.

Another study that this demographic should find interesting was published last year in the Journal of Analytic Toxicology. Many people in this age group often worry that a failed drug test could jeopardize their jobs or put their families at risk. According to this study, zinc is very effective at interfering with standard urine test accuracy when it comes to detecting marijuana and two other drugs. It is also basically untraceable.

Both zinc sulfate and zinc supplements are effective in interfering with the detection of all three drugs by Immunalysis drug detection kits. Also, no suitable method could be established to detect zinc in urine samples. Zinc can be an effective adulterant in urine for some illicit drugs that are commonly screened under routine drug testing.

This information is intended to be educational, and one should certainly never risk his or her employment based on something read in a blog. The noblest option is to tell any employers requesting a drug test that the content of one’s urine has nothing to do with the quality of one’s work. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing from jobs these days, so this study could provide some food for thought.

6 responses to “Marijuana in Middle Age: Two Interesting Studies”

  1. Cannabis has residual effects? Sure, but they pass-
    As a 52 year old Man who has been using Cannabis, almost daily, since 1977 I can safely say that I want to be interviewed!!~-I’ve got several chronically painful conditions and Hep-C and I am living proof that-were it not for daily Cannabis use, during the “Year-of-Chemo” treating the Hep-C, I would NEVER have been able to finish the grueling treatment.(whose main side-effect was “suicidal thoughts or ideations”)-And now-I use Cannabis to potentiate the effects of Morphine. Studies about this are now MAINSTREAM. I do everything within my power to FIGHT to legalize Cannabis for Adults, regardless their reason. “Who’s business is THAT. anyway?”
    Cannabis has saved my life-

  2. There should be a study on how much more difficult it is for a 53 year old man who has used pot all his life to get pot versus the 16 year old kid.

  3. A very good article.
    I like to smoke pot because it makes me feel like a kid again with dreams and imagination. Such imagination bring back a lot of good memories. It is also a gateway to compulsive guitar playing; being addicted to a well tune guitar makes my finger sore.

    I’d take zinc supplement because it super charges my special purpose.

    There are times I would enjoy the freedom of feeling young thanks to magic mushrooms that were taken during my prime. (WebMD taught me that one.)

  4. I first thought the article title was “Marijuana in the Middle Ages”. Something like a knight taking with him a bag of weed when setting out to free a damsel in distress. Afterwards, alone in the tower with her, he lights up some mellow primo weed and blows smoke up her )||(. They intimately talk and laugh outragously and engage in life-altering sex. He leaves the next day to do battle to make the land safe. She begins weaving a hemp shirt to give him when he returns. The king declares a kingdom Marijuna-Apprecition day and the people make merry. The enemies get high together, throw down their weapons, declares peace, and live happily ever after in a somewhat euphoric ending. And the people in the carts rolling stoned.

  5. I’m 56 yrs. old and have smoked since I was 17 on daily basis with no known medical issues, I get a check up every year and always have disclosed it to my Doctors. They have always had their concerns based on the propaganda out there, that’s why it’s nice to see some positive news. I also would be a candidate for long term testing, that is why I also believe it should be legal or decriminalized for medical use, whatever it takes..

  6. [Late adopter to this convo, forgive me]
    I started smoking weed in late 2014 when I was 46 years old. I’ve enjoyed it nearly every day since then. I remember watching “The People vs George Lucas”, and sometimes there would be clips of the various Star Wars movies. When the movie (“TPvGL”) switched back to its documentary content, I though “This is the worst Star Wars movie ever!” Cannabis indeed messes with your memory and concentration. I’ve never used any drug recreationally, and currently I don’t care for alcohol.

    Cannabis now (available legally in US states that allow it) has crazy high THC levels. 12% THC weed is about as low as the various strains come. Weed with THC content of 30% or more are easily available. I tend to get cannabis flower that’s in the 17-22% THCcontent. For ME, cannabis has played a part in a loss of ambition / drive personally. While I don’t feel anxiety when I’m smoking, I seem to have anxiety issues later the next day. Also, smoking weed tends to bring on the munchies, so extra empty calories late at night does no one any good. My daily or near daily use consists of two ‘bowls’ within two hours. A gram of flower lasts me three days.

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