Can Marijuana Component Ward Off Colon Cancer?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Reveals Potential for Prevention of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is the most common cancer afflicting the Western world, with over 100,000 new cases and nearly 50,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. Cancers are generally considered a cellular disease, characterized by unlimited cell proliferation, causing tumors and subsequent metastasis (migration from the tumor). In past studies, CBD, a constituent of medical cannabis called cannabidiol, has already shown many potential benefits in the treatment of cancer as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidative and neuroprotective agent. In these cases, CBD seems to protect normal cells while attacking those that are diseased. New research shows that CBD shows potential to be a preventative measure against colon cancer.

A recent article from the Journal of Molecular Medicine showed that CBD administered to mice which are predisposed to developing colon cancer, significantly decreased the formation of pre-cancer (tissue aberrance and polyps) and cancer growths (tumors). Additionally, this study showed that CBD induces cell death and inhibits tumor formation in cultured colon cancer cells through a variety of cellular pathways. By exploiting these disease-dependent pathways together, CBD may create an inescapable means of killing off and prohibiting the growth of cancer cells. This is a truly remarkable task for any single molecule — to attack multiple disease pathways while maintaining function in healthy cells. This study strengthens the evidence for CBD’s anti-tumor effects and provides evidence for CBD as a novel preemptive strike against colon cancer.


Brandie M. Cross is a Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Program. She is a recipient of the Thomas J. Kelly Award, specializes in the mechanisms of calcium signaling and transport in the body, and was formerly a professional breakdancer. She is a guest blogger for MPP.

21 responses to “Can Marijuana Component Ward Off Colon Cancer?”

  1. The question now is “Why” Legalize Cannabis-but “Why Not?
    This information here is not new to those of us who, research the medial utility of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, already knew but are very glad to see in print and verified by an Academic without a “fiscal” interest in continuing the senseless prohibition of the most therapeutically beneficial plant on earth.

  2. Personally I dissagre but only with what stage we are in when it comes to legalization. It is correct that the question is not “Why legalize cannabis?” or even “why not legalize cannabis?” but, I think, the true question is “When will we make the right choice and legalize cannabis?” For me the overwhelming evidence shows that it MUST be removed from drug scheduling and regulated so that is why I state it is a matter of “when” and not “why” or “why not” when it comes to cannabis law reform.

  3. This article makes me want to vote for Ron Paul.

    The Obama myth has been busted long time ago when he appointed Michele Leonhart as the head DEA administrator.

  4. As long as there is a socialist running this country, we will see no reform. Every study ever done, by anyone, pretty much ends with, no harm from cannabis. The only time there is any harm from cannabis is in the govt’s studies or fact findings. Why is that? 16 states and D.C. say that cannabis has med uses, but the feds say, cannabis has no med value. Why is that? The feds have had a patent on cannabis products since 2004 but still say no med cannabis reform.Why is that? GREED, plain and simple. As long as there is a penny to be had it is the feds that want the control. Billions of dollers are spent just to keep cannabis against the law. It is so sad to see the republican party against cannabis when it is cannabis that will get the U.S. back in the world market. Obama let billions of Canadian dollers go to China just a couple weeks age. China leads the world and we are sucking ass. Cannabis and hemp farming will allow even the poorest of people the oppertunity to farm. Sorry I got off topic but I just do not have the ability to shut up.

  5. Hey Brandie! Tania here from the 420 Newspaper! We’re looking for content for our next issue which is being distributed at the Vancouver Art Gallery on April 20th…wondering if we can publish your article! Let me know. Kind regards, Tania

  6. We must all try to donate $$$ to Sensible Washington! Legalize It!
    go now to their website and show your love. Cheers

  7. The Federal Government in cooperation with BIG PHARMA has a vested interest in the decline of your health. Look up “Bilderberg Group”. The only way pot is legalized is when we REVOLT like they did in Egypt. Everything else is just “preaching to the choir”.

    • I have watched the Bilderburg group for 16 years. Everybody thought I was a nut. Thank you bringing their name forward.Obama Care is about busting this country and was written when Hillary was just starting her raise. Cannabis is a very important health reform. Thank you. Thank you .Thank you.

  8. Hey All Mississippians please call your Senator and help support Deborah Dawkins with Senate bill 2252 for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi. CALL CALL CALL!!!! We need to get this done. Please help us MPP!!!!

  9. It’s no secret, the pharmacetical and politcal agenda is HOW MUCH MONEY can we get, while I’m dying from all kinds of chronic diseases, the only thing that helps is marijuana, our communtiy are all for it, yeah we should be in front of the white house, and get a protest going!! Whatever happened to this country,,, we would march right in front and stay there. If liquor is good for some people, let them drunk, and that goes with people who get behind the wheel of a killer (automobles) and kill people, . I’m 60 yrs old, man we were talking about this for decades. I HAVE NEVER READ AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE DANGERS OF SMOKING AND DRIVING,now the use the old trick of driving uner the influence of drinking and taking other poisons. like all these pills for pain my ass..There are people who need these medications not a 15 yr old kid, and etc. I have Hep C, bi-polar, high blood pressure, diabetes, and last but not least slep apnea…I lose weight one week then i’m in my own prison,,, the next thing, i have a perfect storm, no eating no nothing, i’m on 23 pills a day fro the last 20yrs. my body is broken, like Dylan says everything is broken..REMEMBER US, IN N.Y.S.

  10. Why can the people of the world declare this plant medical and still we let our leaders push us around while they ignore scientific facts. We are seriously all guilty of letting fellow citizens be harassed, families split apart and not to mention letting them steal from us. That is only a few of the bad things that is happening as I type this message. It is a crime. The values our country was founded on are being challenged here.
    Those people both in private business or government who do not show any respect for the citizens most basic legal, natural (God given) rights of others to use plants from nature demonstrate that they have no respect for the gifts from our Creator. Nor do they show any respect for the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Those who would knowingly violate the God given rights of others which have been given to all of us by God show they do not believe in the God given rights of others which means they do not believe in God and they are atheists.
    The Declaration of Independence is a legal document and the right of a citizen to use the natural plants/flowers from nature are guaranteed by this document. The Founding Fathers believed that what God has given let no man take away. The government’s prohibition of nature’s plants goes against the will of God.”

    Burning Bright

  11. Hey all! Please feel free to contact me at
    Thanks for the great comments!
    There is a discrepancy between science and politics…we need MORE scientists involved int he policy making in this country for a healthier and economically thriving USA!
    Brandie Cross

  12. Most colorectal cancer occurs due to lifestyle and increasing age with only a minority of cases associated with underlying genetic disorders. It typically starts in the lining of the bowel and if left untreated, can grow into the muscle layers underneath, and then through the bowel wall. *:,’

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  13. Cancer is indeed a very big threat to human health and this is evidently a very sensitive issue. Evidence suggests that cannabis taking does not ogre well for the brain. Scientists must be capable of isolating the helpful components of the substance or at least minimizing the risks involved in its consumption.

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