When Is the Contempt Vote for Michele Leonhart?

Jun 21, 2012

Between selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, killing innocent civilians in Honduras, and having to suspend agents for cavorting with prostitutes, it’s been a rough year so far for the DEA. You can understand then why the House Judiciary Committee wanted to call in Michele Leonhart, head of the DEA, for an oversight hearing yesterday.

After a blistering round of questions (starting at 1:02:07) from Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) on the agency’s bloated budget and the relative harms of marijuana, it was Congressman Jared Polis’ (D-CO) turn to try to get some sort of answers from Leonhart. Again, Leonhart dodged, ducked, and weaved, refusing to answer question after question from the Congressman. Watch for yourself. It really was a virtuoso performance in evasion techniques, particularly considering she works for an administration who recently claimed its drug policy is committed to “science over dogma, evidence over ideology.”

What I find interesting about all this is on the same day that Ms. Leonhart steadfastly refused to answer the questions of Congressmen Cohen and Polis, the House Oversight and Government Reform committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with its own investigation into the “Fast and Furious” scandal. My question is this: if it’s contempt for Holder to stonewall a congressional committee, shouldn’t Michele Leonhart be held in contempt for her performance yesterday?

Here is the most ridiculous part of Leonhart’s testimony:

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  1. I like how just kept saying it was bad for you, no explanation on how it was bad… Isn’t the argument that it’s a gateway drug anyway?

  2. I wonder what Ms. Leonhart thinks of former DEA law judge Francis L. Young’s ruling that said “marijuana, in its natural form, is the safest most therapeutic substance known to man.” He also ruled that it should be taken off the Schedule One Category.

  3. This just goes to prove that the DEA is starting to crumble.It is now time to get this drug legalized so that the thousands who are suffering have a SAFER choice than prescribed death or booze or tobacco.As a med pot patient who lives in a Draconian State,my life depends on cannabis.Help this become a reality by calling your reps and telling them to watch this video.Case closed…DEA dont go away mad…just go away!

  4. We should thank Ms. Leonhart for providing this very public display of DEA incompetence and intractable ignorance. It should boost the next poll about legalizing marijuana into the 60% approval range.

  5. Well, if you don’t use that footage in a made for tv special as part of a refutation of that newspaper article that the NORML Women’s Alliance rebutted on their blog, then we would not be keeping up the drumbeat, keeping up the momentum to give tv viewers new pro-cannabis shows. Can anyone say ratings boost?! It’s not just tired old reruns of the times before the Drug Enforcement Administration swooped in with the IRS and raided Richard’s Oaksterdam U, and before they started fucking big-time with Steve D’Angelo’s Harborside.


    Reruns and ratings, get our message out to the public, to educate the public, to refute Michele, to refute prohibition.

    Draw the comparison between her and Holder.

    Sick ’em! Rrruff!

  6. What pressure can we exert beyond our voting rights? I do not want Michele Leonhart to be responsible for this area of our government…however, we can’t vote for this position.

  7. Eric Holder is another anti marijuana puppett, and I don’t think he’s really liked by Obama. Is this coincidence that Holder and Leonhart are being publicly grilled? Obama is a shrewd poker player from what I’ve heard………

  8. When it becomes a lawful requirement for all politicians to tell the truth or risk being incarcerated for obstruction of justice, deceit, perjury and or misrepresentation, the republic would be better served.

    If Leonhart lacks the intelligence to answer the questions then she is not qualified to head the DEA.

    Her answers actually show a little of both, deceit and stupidity…

  9. And I thought we had intelligent people in our government. She seem lost somewhere in an imaginary world. Makes one wonder, what is her ‘drug of choice’? Down with the DEA..

  10. leonhart seems to not know a thing about any drugs when she was asked –how does someone get an awesome paying head honcho job of the dea with not even a sliver of knowledge about drugs?

  11. I’m quite sure that Leonhart would have loved to explain to all of us exactly why marijuana is dangerous enough to be listed as schedule 1. Unfortunately for her, marijuana is safe and she knows there is no true justification for her reasoning on this issue!

    I really have to wonder why, after thousands including myself, wrote to our congressmen, senators, and to President Obama objecting to her nomination to head the DEA, not a single objection was made by any of them. Were they afraid to speak up or do they actually approve of this DEA puppet???

  12. Where does one begin??

    I have watched this video twice now, and what I see and hear are things that would in fact get folks like you and me jailed for contempt. Her relies are at very least… disingenuous, as all the while she is covering her tracks, and keeping her job!

    She specifically avoids answering the main question being asked of her numerous times, and “parrots” the official DEA position back to the congressman again and again, as though it is a legitimate, fact based, answer!

    My take on that:

    How did this woman get her job??

    As long as we have a government that can dictate who has this job, we are going to have a “puppet show”. This woman is defending her job, and the DEA official position, and chose not to tell the truth that was being asked of her… so sez Rev. Barry Willie Black

    Enough about the politics, for now… on to the science.

    She did not answer any question asked of her with an answer that deviated from the official DEA position, so why would we expect the truth when she was asked about studies and other scientific, and readily available information on the subject?

    My take on that:

    I rarily tend towards sarcasm in a public forum, but just because she has been in law enforcement, does that mean that she has shut off her brain when it comes to this issue??

    Many in law enforcement in this great nation have long held the position, based upon science and self-directed thought, that this product of planet Earth should have never been listed with this drugs it has been grouped with.

    They are not hard to find.

    There are groups of law enforcement groups who think it should be legal, as well as those who suggest the use as medicine, and yet others who would just have folks procure it like alcohol, from a state run store of some sort.

    Medically speaking, National Cancer Institute stated on their website that “Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and to affect the immune system”, but they have also removed a supporting document titled “New NCI Resource About Cannabis (Marijuana)”, and with simply the statement “The NCI Fact Sheet Marijuana Use in Supportive Care for Cancer Patients is no longer current and has been removed.” How convenient. Oops, there’s the sarcasm, again.

    No never mind that, anyone with a brain of their own (meaning “free-thinking”) and an internet connection, can find huge amounts of scientific and medical related data on the subject of marijuana.

    As well as, how come it became illegal, how well it helps some folks medically, how well it was used for thousands of years, when it was needed as a simple fiber, and became sail cloth as well as the paper to write some of our most valued national documents, and so on…

    But this woman must not have either… so sez Rev. Barry Willie Black

    The social side of this is the craziest, I think.

    It has long been known that propaganda works, or they would not still be using it after thousands of years to populate society with information.

    There are millions of folks in the world who are completely satified to let others do their thinking and so we have the governments that we have. Our own faults.

    By the time folks have been told anything long enough, some will begin to believe it is true, just because of the position held by the folks providing the information. We see it everywhere… churches to schools, and anywhere else folks are propagating their ideas.

    The governments’ take on drugs, and cannabis specifically, has been no different. Right on the heals of the repeal of alcohol prohibition, we get prohibition of another substance, and one that had been used very industriously for thousands of years.

    It can honestly be stated that cannabis helped build America.

    On a side note, I would love to discuss “hemp” with Washington and Jefferson, in relation to what the powers controlling our country have perpetrated upon an otherwise “free” nation. Sarcasm? Maybe.


    After decades of cannabis prohibition therapy, our nation isn’t getting any better.

    After decades of cannabis prohibition propaganda, our nation has filled the heads of millions with the same sort of answers this woman gave in response to legally binding questions from a U.S. Congressman.

    From an individual who should have ready answers for any question on this very important subject… Empty, script-like, rhetoric… so sez Rev. Barry Willie Black

  13. Michele Leonhart was stonewalling during the whole session; waiting for the times up signal.
    It’s not over.

    Be prepared for the anti-marijuana media blitz because election day is near.

  14. The rich and powerful dont like us to have real democracy and freedoms. They seem to prefer pollution, wars, unjust laws and prison.
    It dont matter if its wrong, its the law, says the pig. Its just not the country you grew up, to trust.

  15. how much more evidence are the sheeple going to need…..before they realize we’re all screwed…..and that questioning the government does not mean people are left-wing-anti-social-psychopathic-paranoid-doomsday-preppers ??

    If the recent news around the globe in , oh… let’s say… the last 10 days, even….. doesn’t convince you that there is ” something rotten in Denmark ” ( no offense to my Danish friends )


    you deserve what you get…..

    and, believe me…..it’s coming.

  16. This woman and the DEA should be put under evaluation as to what their mission really is and where all of the money is actually going. I best most of it is towards marijuana and marijuana dispensaries and not pain killers! She is really making the president look bad. Lets face it. He makes himself look bad already. She should not be chief of DEA and the DEA needs to stay away from marijuana recreational and medical.

  17. Darrelic Issa – please make the connection that the war on drugs, lead by this Blackhearted biotch, is part of Fast & Furious. Here’s a clue; Mexican drug cartels.

  18. It’s time to admit the truth. The DEA is now the Drug Employment Administration.

    U.S. Drug Czar Required to Lie

  19. “If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”.

    Joseph Goebbels

    “I was just following orders”.

    Nuremberg Trials 1945-46

    Ms. Leonhart has learned this part of history very well.

  20. I think that it is great thing that we have people out there wool.g to ask the hard questions. Thank You. I have been dealing with chronic pain for 7 years. If it were not for marijuana I would be taking a much larger dose of opiate medication prescribed than I do. Be wise I use marijuana my dose says very low. I have no reason to abuse the drug. Please help us make the people who run our government understand that it is not always about money.
    I truely believe that if you think about things President Obama used medical marijuana as part of his platform to get elected for his first term. Unfortunatly once elected he turn his back on those people who took a chance on a him. If you look at what has happend since Obama took office all you need to do is follow the money from the pharmasudical companies. They have given Obama so much more money this time around that he has no choice but to go quiet about medical marijuana. The facts are out there if you don’t believe me just look at the info that’s very available.
    All I can do is hope that Obama really believed what he ran on the first time and do something about it during his second term. A lot of people did not think he could get Obama care and he did,now let fix this huge problem when it comes to medical marijuana.

  21. I have more than 25 years in the mental health field and this women looks as though she is high on prescription medication. Watch her eyes, they do not dilate or constrict, she just stares straight ahead. She exhibits,a) medication induced high, b) paranoid like stare or C) just plain lying, she makes no effort to establish eye contact. This is who we have representing us??

  22. It appears that Polis is not worthy of a straight answer OR.. he is not talking to the decision maker. Puppet show is right!

    It is like one Senator said to the other “It is the damn government screwing this thing up.”

    Bankrupting America and it’s Citizen’s ~All for a Self made Company; called the DEA.
    I bet there are American Soldiers guarding Poppy Fields. (Right Now!) and then the drugs will be handled by who ever is in charge of airspace into America! THEN, it will make itself off the truck to the BIGGEST Dealers in the USA and somehow the DEA cannot locate that FAT CAT EL GUAPO EHH? NO just Lenny at the carwash who is smoking pot after work before going to a ball game!

    That, right there… is what is wrong with America. We vote, they ignore and give a sound byte. And act as if it were carved in a stone tablet. When America is about Vote on it. Not a Dictatorship ruling with the threat of Tyranny or Prison, whats the diff?

    The Fast and Furios of it and the Prosi’s in Bogata…Some hot Senorita’s let me tell you. That is one incident that crept out and was NOT squelched. NOT just ONE incident!

    These guys are living like Swordfish, (J.Travolta) Ballin hard with A license to kill, and are above the law. Why would they want it to EVER STOP? Would you? Right…..

  23. Is this woman really that dumb? What a pitiful performance. Polis should offer to interview lying Republicans for CNN. Call them out and quit letting them repeat talking points.

  24. If Gary Johnson (www.garyjohnson2012.com) was president we wouldnt have to worry about bloated budgets or marijuana. The. We could focus on more important things like getting out of debt. GJ has my vote! Check him out and see what you think!

  25. This person actually gets paid our tax money?
    Ms. Leonhart doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground!
    Her subordinates are committing felonies and her top priority is prescribed medications? WTF?
    rock on Mr Polis! Thank you for supporting the truth.

  26. This woman, along with the rest of the DEA, is dangerous to our health! I’m so tired of hearing weak justifications for the war on marijuana from the government: “It’s a Schedule I drug” — yeah, so…? Pick up a pen, and remove it from that category — it’s NOT that difficult.

    Then there’s the “gateway drug” rationale, which, if it really WAS true that marijuana automatically leads to hard drug use, most of us Baby Boomers would be addicted to heroin… NOT!

    Ms. Leonhart has the unenviable task of talking about drugs, and drug abuse/addiction, keeping marijuana the key target, when we ALL KNOW marijuana has NEVER KILLED A PERSON, not even one, despite it being used around-the-world for thousands of years. What pharmaceutical can the same be said for?

    I, too, am very disappointed with Obama, but I’m hoping his 2nd term will be different. He’s allowed Eric Holder, and the DEA to run rampant, wreaking havoc everywhere they go (just ask our Latin American neighbors how our marijuana laws are ruining their countries!).

    Ms. Leonhart, tho, is not the real problem. The DEA, and its policies, are what’s killing people, here and abroad. The DEA, along with the ATF, and the IRS, are eroding our Bill of Rights, even our most important right, Free Speech!

    This video provides a good look at just HOW inept Ms. Leonhart, along with the rest of the DEA, is. Her words make little sense; her demeanor makes it seem like SHE’S on some kind of drugs. Enough already!

    I think Ms. Leonhart is an appropriate choice to lead the DEA, because she’s indicative of their unsupported rant about the dangers of marijuana. She said “nothing” about marijuana, just kept iterating that it was an “illegal drug”… she IS the DEA’s stooge. Her credibility is “zero.”

    Let’s hope government leaders, like Ms. Leonhart, will someday be a thing of the past, where, instead, drug strategies are decided by intelligence and common sense. Peace to all!

    And one wonders if ANY person that watches this video

  27. The question that is the BEST to ask these stonewallers is: How many deaths per year are a direct result of: Heroin__? Meth__? Cocaine__? Alcohol __? Marijuana __ ? Go ahead, try to dodge this queation. I’m sure you have the numbers.

  28. The DEA needs to leave cannabis alone and go after the truely dangerous substances. Here in Florida legal drugs, oxycodone ,etc. are a big problem. Pill mills , doctors prescribing just for the money, out of staters coming to Florida to buy pills, deaths from overdose, etc. Cannabis never killed anyone and is the most useful plant on the planet.

  29. The dangers that Ms Leonhart seems to be referring (all illegal drugs are bad) w/ regard to marijuana are the direct result of prohibition and prohibition related violence. The question regards the responsible USE of marijuana but she keeps answering about the illegal status. The type of violence and danger she is referring to went away when alcohol was made legal. The same thing would happen w/ marijuana because the ills are largely prohibition related. Make ANYTHING illegal that people want and there will spring up a black market and everything that goes along with that will unfold. Make chocolate a banned substance and those who would grow the cocoa beans to make the chocolate to smuggle the “forbidden substance” and the price would go UP commensurate w/ the risk and consequences of getting caught. Violence including death from trafficking would also be a factor. That shouldn’t be used to keep (the banned substance) illegal – it’s called the iron law of prohibition, oh yes – and the substance would also become more concentrated (stronger) – these are the effects of PROHIBITION and are not inherent in the substances themselves. No one has died from an overdose of marijuana. More people “seek treatment” because they are given that choice over JAIL. How many people have died from the over zealous enforcement of marijuana laws? Answer = TOO many!

    Cannabis and hemp prohibition is unconstitutional and Un-American. Land of the free we sing – NOT land of the “drug-free”. That is a Puritan construct that violates our personal choice, the first and tenth amendments, and our UNALIENABLE God-given right to life, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of Happiness!

  30. This video is deeply disturbing on so many levels, it leaves me speechless.
    Though I toke rarely these days, I really, REALLY would love to see marijuana/hemp prohibition end. Marijuana for obvious reasons and hemp for economic/environmental reasons.

  31. this is what’s wrong with our DEA. Every one knows that Crack,Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, Alcohol, Pain medication (Oxy, vicodin, percocet and many others) are much more dangerous than Marijuana. I would rather smoke or eat Marijuana than keep taking any of the above drugs I mentioned. I really don’t understand our Gov’t…Hell Hemp was used by our fore-fathers so many years ago. Then Nixon ban Marijuana & Hemp. Look at all the jobs we could have if Hemp & marijuana was legal. The drug cartels would be out of business because our money would go to legal marijuana & hemp. Now we have to import hemp from China and other Countries. I say WAKE UP AMERICA!! Let’s get r done with getting all the States legal.

  32. It’s Illegal because “I say so” just don’t get it anymore. I’m tired of being told to pee in a cup, because “I said so” don’t use cannabis because” I said so” don’t do this , don’t do that because ” I said so”. The law needs to step back and look at what they are doing to the citizens of America. This is supposed to be the home of the free, Freedom is not having to hide in the corners because you like to smoke a plant. Time to step back and take control of our government policies and get money out the door. political office shouldn’t be all about the Benjamin’s.

  33. She is just a puppet that they (the Obama admin.) put in this position. She is clueless on answering these quiestions. He’ll everyone knows that all other drugs except or pot is bad for your health. Pot is the safest drug out there. Pharm. Companies and the tobacco companies, s well the alcohol companies all want to stay a schedule 1. We the people should tell congress to put this on all 50 state ballet this nov. 6, 2012. They forget that they work for the people of the USA. Not the other way around. Pot should be a Schedule II or III, Not a I. We are looking at 1930 or 1940’s Laws. Nixon should never done what he did with making hemp outlawed. We need Hemp here in the USA. It could bring done some of the prices that we face everyday.

    Everyone should call their Congressman or woman to changed the laws for every state.
    My question is why are we Buying Hemp from other Countries. Why aren’t we growing it here in America? Why are we letting the Drug Cartels bring in dangerous product that could someone. All medical Marijuana should be grown safe without chemicals. Ok now I have this off my shoulders. Lol…I’ve said it.

  34. It looks like most people are missing the point about what marijuana is really all about here.If you smoke pot use a vaporizer.If you have diabetis make marijuana butter and put it on your limbs like a cream and you will notice the relief almost imediatly.Some people i have come to know are eating the oil that comes from the resin of marijuana and they are either curing their cancers or the oil is somehow keeping the cancer from killing them and they haven’t had to have any organs taken out of their bodies and they don’t have heartattachs and bypass surgery for their hearts.I honestly think that mister Obama knows about the curing ability’s of pot but his hands are tied because of all the power our federal government has.Their powers need to be limited or just do away with them and give their jobs to another branch of government.When people start walking in front of hospitals with signs that say that cannabis oil cures cancer with no side affects than the people will really get educated because they will demand to be told the truth about pot instead of being lied to.This lieing has been going on for over fifty years now and just look at all the thousands of people who have died for no reason other than pure greed on the AMA and big pharma idea.It’s not good to fool mother nature.We would all like to see the cancer doctors working in a factory somewhere where they can’t hurt anybody else.We need doctors this i no.You can either cure arthritis or keep it at bay for years with one five day treatment of enriched hemp oil.The people of the world can treat their own illness’s without a doctor.It’s been proven here in the US.A person can put some cannabis oil on a bandade and put it on a small spot of skin cancer and it will heal it in days.Not months.A family of four could grow twelve plants and this few of plants would keep over half the population of the US out of the doctors offices.Cancer wings would have to shut down because no one would be there to get killed with chemotherapy drugs and radiation.Medicad and medicare would not have near the payout.We could get out of debt fast.The AMA is the desiding issue on what drugs are used.They will always be studing cancer but they don’t have to because people still donate money that just pays people for doing nothing.There are well over a million people walking around that have cure their own illness’s with this cannabis oil and just aren’t saying anything.I talk with a lot of people who smoke pot regularly and they don’t know about this oil curing cancer and over 200 other illness’s,but they know now because of all the different sites i told them about.Some of them went to the library to find out because they didn’t have a computer.

  35. Marijuana is not addictive! I only smoked it for over 20 years…. However, I do believe it is way past time to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!

  36. I wonder sometimes if Obama has not been corrupted by the drug cartel in Mexico or other organized crime groups. This is the only reason I can think of for someone who smoked cannabis in his college years and beyond yet now opposes legalization and imprisons those who use marijuana.

    Vote for Ron Paul for President!

  37. How many people are seriously hurt or killed when people use too much alcohol and then drive? How many women and children endure bodily harm at the hands of a drunken family member? How many men get into terrible fights at bars and sporting events when alcohol is used beyond the safe limit?
    How many children learn to drink because alcohol is always around the house? How many teens die before they even get out of school due to alcohol related events?
    NOW……..count up how many medical cannibis users do such things…?
    It is a perscribed drug like any other to help the patient deal with pain….where is the big deal? What about that paper they give out in hospitals that says you have a right to have your pain managed?
    Why take away a drug that is less addictive than the usual perscribed pills? Lets just look at the real facts and cut the political posturing and make sick people able to avail themselves of clean, cheap, and safe cannabis? Seems it should be so simple.

  38. After watching this video, I just sent this message to Rep. Polis:

    I want to thank Rep. Polis for his work and his attempt to question Ms. Leonhart re. the relative addictiveness of other drugs compared to cannabis, as seen on this link: http://blog.mpp.org/prohibition/when-is-the-contempt-vote-for-michelle-leonhart/06212012/. I find Ms. Leonhart’s evasive responses to the congressman annoying and urge him to and other members of Congress to find Ms. Leonhart in contempt for refusing to answer straightforward questions. If Ms. Leonhart can’t answer those kinds of questions definitively, she shouldn’t be in her position.

    By the same token, even mealy-mouthed bureaucrats like Ms. Leonhart can rightly claim that her agency is “only” following the laws that Congress enacted. Congress created the disastrous War on Drugs and underwrites it with annual Justice Assistance Grants amounting to tens of billions of dollars. Congress alone has the power to put an end to it.

    After reading “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, I am convinced that the War on Drugs was never about drugs. It’s about race, politics and money. It’s primary result has been to disenfranchise millions of mostly low-income African- and Hispanic-Americans of their right to receive housing benefits, food-stamps, educational assistance, and most significantly, disenfranchise those same groups of their right to vote. The overwhelming majority of those convicted never receive due process.

    The Byrne Grants have become a sort of drug that states find hard to resist. Just as some drug addicts neglect their own children, many states including my own, Michigan, spend as much or more on prisons and “corrections” than they do on education, with predictable results for our economy. Notwithstanding the rampant misuse of seizures and forfeitures that violate our Constitution, I believe that most states and law enforcement agencies would lose their enthusiasm for prosecuting and incarcerating millions of people without the Byrne Grants to supply them with the needed oxygen.

    I urge Rep. Polis and others to introduce legislation to repeal the Byrne Grants and to repeal all federal legislation that makes drug-use a crime. I strongly believe that drug use or abuse would be much more effectively treated as a medical and public-health issue, not a criminal matter, except in cases where it would directly impact public safety, such as while operating vehicles, aircraft, or construction equipment. States that want to devote precious public safety resources to treat drug abuse as a criminal matter can enact laws to underwrite it with their own tax revenues, not Federal money.

    Again, I thank Rep. Polis for his good work and his attention to this matter.

  39. This lady is IGNORANT… maybe if she did her homework before she would not have looked so stupid.. Oh yess if she did her homework she would not be against it.. This govt needs a change, I believe it will real soon.

  40. I have to sacrifice my kidneys for pain control. But government people take care of themselves. Nothing will change. Money is the root of all evil. Our government is not of the people. It is of the financially elite. I wish they could all have fibromyalgia like me.

  41. Michele Leonhart is either an idiot or is intentionally impeding congress, either way she shoul be dismissed from her job immediately.
    Government employees in positions of authority are rarely fired… its like some perverted job for life, that you can screw up and even commit crimes, but still get to keep your job, even get promoted. This is the most corrupt administration in u.s. history. Nixon looks like a choir boy next to Obama. Wake up people!

  42. This girl looks just like the Former Director of the DEA, she was living in the land of lies! LOL…

    Puff The Magic Dragon In The Land Of Living Lies

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