What Are the Next States to Legalize Marijuana?

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After the marijuana-policy-reform movement’s huge victories in Colorado and Washington on November 6, many people are asking, “What states will be next to enact measures to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol?” (We refer to these as “T&R” bills or initiatives.)

It is important to note that this pair of 55 percent victories would have been less resounding had they appeared on the ballot during a midterm election. Presidential elections traditionally attract far more voters, many of whom are younger and more supportive of T&R than older voters. And when there are more voters, there tends to be more support shown for ending marijuana prohibition.

With that in mind, here is what the Marijuana Policy Project will be pursuing from 2013 to 2016:

To read the full list, please visit The Huffington Post.

25 responses to “What Are the Next States to Legalize Marijuana?”

  1. go go Kentucky!!….we need cannabis oils for medicine here!!…generations ago used cannabis for medicine on a national level…we should have never bought into chemical medicine…fail

  2. If you do not have FULL legalization (at least for people over 21) you will never get the Cartel and Gangs out of the marijuana business! Most politicians are stupid!

  3. Lol Louisiana will not see any type of cannabis support for at lease 10 more years that’s how retared the state of Louisiana is ALCOHOLIC REDNECKS AND CORRUPT COPS GROW A PLANT IF ITS LEGAL IN WASHINGTON D.C. It’s legal to me bitch this is one NATION RIGHT WE THE PEOPLE.

  4. Lol Louisiana will not see any type of cannabis support for at lease 10 more years that’s how retared the state of Louisiana is ALCOHOLIC REDNECKS AND CORRUPT COPS GROW A PLANT IF ITS LEGAL IN WASHINGTON D.C. It’s legal to me bitch this is one NATION RIGHT WE THE PEOPLE.

  5. Chicago needs it passed, with all the shootings that have been happening, mostly drug related.

    I agree if Washington D.C. it’s legal one of the most costly states within the Country, it should be legal in all 50. By the way who buys the marijuana in D.C. the Congressman who are the ones that are to pass the bill. What are they greedy and want it only for themselves!!!!!

  6. Liked to see Florida on the list for medical marijuana. Lot of needy people here. Certainly not any worse or damaging than the present amounts of meds for pain etc..that are also very addicting

    . I not quite sure that the inablity to legalize
    marijuana is not because of its origin but the impact it would have on the pharmacuticals.

  7. My father just came down with Alzheimer Disease here in the state of Missouri. I just read where they have discovered that TCH helps with Alzheimer’s. They are syaing that by the year 2015 thousands more citizens will contract this cruel disease. Everyone of us is at risk so what happens if you don’t legalize marijuana and you are one of yours wakes up one day facing this medical problem?

  8. I live in Missouri. I have moved up here from Texas. If I get caught with more than 1 gram I go to prison or 10 years. f****** nuts’ at least when I lived in Texas and Florida I could walk around with it on me without worrying about going to prison. we really need some help up here. I am a lawyer. And I am 41 years of age and I do not drink alcohol.

  9. One of Obama’s Executive orders should have been to Abolish Marijuana Prohibition! At least let Florida be next (or consider it) Please Florida and ALL states – Listen to the People !!

  10. P.S. Florida doctors were one of the biggest suppliers of oxycontin and hydrocodone until they got busted but they wouldn’t give it to you if you tested positive for THC – I’m alot better off without the pills!

  11. kentucky needs it to be legal but nomatter what we can and will grow ,smoke ,and enjoy it im on pain killers for various reasons and good smoke helps me more than the meds im addicted to i say make it legal everywhere it dont seem fair that wa. and co. should have it and noone else make it legal and shut the mexican cartel killers down its common sense we smokers arent leaven we r the many an the non smokers ie. the old people are the few and they r dieing everyday so its comin the? is when?

  12. Marijuana prohibition is a racially motivated revenue scam for a fraudulent federal judicial system and crooked cops using the law to steal from the public.

  13. What about Florida. What’s the problem with change for the better.
    Many elderly people suffer from poor oral intake due to chemo, chronic pain that only treated with narcotics. What’s up <3

  14. It all comes down to corporate greed. The drug industry’s legion of registered lobbyists numbers 1,228, or 2.3 for every member of Congress. The Individuals and political action committees affiliated with oil and gas companies have donated $238.7 million to candidates and parties since the 1990 election cycle, 75 percent of which has gone to Republicans. These and many others do not want hemp or marijuana legalized, because this plant can put them out of business. Anything made from oil can be made from hemp/marijuana It takes 4.1 acres of trees to equal 1 acre of hemp in cellulose production used to make paper…think about it. Hemp/marijuana are the largest consumer of CO2 on the planet, plant enough of it and the green house gas effect will be eliminated. I could go on and on. The health benefits just from the seeds is outstanding. Our government deprives us of this plant, because of greed.

    Jack Herer wrote a book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” this book should be mandatory reading for all schools in the United States and the world.. The mission to legalize hemp and marijuana starts with educating the public. Common sense should tell the ordinary citizen that making a plant illegal is ridiculous, outrageous and just plan dumb.

  15. My brother-in-law has a severely autistic son that is now 16yrs old.
    From an infant he has rarely made eye contact with his parents let alone, having any communication or social life. After years of specialists and different medications (some causing major behavior problems), they were to the end of their rope…until a doctor asked them if they had tried medicinal marijuana. They are VERY religious and were reluctant to even think about it, but after some time and a few other recommendations, they decided to at least try it.
    Here’s the kicker…. they lived in Arkansas, which has no med. policy, so they decided to sale their house and move to California…which they did.
    After buying a home outside LA, the first item at hand was to get their son a medicinal prescription, then find out what type of therapy would be best for him. They made a few purchases of some candies and Merinol drops for starters (they weren’t even sure if it would work). What happened over the next week was nothing less than miraculous..the first thing he .(we’ll call him Josh) did was make eye contact with his mom, and actually call for her. She said that moment alone was worth everything that they sacrificed to make the move.
    They have since moved to other types of prescriptions, but that the Lolly pops work best for him. He has come almost completely out of his ‘shell’ and is communicating with his mom, dad, and brother , and even with an occasional outsider.
    He loves to go out to the beach and Disneyland of course, and his favorite hobby now is photography…..thank god for digital cameras….

  16. I had gastric bypass 9 years ago to help with degeneration of my spine, 5 bulging discs in lower back 1 in neck, scoliosis, chronic tearing of fascia and more. Was taking prescribed oxy’s and morphine along w/many other meds. Marij. Helps pain, inflammation, appetite and other complications. Oklahoma needs to legalize. Please…

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  18. How many products can be made of hemp, over 1000, QVC sells oils made from hemp. So where do they get the product from, not in the U.S. lets send more money out of the country. Good for the econominy

  19. If you were to drug test our politicians I bet they are full of the cannabis or other drugs!! Half of them would not pass the drug test themselves!! Here in the Big Easy (Louisiana) smoking weed is very popular. People go to jail everyday here for having weed. Its ridiculous!! What I don’t get is the fact that alcohol and cigarettes kill people everyday and they sell it with a fucking tax on it so what is the problem with putting a tax on something that helps people everyday? The system in Louisiana is fucked up! You get more time for selling weed than drinking and driving!! I’m for legalizing it in Louisiana!! Let us smoke and enjoy it without having to look over our shoulder to see if the scandalous pigs are behind us!! Yea police here in Louisiana are NO FUCKING GOOD!!! I’m mean they probably get high every morning in the White House so let the little people get high too!!

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