We Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Oct 29, 2008 , ,

It turns out that three of the Massachusetts district attorneys leading the fight against Question 2, the Massachusetts marijuana decriminalization initiative, admit to having used marijuana themselves in the past. To our knowledge, they have yet to explain how their having criminal records that would have barred them from their present careers would leave the state  better off.

4 responses to “We Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

  1. Everyone goes to school at some point in their life.and anyone who tells you they’ve done drugs will tell you the time in their life when it was easiest to get drugs was in school. I can personally vouch for that.

  2. i agree here in a federal school ramey job corps we got alot of drugs here and they call this rehabilitation center ROFL REHAB yea right lol.

  3. God put it here to be used. It’s just plain not right for man to try to regulate or use it for outrageous profits. Let’s put it back in the hands of individuals and use it for it’s thousands of uses. My God made it, my doctor recommends it and I benefit medically from it’s use. Thanks MPP for your help in righting this governmental wrong. The Reverend Reefer

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