Vermont Poised to Become the Ninth State to Make Marijuana Legal for Adults

Jan 11, 2018 , , , ,

Vermont is about to make history!

A bill that would make marijuana legal for adults received final approval on Wednesday from the Vermont Senate and will soon make its way to the desk of Gov. Phil Scott, who vetoed a similar bill in 2017.

Gov. Scott indicated again after passage that he intends to sign H. 511 into law.

H. 511 would eliminate Vermont’s civil penalty for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana and remove penalties for possession of up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four immature plants, beginning in July.

Vermont is poised to become the ninth state to make marijuana legal for adults and the first to do so through its legislature. Eight other states have enacted laws legalizing and regulating marijuana for adult use, all through ballot initiatives. In Washington, D.C., voters approved a ballot initiative making personal possession and home cultivation legal for adults 21 and older.

The legislature approved H. 511 just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the removal of guidelines that urged federal prosecutors to avoid targeting marijuana businesses and individuals who are in compliance with state law.

The Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Rhode Island legislatures are expected to seriously consider making marijuana legal for adults this year as well, and the New Hampshire House approved a similar measure on Tuesday.

12 responses to “Vermont Poised to Become the Ninth State to Make Marijuana Legal for Adults”

  1. This is best. Will lower jail. Time. We must make it like cigarette s, not to expensive.i mean they are high in price,, however, all in moderation.

  2. And so I languish in the backward state of Georgia, who pretends to be progressive with their shining city called Atlanta, while my friends in the northeast celebrate. Taking away my pain meds with no plans for my future of chronic pain

  3. I really hope that South Carolina legislature approves MMJ. That would be a wonderful start. The south where live, are so backward. Hopefully with more states legalizing the federal government will be forced to make it legal throughout the US.

  4. Why is Sessions allowed to hold these ridiculous unscientific views?. Is our WHOLE government totally irrational?

    As I expected the main effects of the new CA laws have been for the worse:

    Price has gone up.

    My dispensary is now engaging in new criminal activity: I had reason to return a defective vape pen a few weeks ago-it was semi-politely replaced. Last week I went to return another defective pen and was told that the WONDERFUL NEW LAW PROHIBITED I had to buy another. Of course the greedy fuckheads did not think of just noting that I had returned one and claiming it from the manufacturer-that would be honest.
    So as always in politics, change just brings a new group of criminals.

  5. Ok my question. You can haveb2 mature and “4” inmature pants? Ok so after i use my 2 mature plants. I would have 4 matures. Then “if” I dont get caught. I would have 4 mature and 4 inmature. Something is not adding up.

    • You’re supposed to stagger them, plant at intervals, so two come into maturity at a time. Elementary principle of gardening. Vermont is agricultural, so they know this.

  6. The race is on. Will Vermont or New Hampshire earn this distinction? My guess is it will be the Live Free or Die state since people are literally dying because of cannabis prohibition.

  7. This is good news, however, what about the Children that has Seizures from having various illnesses that are in need Medical Marijuana to stop them from having these Seizures? We need to PROTECT our Children, also, from the harmful PHARMACEUTICAL MAN-MADE “DRUGS” & their numerous side effects. MEDICAL MARIJUANA needs to be approved FEDERAL as well as STATE. SESSIONS needs to get sorry ass on board with MEDICAL MARIJUANA! I’m sure SESSIONS, along with numerous others of Federal Legislators own shares with the PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG COMPANIES & do NOT want to loose their PROFITS they pocket for keeping HARD WORKING AMERICANS & CHILDREN. AMERICANS NEED TO STAND UP TO SESSIONS & ALL THE PHARMACEUTICAL PROFITTERS THAT ARE “TRYING” to stop MEDICAL MARIJUANA from being approved on the FEDERAL LEVEL as well as on STATE LEVELS! WE ARE VOTERS WITH THE REAL POWER, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! REMEMBER THIS, AMERICAN VOTERS!! If you’re Legally able to Vote & you don’t use your POWER OF YOUR VOTE, then, be a REAL AMERICAN & USE YOUR POWER.

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