Utah Legislature convenes; call on lawmakers to stop cannabis arrests!

Jan 18, 2022

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Utah Legislature convenes; call on lawmakers to stop cannabis arrests!

Tell your state legislators it’s time to decriminalize cannabis.

Today, the Utah Legislature came back to work for its 2022 legislative session. And so far, there’s no sign that major cannabis policy reform is on the agenda.

We are encouraged lawmakers are proposing clearer employment protections for medical cannabis patients who are state employees. But so far no lawmaker has indicated they plan to stop the draconian practice of arresting and jailing Utahans for possessing a modest amount of cannabis.

Ask your state legislators to champion decriminalization. 
Let them know limited law enforcement resources shouldn’t be wasted on cannabis, and that the state shouldn’t be locking its residents in a jail cell for using a plant that is safer than alcohol.

Utah is one of only 19 states that still imposes possible jail time for simple possession of cannabis. The maximum penalty for possessing less than an ounce is up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Even for those who don’t end up in jail, the scarlet letter of a criminal conviction slams closed the door to opportunity — making it far more difficult to get a good job, housing, and an education, and resulting in hundreds of collateral consequences. Meanwhile, polling shows Utah voters want far more substantial reform: 64% of Utah voters support full adult-use legalization.

Ask your state legislators to support decriminalization
, and then spread the word so that others can raise their voices for sensible and humane cannabis policies.