Uruguay’s President Fights Back Against United Nations

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Jose Mujica angry
Pres. Jose Mujica

Jose Mujica is not a man who compromises his beliefs. Before he became President of Uruguay, he was shot six times and spent fourteen years in a dungeon-like military prison. Now he lives a modest lifestyle, donates most of his income to social projects, and resides in a one-bedroom farmhouse with his wife, Congresswoman and former acting President of Uruguay, Lucia Topolansky. President Mujica, once known as the world’s poorest President (a nickname he is not fond of), is becoming known for something else – regulating marijuana.

Now that President Mujica’s bill has been made law, Uruguay is facing international opposition. Last week, the United Nations released a statement explaining its position – that Uruguay has violated a U.N. drug convention and not considered the facts about marijuana. Unfortunately, the U.N.I.S. statement is riddled with misconceptions and, as President Mujica would say, lies.

Not only has the International Narcotics Control Board shown ignorance to the science of marijuana usage, but also it has lied about Uruguay’s willingness to work with the U.N., according to President Mujica.

“Tell this old guy not to lie,” Mujica told reporters, according to Colombian daily El Espectador. “Any guy in the street can meet with me. Let him come to Uruguay and meet with me whenever he wants… He thinks that because he’s in an international position, he can tell whatever lie he wants.”

The INCB president said on Wednesday he was “surprised” that the Uruguayan government “knowingly decided to break the universally agreed and internationally endorsed legal provisions of the treaty.

But Mujica dismissed the criticism as a double standard, pointing out that the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington have already legalized weed and that both of the states’ populations individually exceed Uruguay’s 3.4 million inhabitants.

“Do they have two discourses, one for Uruguay and another for those who are strong?” Mujica asked.

3 responses to “Uruguay’s President Fights Back Against United Nations”

  1. The UN is a scumbag enforcer for corporate america. Since the yank acquired the compliance of the lackeys who hold such faux-power positions, the God-given miracle plant has been kept from all who need it.
    I unreservedly support Uruguay’s position in this matter.

  2. Keep up the fight, President Mujica! The vast majority of the world stands with you, and against the Drug War failures in the UN. The majority of the people know that the “facts” about marijuana as cited by the UN are actually corporate Drug War profiteering lies. It’s the UN that hasn’t “considered the facts” about marijuana–that is, the actual, verifiable, unbiased facts assessed by unbiased independent study and not by dishonest crooks who are making billions off of prohibition and Drug War injustice.

    And seriously, why are they fighting this lost cause of the Drug War? They have LOST, and it’s only a matter of time before their unearned and undeserved power and profit are GONE, and they know it. They’d do much better, for themselves and for the rest of us, if they just embraced their defeat and put their ill-gotten Drug War profits into a new venture, maybe even something in the up and coming marijuana industry. And then they can pretend to be the heroes in the end, just like they usually like to pretend. They aren’t doing themselves any favors by spewing what are now proven to be lies and maintaining a system that criminalizes every citizen of every country a priori, destroys innocent lives in countless ways, and empowers drug cartels. It’s not like they’re ever going to be punished for their crimes against humanity once we win, it’s not like they’ll be put up on criminal charges or anything, so what do they really have to lose by embracing the truth and bowing to the will of the majority of the people?

    That would be sweet though. I truly wish we could hold these liars accountable for their crimes against humanity when marijuana inevitably becomes legal. I’d love to think of Michele Leonhart and all her jackbooted cronies in the DEA, and all their international counterparts, rotting in the prisons to which they condemned millions of innocent MJ users for their own power and profit. Why is it that we throw the book at the powerless when they get out of line, but massive crimes against humanity like this always seem to go unpunished?

  3. Change comes in measured fits and spurts. The entrenched entities who make a good living keeping cannabis illegal and continuing alcohol’s monopoly have much to lose. They have succeeded in keeping us misinformed, afraid and stupid for many years but it does seem that the party is somewhat coming to an end. Alcohol’s collateral damage to society is tough to hide anymore. The monetary cost to America is astounding. As a nation we cry out for an alternative to the carnage of alcohol. We are not fools and are not as stupid as we sometimes seem, this is the internet age. Marijuana is here. It is natural, it is non-toxic, it is safe. That is all a majority of Americans need to know. We are very tired of the lies and as far as faith and trust in our government to lead us…you have to be kidding! Let the lawmakers drink their booze until the cows come home but for the rest of us we have found a much safer substance to recreate with. Their booze killed over 30 of our college kids last year…our marijuana killed no college kids last year. Their alcohol is the number one date rape drug in the world…our marijuana is not. I could go on, I really could. Domestic violence, public violence, vomiting, peeing on yourself, passing out. All results of alcohol. I do not need my lying government’s permission for me to use marijuana. The greatest act of freedom is often a silent revolution against the irrational. In America there are millions who give the collective finger of freedom to our government everyday and do as they please with what they grow in their gardens, what they can keep in their medicine cabinets, what they can brew their tea with. I am just one of them.

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