U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on ‘Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws’

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The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing Tuesday regarding “Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws.” The Justice Department announced on August 29 that it will not seek to stop Colorado and Washington from moving forward with implementation of voter-approved laws establishing state-regulated systems of marijuana cultivation and retail sales.

Sheriff John Urquhart

The truly amazing part was that the majority of those called to testify were in support of the DOJ policy. This included King County Sheriff John Urquhart of Washington and Jack Finlaw, chief legal counsel for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. The only people who seemed to disagree with the DOJ not getting in the way of these states enacting the will of their voters were Sen. Chuck Grassley and Kevin Sabet, one of the founders of the disingenuous Project SAM.

You can view the full hearing on C-SPAN.

6 responses to “U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on ‘Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws’”

  1. The money saved by empying the jails of those who were in posession of modest amounts + money saved through changes in law enforcement + money spent on lawyers and court cases = a lot of money. Compare with money accumulated through taxes on every step from seed to sales, more effiicient use of law enforcement and courts, reserving prisons for the violent and dangerous criminals – it makes sense to me!

  2. I wish they would do something in West Virginia. Its sad that the people with marijuana charges, including the non-violent, hard-working, and tax paying citizens, end up being housed with murderers and rapests. Its the same old story everywhere you go. The government doesnt care about your well-being, their only looking to line their pockets. And the police in this state only concern themselves with thinking the law doesnt apply to those who carry a badge. All they want to do is make a big spectacle of busting someone for marijuana all so they can get a pat on the back and a free toke. Their all self-righteous d*ck heads who have their noses so far up their own a*ses the cant smell the hypocracy. Its simple. Alcohol and ciggarettes kill millions every year. And to outlaw something that helps those with chronic illnesses especially something that can be grown from the earth, unlike pharmacutical drugs that are manufactured in a lab somewhere) is just plain ignorant, and thats all there is to it.

  3. It seems more of a conflict between the Federal Marijuana laws and the people, not the states. The majority want the war ended.

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