U.S. Olympian Nicholas Delpopolo Tests Positive for Marijuana

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Nicholas Delpopolo, a Yugoslav-born American judo competitor in the London Olympics, has been disqualified on account of a positive drug test. This is the fifth positive drug test reported by the IOC for this year’s testing program but the first to turn up positive during the competition itself. The 23-year-old tested positive for marijuana metabolites, substances that would appear in the blood for several weeks after consuming marijuana. By way of explanation, he stated that he had recently consumed food that, unbeknownst to him, contained cannabis.

Delpopolo is not the first athlete this year to be disqualified for cannabis, as Scott Morgan explains in his post here. Information from the World Anti-Doping Agency suggests that anti-doping policies in sports are simply concerned with performance-enhancing substances which might give the user an unfair advantage, including stimulants and anabolic steroids. However, caffeine, a stimulant, is not on the list of prohibited substances, while marijuana metabolites are. The justification for this is not clear. Enhancement of athletic performance has not been proven, and there is no evidence that past marijuana use would endanger competitors. No explanation of the inclusion of marijuana on the list is given anywhere on the site. Has the WADA included cannabinoids on its list of prohibited substances out of legitimate concern for fairness in competition, or is this simply a concession to the prohibitionist attitudes of authorities who wish to police athletes’ personal lives?

7 responses to “U.S. Olympian Nicholas Delpopolo Tests Positive for Marijuana”

  1. I think the IOC are out of their minds. Nick should never be thrown out of the Olympics. 1) Who is he hurting? No one…so he ate a Brownie two weeks ago. He wasn’t doing it while he was getting ready for competition. Legalize Medical Cannabis!!

  2. I don’t think the IOC should kicked Nick out the Olympics for doing something the he did before he came to England.

  3. There are several job opportunities for me, but I have to take a drug test first – hair follicle and they go back 10 years. Thus I remain unemployable – due to a BULLSHIT, UNJUST LAW and its residual BRAINWASHING.

    We need to STOP ALL DRUG TESTING unless its about sports and performance enhancing, or DRUNK DRIVING which is OBVIOUS and EASY to detect – no drug testing needed.

  4. This is rather clear proof the IOC kowtows to their political masters.

    Why should all Portuguese athletes be at risk of disqualification simply because their country has instituted an intelligent drugs policy?

  5. IOC should allow people who train while using Cannabis. As long as they are not consuming while during the games. This should be everywhere just like alcohol. If we can vote or join the Military then we should be able to smoke a little weed

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