Super Bowl Ads Call on NFL to Stop Punishing Players for Marijuana

UPDATE: MPP posted new billboards in response to anti-marijuana billboards posted near the Super Bowl.

On Tuesday, MPP unveiled a series of billboards surrounding MetLife Stadium, site of the upcoming Super Bowl, that have been getting a lot of attention. These ads highlight the fact that marijuana is objectively safer than both alcohol and football, and call on the NFL to stop punishing players for using the safer option.

This is especially noteworthy this year, as the two teams playing in the Super Bowl are the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, both of whose home states made marijuana legal for adults in 2012.

Here’s a pictureBillboard of one of the ads from the ground, and you can view the rest on our website.

On Wednesday, MPP’s Mason Tvert presented a petition calling on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to get rid of the policy of punishing players for using marijuana. The petition currently has more than 12,000 signatures.

12 responses to “Super Bowl Ads Call on NFL to Stop Punishing Players for Marijuana”

  1. So these millionaire players can get away with failing UAs but the poorest people that Have to take UAs for their Food every month !?? How can the NFL get away with this when Even people that are Dying & Suffering can’t legally get Medical Marijuana but the People with millions can get away with it?This is a fair practice? I think It Shows that if you’re a celebrity that makes millions you do what you want but if you have to depend on these food stamps because of your Disability or tax bracket You Don’t have the right to not take a UA but these NFL players can get away with breaking this Federal [email protected]:[email protected]ue-history-of-marijuana-full-movie?groupid=65/

  2. The hypocracy of the NFL policy on testing vs the attitudes of the states w CO who have teams in the super bowl (takes on a new meaning here) is glaring. Obama who should vape if he is worried about health issue probably partook on Michele’s 50th B Day recently was at least smart enough to admit that he inhaled should repeal the federal schedual 1 idiocy..

  3. I think the NFL is making a Political point. The use of MJ is definitively less corrosive on the body and mind than Alcohol. Times are changing, and the US Govt. needs to start changing a bit faster. It looks like the future will be ruled by those that can evolve faster, as Life intended!

  4. Hello People, I’ve smoked for 40 years. Drove truck for 29 years! Over million miles never hit anyone,or anything . I have medical problems, I need some smoke for the pain in my back! What I do in my home is up to me. People need to open there minds .

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  7. Mason have you ever smoked a Jeffrey? Did msnbc have you take a drug test before appearing on the national news?

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