Show Percy Some Mercy

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Mercy: Compassionate treatment, especially of those under one’s power

Media outlets reported yesterday that the Minnesota Vikings are trading all-pro wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks. Based on Harvin’s history, it is almost as if fate is telling the NFL it is time to change one of its most unjust and irrational policies.

Percy Harvin
Percy Harvin (AP)

It’s no secret that Percy Harvin has used marijuana. Percy tested positive for marijuana at the 2009 NFL combine, which was the reason why he was selected late in the first round instead of being a high pick. It’s also no secret that Percy – like many of us – suffers from severe migraines. Many have speculated that Percy used marijuana to treat these notoriously untreatable and unbearable headaches. In fact, Percy missed significant game and practice time with the Vikings due to migraines once he was forced to abstain – due to NFL rules (PDF) – from using marijuana as a treatment option.

Percy is now on his way to Washington, where this past November, voters made the use of marijuana legal for all adults 21 and over. Percy is now free, under state law, to use marijuana in the privacy of his own home. It is a right he should be able to enjoy as a citizen.

The NFL, as we all know, is an organization flush with advertising and sponsorship money from the alcohol industry. It is time for the league to stand up to its alcohol masters and reverse its policy that punishes players who simply choose to use a far less harmful substance.

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  1. I’m a B-boy with chronic back problems been using medicinal marijuan to treat the pain , it works 100% of the time , I can be active , think & talk clearlly & prevents it from getting worse . The media & fda are liying to the public

  2. It’s legal in Washington. Last time I checked, the NFL isn’t above the law. Whether the NFL is backed by big alcohol money or not is irrelevant. They don’t fuss if you are prescribed Ambien to sleep. STAY OUT OF PEOPLES PERSONAL LIVES! It doesn’t affect you!

  3. I believe that everyone is entitled to the way they want to live their lives, not matter if it consists of using canabis to help with problems in their lives, or drinking alcohol! I know it may sound horrible but everyone has their standards and their own way to cope with pain! I also have chronic migranes however i am from Wisconsin, i someday hope that Marijuana will be legal for medicinal purposes, so people in pain, and patients that are very ill will not have to suffer no longer! Just like Percy! I just wish the Goverment wouldnt lie about something that is so true!
    #Leglaize Medical Canabis for the patients that are ill and the people that are in pain!

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