Seattle Seahawks Beat Washington Redskins: Coincidence?

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On Nov. 6 of last year, the state of Washington made the possession and use of marijuana legal for adults. Marijuana remains illegal in Washington, D.C., the home of the Redskins. Last week, the District of Columbia ranked ninth on a list of America’s ‘25 Drunkest Cities,’ while Seattle, home of the Seahawks, didn’t even make the list.

Is it a coincidence that the Seahawks handily beat the Redskins this past Sunday?

Perhaps. (Nevertheless, it is worth noting that both the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos have yet to lose a game at home since their respective states made marijuana legal.)

But we have to wonder why the NFL continues to prohibit marijuana use by players during the off-season, even in states that have made it legal, while simultaneously promoting alcohol use at every game. Moreover, the league continues to prohibit players in those states from using marijuana for medical purposes, despite its proven ability to ease chronic pain – a condition that affects many players.

Perhaps allowing professional athletes to make the choice to use marijuana instead of painkillers could make a difference in their performances. And so could allowing them to use marijuana instead of alcohol when they are relaxing or socializing with friends. Regardless, it is bad policy to continue punishing these athletes simply for making a safer choice.

Photo by Mark Gail/MCT
Photo by Mark Gail/MCT

6 responses to “Seattle Seahawks Beat Washington Redskins: Coincidence?”

  1. ” (why) the NFL continues to prohibit marijuana use by players”?

    You know $$ why! (Somewhere I read that beer is 40% of the sponsorship of bigtime sports. Factcheckers, look that up for me.)

    ‘Nother thing: something about alcohol– it PROMOTES $IGARETTE ADDICTION BIG TIME! Hot Burning Overdose Monoxide $igarettes are at least a $$ half-trillon bizness worldwide. Kids are lured into nicotine addiction by (a) side-stream smoke inhaled during drinkparty after the game, (b) “a $igarette or two” to sober up enough to drive the car home, (c) “a $igarette or two” days later to stay up all night last-minute cramming for the big test, etc. $igarette companies don’t want to see alcohol bingeing disappear (replaced by a safe 25-mg vape toke).

    Now as to why you should boycott paying for tickets or even watching brutal pro sports on tv: they pander to the #1 American disease, DEPRESSION. Look at some big stadium loaded with 10000’s of gawkers sitting like stones watching 22 men do all the hard hitting– DEPRESSION. Down their throats they’re pouring gulps of POP and BEAT-HER oops sorry BEER– notice the MANIA in the very names of those abuse-drinks. And the maniacal violence of the assth-elites on the failed oops sorry field. Depressives crave mania and get it through passive watching.

    Another thing depressives do– sit like stones for 2 hours watching a movie full of gunplay mania mayhem. They’re lured by big ad pictures on busses showing clever scheming men holding a gun. You DEPRESS the trigger and a bully oops sorry bullet full of comPRESSED mania explodes into huge violence.

    I think we’d understand the “Manic-Depressive” issue better if we recognized that Depression is the main issue (instigated by a corporate-army-ruled social order based on depressing everyone into BUYING consumer entertainments based on mania as a failed effort to relieve the depression) and Mania is its main side-effect. It should be renamed Depresso-Mania.

    Where does cannabis fit in? Some victims of this educational system turn to cannabis in order to get “high”– i.e. maniacal, to relieve their depression, much like violent movies and sports do. The tragic results are then conveniently blamed on the cannabis.

    Boycott spectator sports, alcohol beverages, $igarettes, etc.,and you might CUT OFF THE MONEY before they can use some of it to support anti-cannabis political candidates. There’s plenty of fasinating pro-environment handwork to do after your good morning vape toke.

  2. “Is it a coincidence that the Seahawks handily beat the Redskins this past Sunday?”

    handily? The Seahawks didn’t even take the lead until there was less than 8 minutes left to go in the game. While I support your cause, when you exaggerate a situation… people begin to wonder what else you may be exaggerating, which can’t be good for the cause.

  3. I’ve missed the old days of smoking weed and drinking beer while watching the football game among friends. I’ve felt very cheerful during those days, especially when their wives and girlfriends bring over fried chicken, pizza, and more beer.

  4. I agree with DTC. I agee with full legalization, but u cant exagerate and make up reasons to talk about marijuana. Everybody already knows its safer than alcohol. Why do activist and commentor state in in every single article? It gets old hearing it. The government will not legalize it on that fact. Dont tell people its safer because it still emphizes its dangerous. Put logical reasons it should be legal. Talk more about how it can help the economy, eviroment, and create jobs. We all know prohabition creates crime and coruption. Put mpre attention on the banks who banked with the mexican cartels. Dont say “safer” it isnt dangerous at all. MPP should used their donated money to promote specific, clear, and regulated studies on marijuana if not already. Politicions want to keep their jobs. Period. Show the why being for legalization will help them stay in office. Show grim pictures on the dead who die at the hands of cartels and police because of prohabition. The topics have to be memorable to create change. MPP has done great work tword legalization, but because of post like these slow the effort. Promote hemp, take it to energy companies and show them what they could profit from. Get fuel companies on board with MPP. MPP needs to work more woth norml. Organize large protest against prohabitionin cities. Enough people support legalization, so there will be a large enough crowds to get the countries attention. Not just work on capital hill create bills and show up on News channels ever so often where they dont get fair airtime and look dumb bc they cant stand up for themselves against the opposition. MMP get agressive with your tactics. Print door hangers with reasons to legalize. Appeal to the concervative group by promoting small federal government. My point is, for the money MPP recieves they can promote more than they do. Have more logical post than this football article.

  5. Seattle won the game because RG3 was hurt. Denver lost. None of it has anything to do with drug policy. Is it really that hard to find relavent things to write about?

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