Rep. John Conyers Says Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

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At a press conference at the National Press Club on Friday, representatives of Institute of the Black World, as well as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, and others met to look at the impact that our nation’s failed war on drugs has had on minorities. One of the ideas mentioned most frequently to eliminate some of the negative effects of the drug war was to remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

While this is not a very radical statement, and does not address the problems associated with maintaining criminalization of the marijuana market, it is definitely a step in the right direction. It was little surprising coming from Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), who said he had never made such a statement before:

Good for you, Rep. Conyers! Now we just need the rest of Congress to come around.

9 responses to “Rep. John Conyers Says Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized”

  1. It’s ridiculous that the law is to arrest those in possession of marijuana.
    Those who conceal truth to make money cannot hide from the Creator.

  2. I like to hear more members of congress speak about decriminalize marijuana.
    It helps bring a little bit of enlightenment in the American society and the possibility of being re-elected.

  3. I liked that he brought up there is no link between medical marijuana and hard drugs. This is the same kind of separation of soft drugs (read as cannabis products such as the dried female flowers and hashish) from hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine or meth.

    If it’s only the law and not that you’re under the influence of marijuana so much that you can’t keep a job, like you’re not high at work for misplaced recreational reasons, the law is clearly more harmful than the use itself.

    The Congress has to have a Damascene moment, a Pauline moment, to get rid of their attitude of don’t bother me with the facts, I’ve already got my mind made up.

    Decriminalization should look like the Dutch coffeeshops without that dumbass weedpass. The minister’s insistence on the wietpas as the way to keep out foreigners to get rid of the nuisances they cause by clogging up downtown border cities like Maastricht is going to create a costly new bureaucracy for the entire country and put everybody who can’t get a cannabis card back into the street market. It is going to cost money to implement and then result in a shift of business directly to the completely underground, unregulated black market. Hopefully, they will not introduce the wietpas and will relocate those coffeeshops to the outskirts to where there basically are no neighbors close enough for all the foreigners, something with a supermarket size parking lot.

    DC’s new mantra, new meme, for the prohibitionists should be to drum it into their heads that they need to separate the soft drug cannabis from hard drugs that are out on the streets. It’s crop to shop separation.

    Crop to shop separation.

    Crop to shop separation.

    Crop to shop.

  4. It would be wonderful to see marijuana decriminalized…leave it to the states, not the federal government. Growing a plant in your home or yard and smoking its flowers and leaves has nothing whatsoever to do with “interstate commerce,” their pretense for prohibition. Hell, it’d be hilarious to see what would happen if our Congress members all sparked up before deciding to send us into any more damned WARS! I bet they’d decide the money was better spent buying everyone a pizza!

  5. Good for You Rep Conyers! I am 60 yrs old and seen so many lives ruined. Hard to believe we are still waging this silly “war”. Maybe these really hard economic times will bring rational thinking to all the resources and lives wasted by these inane policies.

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