Prohibitionist federal lawmakers eye capping THC in state programs

Mar 03, 2021

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Prohibitionist federal lawmakers eye capping THC in state programs

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Not satisfied with federal prohibition alone, some in Congress now want to limit state programs. In a shocking move, two powerful Senators, John Cornyn of Texas and Dianne Feinstein of California, issued a report on behalf of the U.S. Senate drug caucus indicating they may seek to impose federal caps on THC in products in legal state cannabis programs. Anything over the cap would be banned. 

Ask your Senators to push back on this offensive proposal.

States around the country have shown they are capable of deciding for themselves which products to allow, and so far cap-and-ban proposals have been nearly universally rejected. Cap-and-ban proposals overlook the needs of medical cannabis patients and reintroduce exactly the same prohibition policies that led to legalization — the criminalization of cannabis and the uneven enforcement against people of color, long the hallmark of cannabis prohibition.

Ironically, 60% of voters in Sen. Cornyn’s home state of Texas support legalization, along with 68% of voters in Sen. Feinstein’s state of California. To say their proposal is out of step with voters in their own states, much less nationally, is an understatement. 

Prohibition and its failed policies must end, and you can help. Please take a moment to send a quick email to your Senators and a clear message to prohibitionists: stop working against the will of the voters and let the states continue to regulate cannabis without interference.