Phelps, Kellogg’s — and a Boycott?

Feb 06, 2009 ,

Breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s has announced it won’t renew Michael Phelps’ endorsement contract  because he’s been photographed apparently smoking marijuana. Some are already arguing for a boycott of Kellogg’s in response. Others are urging people to contact the company and politely complain. Given that Kellogg’s apparently thought a prior drunk driving arrest was not a problem, endorsement-wise, there certainly seems to be a hypocrisy issue here.

Boycotts are notoriously difficult to pull off, and many more such efforts flop than produce meaningful results. But personally, I think I can live without Rice Krispies for a while. What do you think? 


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  1. With obesity running rampant, health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases are ruining our quality of life. Both alcohol and sugar play a role in this crisis. What a America needs is a little less Sugar Smacks (should be HFCS Smacks) and a little more cannabis.

  2. I called a local radio show today making the same point about the double standards between Phelps’ photo and his prior DUI. Even after I called the host kept with his position that Phelps deserved to be dropped.

  3. He’s got plenty of money,i say he picks up the bong again,and quits swimming and starts working with MPP and then get a part time with Norml as punishment,because oh my oh my he did a bong hit shame on him my god what is the world coming to,All i can say is as a group is its time we continually let Pres. Obama its high time we the people will not stop until its legal once and for all.

  4. Here is the email I sent to the VP of marketing at Kelloggs

    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Michael Phelps
    Date: Fri, Feb 2009

    Dear Mr. Woodall,
    Just to inform you, because of your position on the issue of Phelps
    Smoking from a Bong, I will no longer be buying any Kellogg’s
    Products. I find it appaulling that you would drop this guy’s
    contract for smoking a little Cannabis, A Plant. Would you prefer he
    drink a pint of Jim Beam instead? Get drunk, crash a car, and maybe
    kill some one? The only message he sent to the entire public
    was “It is ok to smoke Cannabis and still achieve GRRRREATNESS!!!”

  5. See ya’ Kelloggs. Oh, and Kellogg was the guy that pushed circumcision to stop boys from masterbating. Seems like this company has always had there heads up there ass.

  6. I understand that Michael Phelps is dealing with his own personal religion, that is exactly the point, decisions with himself not the worlds. He must deal with it. It happened now lets move on. What would happen if we drug tested all employees Monday at 9a.m. media networks, newspaper, government, the public. What would happen ? Would we even dare to do so or would the results be worst than Mr. Phelps mistakes.

  7. I agree Boycott, boycott and more boycott. The hypocrites deserve to be boycotted. It is okay to be drunk and driving, but not okay to be photographed smoking a bong. Both are illegal are they not?

  8. Enough time has passed!!!

    Phelps has so far wasted an opportunity to speak out for the legalisation of cannabis, thus making him a hypocrite!!!

    He has enough “FU” money to stand up, be a man and speak up for the RELEGALISATION of cannabis.

  9. More Kellogg’s contact info here:

    There are several ways you can make your opinion known to the company.

    You can call Kellogg’s main telephone number during east coast business hours, Monday through Friday, at: (269) 961-2000 or toll free at: 1 (800) 962-1413.

    You can e-mail Kellogg’s consumer services department by visiting:

    You can contact Kellogg’s media relation department at: 269-961-3799 or via e-mail at [email protected].

    You can e-mail Kellogg’s corporate responsibility department at: corporateresponsibil[email protected].

    You can e-mail Kellogg’s investor relations department at: [email protected].

    Or finally, you can write the Kellogg Company a letter at:

    One Kellogg Square
    P.O. Box 3599
    Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599

    When contacting the company, please be polite and concise. Tell them:

    “Hi, my name is _____________ and I’m a frequent consumer of Kellogg’s products.

    Nearly one out of two Americans has used marijuana. This includes tens of thousands of prominent, highly successful Americans — including our current President. Michael Phelps should not be stigmatized nor condemned for private behavior that he, and millions of others, engage in.

    The majority of the public, as well as those in the media, are standing behind Michael Phelps and so am I. I will no longer be purchasing Kellogg’s brand products until your company reverses its decision and reinstates Michael Phelps as your spokesperson.”

    For more info, please see NORML’s blog at:

  10. Yes Mark, thank you. It’s about time people started using the more accurate name: RE-legalize Cannabis.
    I have been boycotting Kelloggs and all other Processed Corporate Poisons (aka Cow Potty Pollution) for a long time so I cannot help add to a boycott; to make a boycott effective requires a LOT of people.

    “The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling…their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing” ~ Arundhati Roy ~

    Don’t judge Phelps. He is a young kid without guidance in an insane world. Give him support. I too would think that he has enough bucks to stand on his own, financially, but not socially.
    I think it’s a great idea to “enlist” him if he is into it.

  11. Check out Facebook, they have a boycott on Kellogg. I have joined, voiced my opinion, and have written Kellogg. My family doesn’t eat that garbage and certainly won’t in the future. I will talk to as many reasonable people that I can about this issue.

  12. Boycott…

    The Boycott starts Feburary 15, 2009. NOBODY buy any Kellogg products from that day foward.. I’ve emailed and phoned the Kellogg’s HQ letting them know ..

  13. what is more natural than a stoner eating cereal?
    they could have made some classic advertisements
    and boosted sales of their products
    instead of pandering to the old idiotic prejudicial thinking
    which now earns them a boycott.
    Whats the scoop on General Mills and Post?

  14. I will seek my munchies elswhere henceforth. Down with corporate tyranny!! Micheal Phelps WAS my hero until i heard his sniveling ‘apology’. He should speak out about this injustice instead of playing along and getting victimized.

  15. Booooooooo to Kellogg’s!

    I went grocery shopping this weekend and skipped on buying their products. I’ll continue to boycott them until they lift the ban on Phelps.

  16. I don’t think the makers of Keeblers cookies, Goldfish, et al, have really thought this one through.

    F**k em’. This hypocrisy should not be tolerated. It’s okay to drive around drunk on booze but taking a hit off a bong at a party gets your sponsorship pulled? You should buy generic in this climate anyway, some of the generics are better, like the raisin bran, much less sugar. Screw Kelloggs, they’re crazier than their namesake.

  17. I for one, will likely never buy a Kellogs product again. I will also never buy a Dell for doit the same thing to the “Dell Dude” when he got busted.

    One thing I will do, however, is eat at Subway a lot more since I heard that they decided to Keep Phelps on as an endorser. I think we need to both abandon businesses, media, and politicians that persecute us AND reward those who either support us or at least show compassion to us.

  18. Don’t forget to boycott KASHI, who was UNFORTUNATELY bought by Kelloggs in 2000.
    BARENAKED Granola, Morningstar Farms and Gardenberger have been purchased by Kashi.
    You will NOT see Kelloggs name on any of these Kellogg owned products.

    Be sure and Goggle Kellogg founder John Harvey Kelloggs wiki.
    In his time he treated deadly masturbation with a little surgery for the boyz and carbolic acid for the girls.
    Now HE’S a model!

  19. HAHA! what a joke! there is a a Kellogs here in memphis and i’m down to through fake joints at the doors in boycott form! haha!! LET’S DO IT!!! we have so a strong energy right now. we should do something to stay in the media!!!

  20. I pledge to boycott Kellogg’s products Dear [Decision Maker],I will no longer be purchasing Kellogg’s brand products until the company reverses its decision to dump Michael Phelps as its spokesperson.* Please personalize your message …


    I will never purchase Kellogg’s brand products ever again, period.

    It’s too late to convince me that Kellogg is not anti-Life. The Phelps situation is merely further proof that Kellogg is truly anti-People, anti-Science, anti-ethical, anti-social to a sociopathic degree. In my opinion, the whole world would be healthier and better off without the “Kelloggs”. I can live very well without Kelloggs, thanks; I suspect Michael Phelps can too.

  21. I say, WHY WAIT TILL FEB. 15????
    I started my boycott of all things processed by Corporations MANY YEARS AGO. Here’s some hope that I live buy:

    “The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling…their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing” ~ Arundhati Roy ~

  22. It is INSANE that marijuana, that was considered medicine since the beginning of time, introduced to the US by Turkey in 1876 at the worlds fair as a recreational smoke, is now so demonized! Aspirin is responsible for more deaths last year than pot ever was, beer alone kills hundreds of thousands, but it is legal! Screw Kellogg’s, they dump Phelps, my family dumps them! And subway too!

  23. Ok people, seriously. This is absolutely a bad idea!

    #1. We are giving up our credibility by doing this. There are so many subscribers reading these emails, and the mpp staff work so hard to get more than just “potheads” on board with our cause. I think it is absolutely HORRIBLE to get distracted on this subject which has no real positive outcome!!!!! (Phelps gets his contract back – whoop dee doo, who really cares about something this stupid?) Any of you that genuinely care about Phelps keeping or losing one of his multiple contracts is either a friend or family member of his.

    We all need to take a good hard look at what is wrong with Kellogg’s dumping Phelps. What I see is a business making a decision on who they have as the face of their company. Had the picture been Phelps injecting a syringe full of steroids into his body, would people then be questioning Kellogg’s decision to drop him? How about if it were Heroin? Please don’t respond with Marijuana is not as bad as those two – I know, and I agree, I’m just making a point as to the views a non-mpp person may be seeing.

    The problem is that a line needs to be drawn, and the line IS drawn at the LAW. The American public, the majority of the people in this country, do not view somebody with a bong in their face as a role model for their children.

    Now, the truth is, we have an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to counter all of the government’s propaganda with Mr. Phelps little problem.

    If marijuana makes you lazy and unmotivated – then how in the hell do you explain Michael Phelps?????? The most accomplished olympian EVER smokes pot!!!! He has 14 gold medals!!!!!

    Instead we are talking about boycotting cereal. It’s a sad sad day.

    If I owned a business and paid millions of dollars to somebody to by my spokesperson, I don’t see why anyone would hold it against me for firing them for ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER. It’s a lot of money and there is a certain image I want to project. Hell, I should be able to drop them if they look at me wrong for that much money.

    Kellogg’s is not in the business of marijuana legislation. Stop pretending like they even give a flying flip.

    I see a problem with our laws, not our cereal.

  24. i let that kellogg wimp know that they are just helping to ruin more peoples lives by making a big deal from Phelps. You know this will only worsen the image of innocent people that use marijuana for medical or just personal use because there a lot of dumb brainwashed people out there and company’s like kelloggs only helping in the failed war on marijuana

  25. Yes sir we all have to be strong in this time of peril, Marijuana is on a rise and is continueing it’s way to the top. If we all (stoners, smokers, what have you…) band together worldwide and boycott we are going to see change. So please boycott to the max,

    “Hey, generic-brand ain’t that bad”
    – Tr3-0

  26. Ah, and to that Mr. Kris…
    “(Phelps gets his contract back – whoop dee doo)”
    In fact you mean whoop dee Fucking doo my friend, not only is this positive, in showing that we actualy can make a differnce, it’s showing that we’re finaly done with this Bs. Pessimists like yourself belong on the other side, because shit like your comment is EVERYWHERE, and IT WILL HOLD US BACK.

    “HORRIBLE to get distracted” Distracted?? Distracted?? you think for one moment that all focus is on Phelps?? Well bud you’ve got a lot to learn. Because this is just a battle in the on going “War on Drugs” aka “War on Pot” and we damn sure can’t let up, we’re giving no slack not now not ever, or at least die hard Smokers that actually Respect the plant that they smoke. Man. People like you really do piss me off, you don’t prove we’re a lazy people by showing One Man isn’t “If marijuana makes you lazy and unmotivated – then how in the hell do you explain Michael Phelps??????” You do it by actually standing up and speaking your mind! not by selecting a figure to represent us all (Like Kellogs).

    “And that’s where im done with you, dont bother on writting me back because i’ve got more pressin matters to attend to, and won’t respond.” – Tr3-0

  27. Well, I think I will respond to you even though you won’t bother writing back because I think you missed my point.

    You say I belong on the other side because I disagree with boycotting Kellogg’s. I think you need me on your side more than you think.

    First of all, I am an average middle class citizen. I am married. I have children. I live in a house and have a decent job. I DO NOT USE DRUGS – I DO*** NOT SMOKE MARIJUANA*** I AM YOUR TARGET OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOU NEED TO CONVINCE TO CHANGE OUR LAWS. I am the demographic that you need on your side.

    I do not use drugs. I do not smoke pot. I drink a little bit to much beer. Of course I have smoked pot in the past, just like millions of Americans.

    Now, to say that I am somebody that just has an opinion and doesn’t stand up for anything is just wrong. I was in the newspaper last week for a letter I had written about legalizing drugs. I have written my congressman and senator on both the federal and state levels every time a piece of legislation for legalizing/decriminalizing marijuana has come through. I have convinced my wife to write letters and I tell my friends to write letters every time they come over. They joke about it that on poker night they all have to write their congressman. I am absolutely serious!!!

    I have actively tried to convince my parents, my grandparents, my neighbors, my co-workers and all of my friends about the futility of the war on drugs. There are no less than 10 people that have signed up to MPP’s email list because of me.

    I have donated $80 to MPP over the last 2 months alone and was planning on sending more money in to them next month.

    I am NOT all talk, I believe in our cause very strongly. You have convinced me that our laws need to be changed. I agree that the war on drugs is one born of racism and oppression. I don’t think your government should tell you what to put into your body so long as you do not hurt others.

    Now with all that being said. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH WITH KELLOGG’S????? They don’t need a reason to fire Michael Phelps, this is supposedly a free country but now you are instead of trying to use reason and logic to convince the masses, you are resorting to attacking a corporation who does not have anything to do with the war on drugs.

    Quite frankly, as a parent, I support Kellogg’s in dropping Michael Phelps. I don’t have an issue with him smoking pot, more power to him. He seems like an amazing athlete and I am glad he has made so much of himself.

    I do not however, wish to glorify smoking marijuana to my children. Kellogg’s main customer for their cereal is children. Michael Phelp’s is a role model to children. That damn picture of him smoking from the bong is all over the news. My daughter has seen it. She doesn’t really care about Michael Phelps because she is a girl and more into girl stuff, but if she were a boy – as many of my friend’s kids are, she would take more notice.

    Hell, when I was a kid I ate Wheaties all the time because of Michael Jordan. Wheaties are gross, what the hell???? Do you not see that our children are paying attention here? I remember Raisin Bran had quite a few celebrities on their boxes as well. I bought the “Air Jordan” shoes. It seems all the kids in school had them. We talked about it as kids. If Michael Jordan were smoking pot back then, would it have influenced my decisions to try marijuana at a younger age (I think I was 15 when I first smoked pot)? I’m not willing to take that risk with my child, sorry, if I need to dump the cause of supporting marijuana decriminalization/legalization because you want to have it pushed in my face all the time, then so be it. I will switch to the other side if your actual end goal is to force it on me. I don’t like smoking pot, I’m not going to change my mind on that. Some of us don’t actually like the drug (go figure).

  28. The problem with the Kellogg’s boycott is that people who didn’t previously buy their products have no way to participate (other than to send messages to the company). On the other hand, if we also decide to support Subway, everyone can participate and we’ll show our economic clout. Let’s make Support Subway as prominent as Boycott Kellogg’s!

  29. I have sent an e mail to Kellogg’s. I have joined the boycott. I will patronize Subway. If given the opportunity I will vote to legalize Marijuana. I smoked in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (NYC) born and raised.

  30. Since when has our society become so complacent that it boycotts a company because it doesn’t believe that society should admire an athlete who smokes marijuana? Seriously? I understand your goal is to legalize the drug and I respect your position. Presently, however, the drug is considered illegal and we, as a society, have an obligation to our children. Do we want to send the message that breaking the law is okay in certain circumstances? Put the anger aside for a minute and think about it. Like it or not Mr. Phelps is in a position to influence many young people and it is his obligation as an Olympic gold medalist to rise to the occasion. Next time, make sure someone isn’t snapping a picture.

  31. Here’s what I sent:

    Dear Mr. Woodall:

    I was quite disappointed to hear of your shabby treatment of Olympic hero and history maker Michael Phelps. Although I was happy to snap up several large “clearance” boxes of corn flakes with his image for 98 cents, I confess that until such time as Mr Phelps’ endorsement is reinstated, those boxes will be the last Kellog’s product I purchase.


  32. There were many reasons I quit pot, and part of it is all the lies about pot that idiots keep upholding. It is not safe (inhaling smoke – duh!), it is addictive (any of you morons ever really tried to stop?), it induces paranoia, increased heart rate and destroys memory (oh yeah that’s right dude!). Now you want to boycott a cereal company (how many times have you eaten cereal from the box because you had the munchies?) for not wanting to use a disgraced sports figure because he BROKE THE LAW??? Y’all really are high… and stupid!

  33. I think it’s funny that Kelloggs has cut it’s ties with Michael,but they are still SELLING his posters on-line.Kellogg’s™/Michael Phelps Poster OfferEnd Date 09/30/09
    Who do they think will buy them?The people who are boycotting them or the ones who are disappointed in Michael.
    Until they renew his contract,I will not be giving KELLOGGS any of my money.

  34. Message to Kelloggs; I am 56 years old, have been choosing pot over booze for decades, and eating Kelloggs’ products daily for those decades to be sure I was always “nutritioned.”

    I am very against ANY big business sitting in judgement over what is acceptable and what is not! Who gave you that right, Kelloggs?

    Treat me this way, and I WILL CHANGE PRODUCTS! It’s really that simple! POST products taste just as good; and they are not trying to dictate what I can and cannot see. Case closed; KELLOGGS IS HISTORY!

  35. Will someone please post what Kelloggs best email address is for sounding-off my two-cents worth? Does anyone have good contact information or “who’s-who?” info. on Kelloggs? To whom can we BEST direct our displeasure?

  36. To Bill-

    FIRST- Marijuana is extremely safe. There has NEVER been a death from overdose or a death directly attributed to marijuana. Even if the smoke from marijuana was dangerous, which happens to have been refuted in the largest and most well developed studies, not to mention the studies that actually show POSITIVE effects, then you could use a vaporizer, which is smokeless.
    EVEN if that was an arguement for the law, how would that make any sense at all considering the legality of tobacco products?

    SECOND- The OPENING line of your comment says that YOU QUIT POT. How does that possibly support your arguement that it is addictive? In addition to your lack of intelligence, men and women much smarter then you have STUDIED and RESEARCHED the effects of pot and it is a solid fact that it is not physically addictive, unlike BOTH tobacco and alcohol. And please don’t try to claim addictiveness to the high itself, because that is as stupid as people being addicted to the taste of a hamburger.

    Finally, paranoia, increased heart rate, and loss of memory are all unproven claims and would differ from person to person anyways.

    However, I do agree that Kelloggs has the choice to do what they please with their money. The problem with their choice is that it SHOULD NOT be against the law and is nowhere near as dangerous as drunk driving, which they didn’t dismiss anyone for. They are being boycotted for their hipocrisy.

  37. Yesterday, I wrote and experssed my deep regret in Kelloggs decision to Let Phelps go and said I would indeed boycott them and their subsidiaries. I simply went to their site.
    One really good point, I believe, worth stressing is that the preservatives and fat content in most of their products can definetly KILL a person, while Marijuana will not. They are pure hypocrites! If anyone is undicided if protest should be made; look around your room – all you take for granted-your possesions and your freedom could be gone in a flash under the current laws in most states. Peaceful non-aggressive protest is the only way for those that have been brainwashed by the Anslinger’s of the world and Nixon and so many others to see the futility in this ridiculous, painful and unwinable war. Write a letter, DO SOMETHING! You CAN make a difference!!!
    I am just really sorry that Phelps had to be put in to a position of having to apologize for what I know to be far less harmful than beer.

  38. I think that Kellogg’s needs to be held accountable for their hypocrisy. It is unforgivable that they think a DUI arrest is okay, but take a hit off a bong at a college party and he’s history? Come on, it was a college party for crying out loud! I will be boycotting them just for principle. Just for the record, I do not smoke marijuana on a regular basis, but I have smoked it before at roughly the same age as Michael Phelps. I have never done any illegal drugs besides marijuana. I do think that marijuana should be legalized just like alcohol and taxed and regulated. Coming from an alcoholic home, alcohol hurt my family more than marijuana ever could have. I also think it is laughable that the American public thinks that marijuana is sooo dangerous when it is the drunks out driving around that are more dangerous. What kind of message does that send to our children?

  39. My email to MPP:

    I wish to cancel my membership. I will no longer donate money to MPP.

    The reason: The dumb idea of boycotting Kellogg’s over Michael Phelps. I viewed MPP as a very professional organization with very clear goals. The fact that you are calling for your organization’s members to boycott Kellogg’s takes away so much from your credibility. It makes you appear more along the lines of a right wing fanatical organization willing to fight anyone that disagrees with you, rather than spending all of your time and money into getting our laws changed. What are you looking for? Are you hoping Kellogg’s will publicly endorse marijuana?

    I had thought from all the information on your website and from the interviews I had seen on CNN and the mainstream media that this was a very “with it” organization.

    The fact that I have given you money, and then time is spent by MPP staffers to try to encourage people to boycott Kellogg’s is just sad to me. I will not give you anymore of my money, I don’t want it spent on that.

    Now your Kellogg’s boycott is taking money out of your pocket. Ironic huh?

  40. I think that as an American company it is Kellogg’s job not to act like communists. They should focus on making food products.

    Corporate responsibility department? Get a life. It’s more like one person protecting their own ass by pretending to act in the nation’s bests interests so that god forbid a fucking cereal company offends someone.

    I believe in sound management of a company as a means towards success and profit, but this is communism. If you want to take some corporate responsibility…go against the grain by not cutting off sponsorship from someone after a “media scandal” you pussies.

    On a side note…I could probably never get a job with Kelloggs as I received a felony charge and house arrest about 10 years ago. Why? Because of someone will always cover their own ass in corporate America. These worthless unskilled desk jockey scum. It’s just like the Phelps case. Don’t screw up. Corporate communism’s gonna get ya.

  41. Any of you halfwits have any idea how many drug laws Kelloggs has written or voted on? NONE. Know how your childish boycott will affect current laws? IT WON’T.

    Kelloggs is a business not legislators.

    I support your cause, but you look like tools boycotting a business because they made a decision that is good for their business.

    Maybe you don’t like the laws. Call your congressman. Maybe you don’t like the way they run their business. Well good, start you own and see how easy it is.

  42. The benefits of a high-profile boycott go far beyond any effect it might have on a company like Kellogg. Part of MPP’s job is to educate the public and elected officials, and the boycott is directly responsible for us and other reformers having more mass media opportunities to discuss the folly of marijuana prohibition than any event in many years. News organizations like CNN need a “news hook” for discussions like this, and the boycott provided one that led to MPP representatives being able to make the case against prohibition on CNN, CBS radio, National Public Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Company and local radio stations in Detroit, Baltimore, San Diego, Chicago, and many, many other communities, as well as in newspapers all over the country. Literally tens of millions of viewers, listeners and readers heard our side of the marijuana controversy as a direct result of interest in the Kellogg’s boycott.

  43. Ok, so your boycott got you in the news. I didn’t see the news segments where MPP explained themselves, so I can’t comment on that, but from reading this blog it appears you all are furious with Kelloggs. Did you use your time on CNN to explain that you understand Kellogg’s position, seeing how they have hundreds of thousands of stakeholders that depend on sound business decisions, and that you were only using this grand opportunity to highlight the obsurdity of the US drug laws? Or are you really trying to hurt Kelloggs? Hurting Kelloggs will not solve the problem of unfair drug laws. Incidentally, unfair drug laws also don’t justify Phelp’s actions. I don’t begrudge him for taking a rip. It’s all good. But actions have consequences. Remember Don Imus. What he did wasn’t even illegal, he lost his job. Fair? I don’t know, probably not, but his employer is running a business, just like Kelloggs is running a business. If MPP is having trouble getting the message out without a “news hook” maybe they need to look at the message they are sending.

  44. From someone in the religious circut, what about the fact that this guy is the guy that all the americain networks called the Greatest athlete in the World. Michael Phelps stood and took his lumps like a man. We should look to him as an example of how to recover from a rough spot.

  45. Everyone please read POST 64- Bruce Mirken. This is only one facet in a defensive war. Isn’t it better than doing NOTHING? I really do not think it will hurt Kellogg’s’ business, I just think it keeps our issue in the headlines. Kris POST 60 – Withdraw of your support is going to hurt the mpp as much as our boycott of Kellogg’s. It’s just that I think it’s like the old adage goes “your cutting off your nose to spite your face”. Have you seen and kept up with the Good news that has been reported from all our efforts that you have helped support in the past? As far as name calling goes-JEFF-POST 63 shows a real lack of decorum and it does not work in an intelligent exchange of views. I own a business and I encourage and reward intelligence, hard work and STRESS POLITENESS. I learned that in sales a long time ago. I have always been surprised in that it really does make a difference.

    Please keep up our good fight mpp, on all fronts.

    I am a dying man and Marijuana really does help take the “Sting” out of my days that I have left… (Written not for sympathy-just a cold hard fact for me) and I couldn’t take another bust. I’m dying from a nerve disease and that is one of the worst things in the world for a stress related illness. Not to mention that no jail will allow any really effective medications and they have no facilities for the terminally ill. I will not stop speaking out against these Evil laws created by unjust men for their private agendas until the day I die!

  46. I am disappointed in your loss of focus on positive outcomes. As someone who thinks marijuana should be legalized and regulated, I still think this boycott is not wise, and I’m disappointed in organizations like MPP calling for the boycott. MPP of all people should know that while they are fighting for legalization, particularly in the area of medical MJ, it is still currently illegal (duh) on a national level.

    To try and hold a private corp as guilty for basically doing what they had to do seems worse than silly. It seems like a waste of time, and effort, and to me it weakens the cause.

  47. To quote you Bruce “The benefits of a high-profile boycott go far beyond any effect it might have on a company like Kellogg. Part of MPP’s job is to educate the public and elected officials, and the boycott is directly responsible for us and other reformers having more mass media opportunities to discuss the folly of marijuana prohibition than any event in many years.”

    This tells me you want to win at any cost, even if it means ditching your core values – which I see you doing. Which is my problem with what’s going on here.

    The strongest argument that MPP has made to me, is that as an illegal substance children have better access to marijuana (all drugs really). MPP wants to have marijuana legalized/decriminalized to the point where you either need a prescription from a doctor, or regulated to where there is an age limit on it’s purchase. I believe this is the best way to keep our children from taking drugs. As a high school child, I could get a bag of weed in about 15 minutes but it was hit or miss finding a 21 year old to buy me some alcohol.

    This boycott is telling me that MPP’s values are not where I thought they were. Does MPP feel that we should be aiming our advertising towards children? This echoes of the cigarette companies 15 years ago quietly hoping their advertising was most effective on our teenagers.

    Michael Phelps is a role model primarily for CHILDREN. My problem with MPP now is that you are ignoring your own values. Should Kellogg’s (a company that earns a lot of their money off of making products for children) continue to sponsor Michael Phelps, it is a company making a statement to our children that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

    THIS BEHAVIOR IS ILLEGAL. I do not want to send the message to my child or to any child in this country that we smoke pot for fun. I want that child to grow into an adult and be aware and educated about any substance they want to put into their body. Should that adult decide to take any drugs really, that is a choice made as an adult with the full responsibility for the effects/consequences falling on that adult.

    I do not think the decision is best left in the mind of a 12 or 13 year old that sees pot as no big deal because his celebrity sports hero on his box of Corn Flakes smokes it.

    I think that had Kellogg’s kept Michael Phelps, it would be very clearly sending a message of “Pot is not that big of a deal” to CHILDREN. I think that message would be most geared towards their primary customers – CHILDREN.

    This is why I am ending my financial donations to MPP. You have abandoned your values in order to get attention without really thinking the situation through.

    I think it is great that MPP is in the news, I am happy every time I see an article or story that leads people towards the idea that our views on drugs were heavily formed by government advertising.

    People see drugs as bad because of this government advertising.

    Kellogg’s having Michael Phelps is advertising to…. what message do we really want our children to see?

    His other sponsors kept him because Subway, AT&T, Omega, etc… do not make much money off of children consuming/using their products. They are not child oriented companies.

    The other point MPP has made is that Kellogg’s did not refuse his sponsorship in the first place because of a prior drunk driving arrest. It’s funny that I never heard about that DWI until the “boycott crowd here” pointed it out. If I didn’t know about it, I’m sure my kid doesn’t either. Your boycott should be against the media for making a story out of something that should not have been news. Since they did, it hurt Michael Phelps and put Kellogg’s in a tricky position and got all of you worked up here.

    To the guy that says my letters to my congressmen/senators and financial donations to MPP don’t mean anything and won’t affect MPP…

    Well, Bruce, is that true? Does MPP not need me? Are you that willing to abandon me? Does MPP have so much money that my $100 a year don’t mean anything to you and you would rather not have it if it means you have somebody on your team that disagrees with you from time to time?

  48. Hello again, this is how I see it and please forgive me if I’m wrong, as it is simply my opinion. Please enlighten me, if so.

    Has anyone read the news today? I think that all this media fuss about Phelps is causing some extra hardships for him and now his friends. To me, that means that we and many other organizations are making a real difference. They are running scared and have to make a big show of it. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Unfortunately, Michael is being made the example of inappropriate behavior.

    Kris, I respect your love for children. I also love children and want to leave them with the best world I could possibly help to shape for them before I pass. I see that you have donated for a year now, so the MPP must have been doing something right so far. Now that you perceive this one form of strategy as being a mistake, you withdraw your support? If we cannot get along among each other, and we cut and run as soon as we do not agree with a certain battle strategy in just ONE facet of the war, how can we win a war? I think you might have skimmed over what I wrote so quickly that you may have missed my point. I think I’m “that guy” you are referring to. To clarify, I do not believe that this boycott will affect Kellogg’s sales at all. I believe it’s designed to send a signal and to keep our agenda alive in the news.
    Of course any organization cares about their contributing members. We also may not all agree on all fronts, but to stop funding a major war that you must have been interested in and have some stake in or else you wouldn’t have done what you’ve done in the last year may not be the best course of action. I just meant that the MPP would not fold up and go away because of your lack of support. JUST AS KELLOGGS will not fold because of our calling for a boycott of their products. Also, please look to see that I said NOTHING about that it’s useless to write our elected officials. We must stay vigilant! Also please know I do not work for the MPP. Bruce did not say it. I did. Also, win at any cost? I do not see anyone here calling for a violent march on Washington and no one is calling for bloodshed on our front. But I can guarantee that if you engaged in peaceful political rallies, you could very well experience Bloodshed by the hands of police. I’ve witnessed it. Now which side acts “at all costs”? It is not trite, stupid, immature or silly to engage in civil disobedience. It’s a duty as an American. Kris – Please know that any time spent in writing has not been in vane. You have swayed me a bit in the marketing to young children. Come to think of it – they do put little toys in Cereal boxes. Are there any thoughts out there?

    Let’s also commend the other companies that have stood behind Phelps despite all the controversy.

    I believe the best facet of this war that we can fight to achieve positive results is that Marijuana MUST be removed from Schedule 1 status. I have received personal and polite letters back from my Senator and my Congresswoman. They all say they believe in upholding the Law. I understand. So do I. That’s why I need it to change. They also imply to me that Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug and in that status all our efforts on all other fronts are trumped by this issue. Let’s think carefully about how we allocate our time and resources.
    Peace for today.

  49. You should boycott Kellog’s, not because of Michael Phelps, but because their food is horrible for you. A poptart is far worst for you than marijuana. The processed sugar is one of the leading causes of diabetes. More than likely, Kellogs is using genetically foods. We don’t how bad gmo’s are for you because they don’t test them.

    I was thought Phelps was a bit hippocritical for endorsing kellog’s in the first place. He didn’t become the best swimmer of all time by eating Rice krispies. He clearly has a very strict diet. With that being said, Phelps is the best in the world at his profession, anyone who has they nerve to tell him what he can and can’t do has anamazing set of stones. He has an unreal work ethic and handled amazing amount of pressure and succeeded. If the man, he is a grown man, wants to the a bong hit, he is well entitled.

    Kellogs is a junk food company and are firing a spokesperson for dabbling in a all natural substance that has great therapuetic qualities for a person with a high stress job.

    Keep up the good work here. Proud to be associated with this organization.

  50. Thank Ron, I actually feel better now that somebody has acknowledged my points.

    I have no problem with people who disagree with me, but it bothers me when people move blindly forward without considering all the consequences they can of their actions (referring to MPP).

    I still don’t agree with the boycott. I don’t suppose that’s cause enough to abandon my own ideals of changing what needs to be changed.

    I think I will just shut up now. Good luck, I’ll give you more money when they boycott is over.

    Sound better? 🙂

  51. Sent my message, joined the boycott.

    Mr. Woodall,

    I’m writing you to voice my displeasure at your company’s decision to allow Michael Phelps’ contract to lapse without renewal. There’s little doubt that the impetus for this decision lies in the photos recently released showing Mr. Phelps engaging in what appears to be responsible marijuana use.
    My suggestion, sir, is that you either renewal Mr. Phelps, a marketable young star and genuine Olympic hero, or survey every single employee of Kellogg’s and their subsidiaries in regard to their use of controlled substances, and fire each and every one who has partaken in marijuana. Unless that is the case, sir, you are a hypocrite of the highest order. Mr. Phelps is a young man who has made mistakes, including being charged with a DUI. That, however, did not prevent you from signing him to an endorsement contract and plastering his image on every box of Frosted Flakes I’ve purchased over the past four months or so. Yet when these photos surface, you abandon him.
    Please, Mr. Woodall, take a stand for that which is right in this country by resisting the absurd laws regarding the use and sale of marijuana in this country, or be consistent in your message by firing any employee who has used it. Anything in between shows zero integrity on your part, and until one action or the other is taken, I will refuse to purchase any product made by Kellogg’s.

    Thank you,

    Todd H. Holsopple

  52. Well we have all known this for a long time. Drunk driving is not looked at as such a big deal in this country. Look at celebrities and people in the spotlight in general they do it all the time. To me its along the lines of attempted murder. How many people die each year because of people smoking and driving? Yea hardly any cause your driving too slow to kill anyone. What about all those anti drug commercials??? But binge drinking is much more of a problem with our youth, also alcohol is addictive as hell and marijuana is NOT. Alcohol ruins lives and kills alot of people.

    I never eat that processed sugar shit anyways. Ugh its soooo bad for us and its ever worse for the growing brains of children.

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