Petition to Obama: Remove Marijuana From the Schedule of Drugs

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In a profile published this week by The New Yorker magazine, President Barack Obama acknowledged the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol for the consumer. Yet federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, a category the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers “the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules.” It’s time for that to change.

The Controlled Substances Act gives the executive branch, led by President Obama, alert_sidebar_ObamaPetition_v3the legal authority to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. That authority should be exercised immediately.

Please sign our petition calling on President Obama to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. Then share it widely with your friends and relatives, and encourage them to sign and share it, too.

The president clearly recognizes that marijuana is safer than alcohol — which is not a scheduled drug — so he should do everything he can to ensure our federal laws reflect that fact. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s time for the president to take action.

Sign our petition now and tell President Obama to remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs. Marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol, and it is time for our government to start treating it that way.

18 responses to “Petition to Obama: Remove Marijuana From the Schedule of Drugs”

  1. 1. The President said in the 2013 SOTU Address, “I propose working with States to make high-quality preschool available to every child in America.”

    2. The first emergency necessity for every child before attending school is to avoid “smoking” which causes over 400,000 deaths a year in the United States of America–over 8% of the worldwide figure of 6,000,000, WHO 2011, with 4.5% of the world population. Possibly over 800,000 American youngsters a year are currently being recruited into H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette addiction with a likelihood of shortened life for at least 40% of all victims.

    3. Not herbal cannabis, but the rolling-paper format “joint” and a cigar-skin variant, “blunt”, are the “gateway drug” to nicotine $igarettes, no. 1 worldwide killer drug.

    4. A 4-year-old seeing the ubiquitous poster of Barry bogarting a short hot one may not know anything about “cannabis versus tobacco” issues, but sees the suck-it-up gesture and the look in the eyes etc.–

    5. and may conclude that whatever can be done socially by posturing with a “joint” is as easily done, at one-tenth the price, with a tobacco $igarette, and eventually tries sucking on one of those. Zap– hooked for life! Thus every picture of a joint is a $igarette ad, aimed at younger viewers.

    6. Typical lifelong cost, pack-a-day assuming present prices, first three decades $100,000 for the $igarettes; final decade $100,000 to Big pHARMa, doctors, hospitals etc. for the medical care.

    7. Last week’s Surgeon General Report raises estimated yearly cost to USA economy of “smoking” from $193-bil. a year to $289-bil.!

    8. Yet in an interview last week the President referred generally to cannabis use but never mentioned any distinction between “smoking” (monoxide, heat shock, 4221 combustion toxins) and VAPING (which can be done both with high tech vaporizers and with a cheaply handmade Long-Drawtube One-Hitter).

    9. The most valuable Preschool might be only a few minutes of instruction with a 25-mg-serving-size Single Toke utensil to immunize every youngster against ever once ignorantly sucking on a 500-mg “joint” or 700-mg $igarette.

    10. So let’s remind the President that downscheduling the herb is one half the needed change; the other half includes practical moves:

    (A) sponsor thousands of ma and pa “one-hitter” factories to supply the first few billion pieces;

    (B) grind/sift many (already legal) herb species to 1/16″ particle size– alfalfa, basil, chamomile, damiana, eucalyptus, fo-ti-tieng, ginseng leaf, hops flower, oregano, peppermint etc. and use these to demonstrate VAPING methods with the utensils;

    (C) instead of banning “smoking” for under-18’s, make sure kids have access to and positive instruction in Dosage Moderation VAPE tokes which will soon entirely replace the “joint”, the “blunt” and the “$igarette”–

    (D) thus achieving total Abolition of nicotine $lavery, most important medical triumph of the century.

  2. The DEA made a terrible strategic mistake by refusing the earlier petition(s) to reschedule marijuana. They won those battles, but it will ultimately lead to them losing the war. At least if marijuana had been rescheduled to schedule 2 or 3, the DEA would’ve still remained relevant and it would’ve put a damper on the progress of state-legal medical marijuana. But now, with outright legalization, the only move left for the feds is to remove marijuana as a controlled substance, just as the states are doing. Not that that will happen any time soon, but rescheduling has now become a moot issue. Way to go, DEA!

  3. Follow the money?
    How soon before the coffin nail and booze dealers take over the entire cannabis market”?…$$$$? Did everyone forget that this is 1% ruled/dominated Corporate America?…Hustler’s keep hustlin’ and Suckers keep getting suckered…it’s built into the System!
    The terribly flawed Illinois law requires fingerprinting!!! Citizens of Illinois can purchase a case of whisky and be prescribed narcotic pain drugs by a Physician but must submit to being fingerprinted (like an accused criminal) in order to receive cannabis therapy?…absurd on its face!
    LET ME SEE YOUR FINGERPRINTS, MR. FREEMAN? HaHaHa Fooled again!…and again…and…how many times more? It’s a joke…just not a funny one…and it’s on us!

  4. It is pretty simple really, do we want an alternative, a much safer alternative, to alcohol? Are we tired enough of the domestic violence, the destruction of homes, the loss of control that is alcohol to finally break the alcohol industries chokehold monopoly on America? Had enough death from drinking? Enough date rape from drinking? Enough driving on the wrong side of the freeway? Enough violence? Enough inability to speak even your ABC’s? Enough stumbling, blackouts, foul language, peeing in public? I have. Quite simply, marijuana is none of the above. It may not be my governments choice for me but it is certainly my choice, my safer choice. Maybe it is time for Uncle Sam to butt out of our personal choices and to use their vast and superior intelligence to run our affairs of State in a reasonable and efficient manner. I doubt that busting down our doors and incarcerating us for enjoying a mild euphoric treat from our garden is in the national interest.

  5. Obama needs to remove Cannabis from the schedule after he came out and said that its no worse then Alcohol. In fact no one has OD with Cannabis unlike Alcohol. I read a letter as to why its still on the list and it was not because of what we know, that it causes any problems, but of what ,they say, we don’t know about it. How can they not know every thing about Cannabis with all the studies done? Its not addictive, not a gateway, and you can’t OD on it.
    The problem with cigarettes is that they are 60% junk, rehydrated tobacco, a tea made out of very old stale tobacco sprayed on paper shredded, and addictive chemicals. Its the highly addictive chemicals that I believe causes the health issues. If the ban on Cigarettes was health we would have them made like American Spirit 100% additive free.

  6. I lost two brothers to alcoholism. One was 19, and died of alcohol poisoning. The other hit by a car crossing the street intoxicated.
    In the last 5000 years, there have been no deaths due to cannabis.
    Do the math again.

  7. It’s time to make a true alternative in the country’s political structure. Honer the will of the people, legalize cannabis and HEMP

  8. Obama seeks control over every American while at the same time cedes control over everything American. As always he’s got it a$$ backwards

  9. Ciggeretts are way worst than weed.legalize pot and i will never smoke another cigg again.what a deal breaker.we have come a long way.Open your eyes and see weed helps it dont hurt you.i have been smoking for 25 years.dont drink or do anything other drugs at it is not a gateway to other drugs.people who use other drugs choose to do can stop making alcahol ,ciggeretts,but weed grows cemicals.maybe you will be able to control it better legal.because you cant control it now .

  10. now i have a delaware med marijuana permit that my doctor prescribed for me for chronic medical conditions come to find out sense i drive a 10 wheel truck the federal dot drug screen will not allow me to have the medicine because of schedule one what the fuck is that. assholes change the law. percocet and other pills make me sick. what is the dea making money off locking people up for this or what. this is a bunch of shit if u ask me. i suffer in pain and drive with all that other shit in me . its not justice its just us. thank you

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