No Marijuana Question During Online Interview With Obama

Feb 01, 2010 , ,

President Obama’s CitizenTube forum concluded today with questions about ending marijuana prohibition receiving the most votes, by far. Yet, an answer to the most popular question was absent from the president’s address, which took place on YouTube this afternoon.
Last year, when marijuana reform questions topped the president’s “Open For Questions” forum, the president at least answered — albeit without serious consideration to the issue.
Obama needs to realize something: ending marijuana prohibition is not a fringe issue. Not anymore. The question consistently ranks among the most popular whenever the president holds one of these unfiltered forums, and the polls are showing rapid increases in support for reform nationwide (46% of Americans think small amounts of marijuana should be legal, according to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll). We can’t just ignore it. With at least three states considering legislation or ballot initiatives to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol in the coming years, the issue is going be addressed in a serious way — whether or not Obama continues to ignore it.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that President Obama chose to ignore marijuana reform questions. The questions posed to him were selected by YouTube, which decided not to present the highest ranked questions to the president. This post has been changed to correct that inaccuracy.

YouTube’s CitizenTube forum concluded today with questions about ending marijuana prohibition receiving the most votes, by far. Yet, the questions about marijuana prohibition were not presented to the president this afternoon.

Last year, when marijuana reform questions topped the “Open For Questions” forum operated by the White House, the president did answer them — albeit without serious consideration to the issue. It’s unfortunate that YouTube would shelter the president from something that’s obviously on a lot of people’s minds.

Ending marijuana prohibition is not a fringe issue. Not anymore. The polls are showing rapid increases in support for reform nationwide (46% of Americans think small amounts of marijuana should be legal, according to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll), and at least three states are considering legislation or ballot initiatives to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol in the coming years. This issue will be addressed in a serious way, and it’s regrettable that YouTube would shy away from it.

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  1. He will need our support if he is going to get elected for a second term. I convinced many friends and family to not support McCain and support Obama instead in the last election. If he does not show more support for the issue in his next campain he will lose my support.

  2. I sure as hell didn’t see any questions in regard to drug policy, were we watching the same CitizenTube interview?

    It’s not all that difficult to determine which question was most popular. I didn’t see the question asked. In any event, if Mr. Obama continues to hide under his desk on this issue, I WILL NOT vote for him come 2012.

    What is his problem? He came out in 2004 and said he thought the War on Drugs was a disatrous policy. Yet here he is, the most powereful single individual on Earth, hiding in his office with his hands over his ears. I have lost a lot of respect for this man and this party. He needs to get out and ADDRESS THIS QUESTION, one way or the other. Does he still feel our drug policy needs reform, yes or no? Will he support reclassification of marijuana from Schedule I to something else, as the AMA has recommended, YES OR NO?


    This shit pisses me off.

  3. Posted about this in another thread, I’ll copy because I’m lazy.

    I was wondering if he would address it or not. The fact that he avoided it is disappointing at first glance.

    Of course, maybe it also means that he learned a bit of a lesson from his joking about the “online community” last year. Instead of always coming down on the side of the prohibitionists, maybe he feels that enough negative heat comes from that sort of thing that he’s better off just leaving the question alone.

    It’s obviously terribly unfortunate that this is still such a taboo subject. But perhaps being explicitly anti-marijuana reform is starting to carry as much of a stigma as being “soft on drugs” always has, which is at least some form of progress. Maybe?

  4. The more he puts this off, the more opportunity he gives a Republican candidate to exploit this political opening. I will always vote for the candidate who opposes prohobition, and if Obama is on the wrong side of that line, so be it.

  5. It’s ridiculous how this country is in major debt and almost every state is operating under huge deficit, how all we hear is how we need to boost the economy, we need to create jobs, we need to stop the inflation. Why we dont hear how legalizing marijuana could elevate a lot of that financial stree for the local and federal government.
    Multiple studies show tremendous revenues from taxing marijuana. Production of industrial hemp could create jobs for american people and finally stop the financial bleeding, stop all these profits from leaving this country and reinforcing the drug cartels south of border.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  6. I think the reason he can’t even seriously address it, is because there is no valid reason to maintain this failed policy.

    The only way to justify its continued prohibition, is to lie, and if he did that, he would certainly be called out by the scientific, and other communities.

  7. obama is a lying piece of shit. he threw out a few teasers to get more support and then threw his supporters under the bus. he will not address this issue till 2012 and then throw out just enough to get the support of those who would give up all other freedoms just to smoke a joint leagally. for those who fall for this crap i truly feel sorry for you and for our great nation. obama will not do any thing till he gets paid.

  8. The only way to justify its continued prohibition, is to lie, and if he did that, he would certainly be called out by the scientific, and other communities.

    Yeah that was the point I was trying to make. Maybe lying about this has become just as politically dangerous as telling the truth. That’s not where we need to get, but it’s progress.

  9. Rhayader – that’s a dangerous position to be in. If all politicians continue to avoid the issue because of the fear to end up on the wrong side, then how are we ever going to get this issue to a debate.
    Yes, it’s great that more politicians think twice now before giving some “reefer madness” type of speech but that doesnt make them supporters of medical marijuana or gets us any closer to our goal.
    Look at what happened in Oregon with the MMJ test lab?
    I say we ignore the laws and policies that have proven to be failure over the years. Let us govern our life and let the government do whatever they want to do. Either way only time our voice matters is on the election day.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  10. @FreeTheWeed: Oh you’re absolutely right. I’m not saying we should be complacent now that politicians aren’t always so eager to demonize pot smokers. I just think we shouldn’t get too discouraged by the lack of coverage the issue received today, and that we should keep in mind the political considerations involved when deciding whether or not to answer these questions.

    Also, I totally agree that ultimately it’s civil disobedience that’ll get us where we need to be (something MPP specifically condemns, but whatever). If you look at the historical fight for freedom, virtually all victories for personal freedom, from the Underground Railroad to Rosa Parks, resulted from blatant civil disobedience. The democratic process has never been especially adept at giving individuals increased freedom. It works great in the other direction though.

  11. Man I love people. I love how you all assume that the president was provided all of the questions and decided to skip the ones associated with drug policy. Did it ever occur to you guys that the sponsors of the poll are the ones to blame. Maybe these questions never even made it in front of him. Instead of complaining about how the president is doing nothing for change turn around and point the finger at yourself (not directed at those of you who actually help). If you even spent half of the effort you spend complaining on actual reform we wouldn’t be sitting here right now.

  12. @Michael: Leaving your abrasive condescension aside, I’m fairly confident that the President had a general idea of what topics would be covered before he went live to answer them. You really think that any political administration would just open itself up to the public at large? You think the Obama PR team deferred to the judgment of the YouTube interviewer? No, this was choreographed just as any public action by any President is choreographed.

  13. Michael, I dont think too many of us here have any illusions in regards to how these presidential interviews are set-up. I also don’t think that Obama himself has any illusions in regards to what questions where available and which ones were the top issues. Especially considering that the question of marijuana status in this country has come up every time that there was any kind of poll.
    It just saddens me that because of the “old way” of thinking about marijuana, even now when our country is facing this huge financial crisis, the government is not looking at marijuana as a possible solution to some of the issues facing our country. Not only they not looking at marijuana as a solution, they avoiding the topic all together.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  14. @Rhayader: Are you naive enough to think that someone said Mr. President here is a list of the 100’s of questions that were submitted to a poll and here are the ones that ranked highest which would you like to answer and which ones would you like to avoid. Or do you think it went more like Mr. President at the 1:45 mark you will be asked the following questions. Here are some responses you may want to consider.

    Cannabis isn’t illegal because the president won’t answer questions. It is illegal because people find it easier to blame the president rather than the millions of smokers who sit around and complain about the president on a blog rather than actually working to fix the problems they recognize.

    The president is the least of our worries. If the federal government rescheduled it tomorrow would your local or state government even allow it? How about starting there where your complaints will actually make a difference.

    This isn’t meant for everyone but those that do find it offensive are most likely the people I am talking about. We as Americans need to stop placing blame on everyone else when we all have a hand in it.

  15. Rhayader. We’re agreed on that. Freedom has always been achieved through struggle and eventual civil disobidience or even a revolution. I honestly hope it doesnt come to that with marijuana issue but I do feel that my civil liberties are being violated by the current drug policy.
    The people have spoken but the government aint listening…
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  16. @Michael. What would you have us do? When we have placed our trust in these government officials. Written letters to the local and federal representatives. Donated money towards the cause. Educated friends and neighbors the truth about marijuana. Do we now not have the right to complain? Even if for the sake of hearing each other out and knowing that we’re not alone in this fight.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  17. @FreeTheWeed – That is why I mentioned it is not directed at everyone. You are doing exactly what you we should all be doing. My big complaint is that Americans (me included) always seem to complain and get bent out of shape spouting off like we know everything while we really don’t have any idea. There was a reply to this post in which they called the president a piece of shit. That much contempt without knowing if the president even had knowledge of these questions. I know it is easy to get frustrated. Most of us deal with these issues on a daily basis so they are a top priority to us. I just want to keep everyone’s feet on the ground. You can not blame one person for this mess nor can you expect one person to change it. If we all do our part it WILL change.

  18. Obama is the poster person for the fact that you can smoke pot and still be POTUS I realize he has kids and does not want to send the wrong message to his kids but that is what parenting is for
    This is not the 3rd rail not to be steped on it is out there (marijuana) we know that medical pot is the back door to it being leagle one day it is time to get ahead of the curve
    I voted for him and I want change

  19. As my acquaintance Bob would say, “Obama is a FLP”. Didn’t anyone catch his state of the union speech? He slipped in the cancer treatment by marijuana when he talked about a cancer treatment that kills cancer cells and doesn’t kill healthy cells (paraphrasing).

    That is huge!!!! What else could he possibly have been talking about??
    I more than anyone am disappointed that he didn’t answer the question. However, his mentioning of it in the State of the Union address is enough to give me hope that as a FLP he will be on the right side of things.

  20. Dayadog

    I noticed that to but i was wondering if I was reading into it too much because there is a up and coming machine that uses radio waves

  21. None the less if it was the presidents choice or not, I am very dissappointed that this question did not get asked. Its just goes to show the morals of this country. When the people of US are yealling the truth to rulers of this country, what we get is a cold shoulder. Might I add the polls are very inaccurate, considering that I havnt answered one of them or have not had the opportunity to do so. Also Im the only one that i know of taking action to end marijuana prohibition. All the stoners i know are just so unbothered by the situtaion and have not taken any interest in it at all.

  22. Or do you think it went more like Mr. President at the 1:45 mark you will be asked the following questions. Here are some responses you may want to consider.

    Yeah that one. I’m not saying Obama sat there watching the votes tally up. But I’d be real surprised to find out that he and his people didn’t have a good idea what they would be talking about before they addressed the public.

    And sure, his refusal to address it in this case isn’t the reason marijuana is illegal. It doesn’t mean our elected officials shouldn’t be held accountable. I also think you’re understating the work ethic of the reform community a little.

  23. There was a reply to this post in which they called the president a piece of shit

    Oh yeah that’s not cool, if that’s what you were reacting to I hear you. He has to play the game like everyone else.

  24. Mark,
    Radio waves? You mean like the Bob Protocol? Hadn’t heard about that. I guess I might be too optimistic here..

    Hope not…

  25. I’m sorry, but to me, this is outright censorship. He may not feel it’s a big issue, the rest of the political world feels the same. Who cares, IT’S OUR COUNTRY!!! We decide whats important, not some talking head! If we want to discuss MJ while the world burns around us, he is duty bound to do it! Not shirk the whole issue off by writing off the thing as being posed by “internet stoners”. The more and more I watch this administration, the more and more I liken him to a dictator.

    I guess I’m the most mad at myself for falling for this guy’s bs. and lies. Yeah McCain wasn’t a better politiciian, but I got passionate about Obama and his message of change. Now I feel like a vindictive lover who has found out about her lover’s cheating. He said he was for us, the people of America, but he’s really for expanding the power of the government. I won’t vote for him in 2012, I don’t care if I am the deciding vote between him and Palin. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’d rather not be a part of the whole election process if it means deciding between the lesser of two evils. Screw him.

    And I don’t want to hear about “it’s only been a year, give him time, blah blah blah”. This jerk has spent his first year in office padding the pockets of big pharma behind closed doors, expanding the war, and ignoring the biggest oppurtunity of our lifetimes, the green economy. What a sham. What a waste. What a nation of sheep.

  26. The posts against Obama in here is the reason weed is still illegal.
    Basically everyone is saying that because Obama hasn’t been able to perform miralces in one year, in the worst economic crises since the depression, caused by the Republicans, that you will not vote for him again. How much better do you think any Republican will be? Forgotten already the ‘Drug Czars’ under Repub’s?
    How many times in the last 40 years has a President called off the DEA and told them to stop going into States, and to respect the States own laws and their sick and ailing citizens?
    Something tells me that if California were to legalise and regulate Cannabis for adults, the same way as booze, that this President will allow them to do it without any impedance.

    It’s a good thing to become riled up, just be sure that energy is directed correctly, otherwise it might boomerang, and put another groove in your arse.

  27. Telling obama to address it at every point is a great idea, but its not working. I say we still try it, but how about we take this debacle to the perpetrators. I say we start a massive e-mail campaign against youtube asking why they did this bullshit.

  28. I would not blame YouTube. YouTube would not have any problem sending the message unless it has been buffed away by someone within the Obama’s administration. The big question is: What is President Obama’s view on marijuana? It’s obvious that he is afraid to give his own personal opinion on that subject.
    We will never know, because he now a full time politician and willing to sell out.

  29. Joel, if that’s the case then I’m sure they won’t have any problem explaining to us why the most popular topic was completely avoided.

  30. You Tube is Deplorable… You Tube Controlling a wheel of Govt…? CENSORSHIP…? Yes, folks… Exactly that. An issue that a Majority want covered……..? Yup, that too.

  31. So who the hell is you tube to decide what is important to the people? Who elected them to repersent WE THE PEOPLE!!?? Is this what its coming down to? Corporation are deciding for the people? If so we are truly no longer a REPUBLIC , just coporate employees.

    F#@k you YOUTUBE !! Let the President make his own decisions.

    Hey people , might wanna be careful about posting vids on YOUTUBE of your grows or usage, you might get reported to the Nazis.

  32. “Inside the walls of prison my body may be,
    but my Lord has set my soul free.

    There’s a grey stone chapel here at Folsom,
    a house of worship in this den of sin.
    You wouldn’t think that God had a place here at Folsom,
    but he saved the soul of many lost men.

    Now this grey stone chapel here at Folsom,
    stands a hundred years old made of granite rock.
    It takes a ring of keys to move here at Folsom,
    but the door to the house of God is never locked.

    Inside the walls of prison my body may be
    but the Lord has set my soul free.

    There are men here that don’t ever worship.
    There are men here who scoff at the ones who pray.
    But I’ve got down on my knees in that grey stone chapel,
    and I’ve thanked the Lord for helping me each day.

    Now this grey stone chapel here at Folsom,
    it has a touch of God’s hand on every stone.
    It’s a flower of light in a field of darkness,
    and it’s given me the stregth to carry on.

    Inside the walls of prison my body may be,
    but my Lord has set my soul free.”

  33. It truly amazes me,that the two things (cannabis& hemp)that have positive effects on both the economy & the environment is avoided like the plague. There isn’t anything in these tough economic times that can even closely compare potentially.
    Now is the time, because with the looks of this economy, tomorrow may be to late.

  34. maybe President Obama doesn’t get it, but MANY citizens in Oregon, California, and Washington DO!

    Ballot initiative is the answer!

    WHEN Oregon’s initiative passes this Novenmber, it goes into effect on Jan 1, 2011. Maybe California, too.

    These two ballot issues WILL force President Obama’s hand to reschedule marijuana and Hemp, or explain why not.

    coincidentally, this will occur JUST as the 2012 presidential campaigns will start to warm up.

    i bet Bob Barr will be discussing cannabis under the Libertarian flag. and i am confident there will be many Greens doing the same.

    i am putting all my support into candidates NOT afraid to confront prohibitionists.

    now IS the time to look at our own small commmunities, counties, and states. FORGET appealing to federal officials, and look to petitions and ballots voted on BY THE PEOPLE. then, even the most apathetic toker can really see what they are voting for…results. (not just another empty promise by some politician with lobbyist money coming out their arse).

  35. It’s not his fault, it’s ours. We keep electing people who are making it a secondary issue and are not willing to put any political clout behind ending prohibition. Maybe their right, smoking pot makes most people lazy, because we aren’t willing to do the things we know we must do to get the right people into office.

    I’m actually for the presidents ending don’t ask don’t tell, but that small group made it a priority and did the political steps necessary to get their man elected, and today … payday.

  36. This is a perfect example of corporate censorship!!!!! I thought “google” was against this. Google has been crying and moaning over the Chinese censorship of their search engine, but when the American people ask questions to the President its okay to censor. This country should rename itself to the United States of Hypocrisy… I think I need to read Orwell’s 1984 again..

  37. Congress is the real prohibitionist assholes. Our government was designed to keep one person from having to much power, therefore our represenatives and senators is the real problem. Obama can only get the ball rollin. Although I doubt he will unless his job is at stake.

  38. The President is much more likely to listen and respond to his friends than his critics. Let’s be sure that we come across as being a positive influence in our society. Calling names and using profanity won’t get us very far. We have a President who has indicated that medical mj users following their state laws will be allowe to use in peace. What he will do if a state goes for outright legalization is anybody’s guess, but let’s make sure he’s sees the mj community as good citizens and good neighbors. Let’s leave off the name calling and profanity.

    Some good counsel from the Good Book:

    From the book of Titus in the New Testament:

    To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, [but] gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men. For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, [and] hating one another. But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us…

  39. Obama lied. He said what we wanted to hear, thats all. we were played by a player. He has been playing politics and now we are screwed. He will tell us that he will legalize. He will tell us that med mj. should be available nation wide. He will tell us that he will rescedule cannabis. He will tell us that there will not be another death associated with cannabis. He will tell us there will not be another arrest for simple posession. He has said pretty much just that when he was campaigning for his senate seat and when he was running for pres. I cannot and will not support this lying P.O.S. ever again. The only problem now is who is going to actually attempt to do these things when elected for office of pres? I asked mpp who they are going to support in the race for Mn.’s governer and have yet to get an answer. And for those that don’t know P.O.S. means piece of shit!!!!

  40. DB @ 33
    Rahm Emanuel , the white house chief of staff, is the person who is most likely does all the arrangement and makes the suggestion to YouTube about the CitizenTube Forum. It’s all politics. The opposing party, the Republicans, are probably laughing about it even though they don’t support marijuana reform. This makes more people who have supported Barack Obama for the presidential election very disappointed and most likely hurt his chances for reelection in 2012.

  41. Remember the Chase bank thing fellow reformers?
    Remember that Obummer appointed Leonhart for the new DEA head?
    Remember at his acceptance speech he said, “for those of you who didn’t vote for me I hope to win your respect”. (or something to that effect).

    And I’ve heard in passing that Rahm Emanuel is opposed to legalized drugs. Obummer owes Rahm because it was Rahm that got him elected.

    Unfortunately, in this case, humans have a short memory. May I suggest you start a log of Obummer choices that have sent you into a tail-spin, just to refresh the memory.
    And lanny #7, what you wrote will have to be repeated when election time comes around.

  42. MPP is every bit as bad as YouTube. First they are launching an initiative in AZ that would prohibit all “self cultivation” unless the patient lives more than 25 miles from a “dispensary.” Second they never mention Zogby and other polls that show over 50 percent of the American people support complete legalization. Instead they use polls that place support at only 44 percent. Why is that MPP? And third Rob Kampia, the head of MPP, is mired in sexual harrassment allegations. Of course you can check out the following link and see the real solution: “unregulated, untaxed, unlimited” self cultivation” under the MERP model.

    MPP, DPA and NORML will not even discuss the MERP Model which would effectively destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels, provide free medicine to the sick and poor and stop the “pigs” from breaking into our homes.

    But Nooooooooo . . . . they won’t discuss MERP. What up with that?

    Finally YouTube is controlled by the NSA so is this all really such a big surprise?

  43. Obama is waiting on the senate bill 714 the national criminal justice commission to pass and come back with the recommendation for cannabis legalization and then he will act. Obama has burned through a lot of his political capital and cannot afford to stick his neck out on his own initiative on this issue, when he can achieve the same result, legalization, in a way that saves him face, ie listening to scientists and experts on the government commission and implementing that policy recommendation and at the same time saving money and shrinkoong the deficit… Change we can believe in is coming… But painfully slowly…

  44. This pisses me off. He wants to put more money into the economy and lower the national debt, yet he’s ignoring the easiest, safest way to do so. I won’t be voting for him in 2012 if he doesn’t do something.

  45. Generally I am not a big supporter of President Obama, however it really is wrong to blame the President on this issue. He has said before that he is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana. So why do any of us expect him to answer the same question over and over again? On the other hand, he has expressed support for medical marijuana and that is where we all need to focus our energy in regards to the President and the Federal Government. But even in that area, the President isn’t as powerful as one would expect. It was mentioned above that we should write the President and tell him what we think. Although I agree that we should tell ALL of our Elected officials what we believe at all times, an email campaign to bombard the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services is really what is needed.

    We can bitch and moan about Michele Leonhart being appointed as the Head of the DEA, but it is the Secretary of DHHS that is authorized to make the decision regarding the medical efficacy of marijuana. Why is it that Kathleen Sebelius is not on our radar? Why is it that more pressure is not being placed on her to explain why marijuana is still a Schedule I substance? I SHE tells the DEA that there are medical uses for marijuana then the DEA is bound to re-schedule. 31 States already recognize the medical uses for marijuana (14 States plus DC have EFFECTIVE laws that protect patients and doctors) so where is her real justification for not making the medical recommendation to the DEA?

  46. I just closed my account with youtube and deleted the shortcut. I tried to send them an email but they’ve got the page set up so you cant email them. Sounds like they dont give a damn about customers. Just who the hell do they think they are to delete the #1 question?

  47. Volcanoman #51: Think that has changed. Do believe Peter said the war on drugs talk was taken out of Bill 714.

    Go listen to the beginning of this at:

    Scroll down a smidgen and on the left hand side of the screen choose the small play thingy and it’ll start.
    01/24/10 – Peter Christ

    Peter Christ, founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Neill Franklin a working Baltimore policeman

    If none of you have listened to the Cultural Baggage show you may want to start.

  48. O.K., it wasn’t Peter that said it but I did hear it in the last week or two somewhere. Sorry, didn’t mean to be misleading.

  49. #35- Yes, that is exactly what is happening. Not many people realize their 4th amendment rights don’t apply when providing information to a third party (such as YouTube, the phone company, etc.) They needn’t have probable cause to to scour your information, and these companies willfully turn over your information to the authorities if so demanded.

    I was literally laughed at when I suggested a level of apprehension in submitting a video. It was not because I am paranoid, but rather, fully aware that YouTube could willingly hand over a list of all persons who had provided a “pro” cannabis vote. No court order. No jury of your peers. Nada.

  50. Found it: The Senator Webb bill stuff.
    Very first story, 01/31/10, center of the page, near the end of the 29 minute recording with Eric Sterling of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation.
    “war on drugs agenda, that language was taken out”.

  51. Anyone that says he needs us is ridiculous. He has shown his true nature, in 2012, vote for the other guy, or (lady). But don’t vote for Obama. He is a hypocrite, and a liar of the worst caliber. He has done nothing but push an elitist agenda under the guise of being a humanitarian. Much the way Hitler did. When you end up in a camp (for your safety) during a time of conflict or natural disaster…. you’ll remember when I told you this.

  52. Lea: I’m well aware of her baggage and am disgusted with her appointment, but my point is that it is Kathleen Sebelius that we should be directing our attention to. She alone can tell Leonhart (or whoever else heads the DEA) to re-schedule marijuana becaue it does have medical uses for treatment and Leonhart can’t say no.

  53. @Lea: I think the Criminal Justice Commission still has the ability to consider drug policy in their review of the overall system. There was an attempt by some Midwest Republican — I forget who — to insert an amendment specifically prohibiting the consideration of drug policy in this commission, but last I knew that amendment had been killed.

    Who knows though, maybe I’m wrong. I’ll listen to the Sterling interview and try to find any media accounts of that development. At any rate, I’m still very interested in where Sen. Webb’s idea goes.

  54. It is all politics guys. With health care being screwed up and the economy, Obama does not want to lose votes from moderates talking about marijuana. In the 2012 election, Obama will have nothing to lose in a second term, and if you think a first term Republican president will give a crap what you think about cannabis (or anything for that matter) then I have too point and laugh at you. I don´t like my voice being ignored in our supposed Democracry either, but welcome to America. This is what it has become, and untill all of us come out of the cannabis closet to our friends and family to broaden our support base it seems unlikely anything will change. I mean 43 million Americans don´t have health care and they still are fucking them over.

  55. Yes, Obama has already said he doesn’t support legalization. All some of us are asking at this point is for him to explain in some amount of detail WHY he is against it. We deserve that much.

  56. @ alex (YES!!!)
    We need this guy in for a second term if there is any hope of legalization or drug re-classification. NO PRESIDENT WOULD EVER DO THIS IN THER FIRST TERM IF THEY WANTED A SECOND TERM!!!!

    No republican would do it ever let alone their first. Don’t let what happened to Gore with Nader happen again. Don’t give away votes to the right…they will crush us.

  57. Sounds like we need to be really pissed of at (Youtube) for not presenting the most asked about questions about marijuana.
    Seems like they were just following orders from their corporate masters to cover it up and ignore it, or they were just being real dick heads!!!!!!!
    Go figure, business as usual in the USA, just keep shoveling the crap and covering up the truth and what the people already know, want and in some cases really need!!!!
    Screw YouTube then!!!

  58. #63 – Word. The same way Blackwater walked after murdering Iraqi civilians – the same government that hired mercenaries botched their prosecution (oops!). Fuckers.

  59. I would like the real TRUTH I know the Pres. has access to the questions online.

    I’m calling BS as I know that even if Utube didn’t turn over this question that the White House knew anyways! BS

    Make sure you question all people running for office on this subject, no answer= no vote we are THE PEOPLE not them.

  60. I have personally written the president 14 times about legalization, I have never received any responses at all. I wrote my district legislature and got a response the next day, he even went as far as to put me into contact with my Senator, who responded 3 days after that. Both of them heard what I had to say and gave me ample information covering legislation for medicinal and what not.

    I need medicinal marijuana, I am an Army vet and am physically and mentally hurt from my Army service, as pills were “cure worse than the disease”.

    I agree with many of you, that talk is cheap and you need to be active. Get out there and join NORML or MPP. Write and call your politicians daily. I also fully support a national 420 initiative of civil disobediance, 4-20-10 everyone gather at their local government building and light up!

  61. i’m done with them all, i think we need to do some serious research into who is blatantly and inadvertently supporting the war on citizens (aka. The war on drugs) i’m just gonna start boycotting everything… kelloggs products haven’t made it into my shopping cart or past my lips since they dropped Phelps and Subway is the ONLY “fast food” i’ll eat anymore. I urge you all to join me

  62. It does not matter who sensored the guestion. Once again some asshole in a goverenment office knows more about medicine than any doctor. I have no use for the lying P.O.S. that is running this country. As for the rest of our great goverenment, they too can kiss my ass. They do nothing for the little guy. What they do is always for themselves and big corperations. We mean nothing to them. We need an overhaul from the white house to the bottom where we are at.

  63. MPP. Why has there not been an update for the Mn. mpp site? There has been no updates since Oct. 16. Who will MPP support in the race for Mn’s governers seat? Who would I contact at MPP to get some political questions asked? I have contacted your office before and got no reply. I expect that from the goverenment, not so much from you.

  64. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, in the end what you get is a professional politician whose primary function is to raise funds and kiss babies.
    If the republicans are gray then the democrats are grey. All the rest fly the rainbow flag of futility, some choice.
    The only hope for real change is to ignore those idiots in federal govt and handle our business ourselves at the state and local levels.

  65. J.W. thats why I am a supporter of a National 420 Initiative where at a national level Americans light up on 420 and show the government that they either WILL listen to us or see a national arrest for a victimless crime skyrocket, in turn destroying their own constituents and in turn their votes.

  66. I’m with all of you guys for social disobidience. We been trying for too long to be heard and to be recognized, for something more than common criminals, or unproductive parts of the society as some dare to label marijuana smokers.
    Just an FYI. I been smoking weed for close to 10 years. During this period of time I maintained a 50K+ job, managing a production facility.
    I spend on average $600 a month on weed, that’s $7,200 a year and $72,000,00 over the 10 year period. I have no problem with spending this money, as weed balances me out, helps me to maintain good apettite and i get a good night sleep every night. My problem is my 72 grand went to support Mexican drug cartels and not American economy or it’s people. I know at least 10 people who spend about as much as I do on weed and who’s been smoking even longer. So that’s close to a million dollars just from me and my buddies that went to benefit drug traffickers and drug cartels. This financial bleeding in this country has to stop.
    Everyone should join up for National 420 Initiative. Government is not listening to us, why should we listen to the government.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  67. Schedule I is specifically set aside for drugs that are considered “dangerous, with or without supervision”. I think the American people deserve to know how the government can justify classifying marijuana as “dangerous”.

    What is the definition of a dangerous drug? Something that can kill you? Something that can make you violent? Something that you can overdose on? Something that you can become physically addicted to? I think everyone, even politicians, would have to agree that none of these things are happening on a regular basis with pot smokers. So where is the danger? What makes marijuana dangerous? Show us some numbers! What is it we’re missing?

    Secondly, who are we to question mother nature, or God? If we begin to meddle, by eradicating species from the planet on a paranoid whim that it’s ‘evil’ or ‘bad’, where do we draw the line? Can we eradicate bears because they attack humans from time to time? They do kill more humans per year than marijuana does, after all.

    We need consistency in these laws. If tobacco is legal, then marijuana should be legal. They’ve shown all kinds of “dangers” with tobacco. And as far as I know, it has no medicinal value. Should tobacco be a sched I drug? What does tobacco have that marijuana does not?

  68. We can’t get all puffy with the feds about this. We have to keep our cool and our composure. We’re currently doing the right thing. If we start having rallys and being disobedient, what do you think will happen? Every media outlet in the country will begin showing videos of people smoking pot. Of course, they always show the social misfits in the crowd. People who LOOK weird, dance weird, speak weird, etc. They always get the limelight while responsible upstanding smokers (the ones who showed up for all the right reasons) get no airplay whatsoever.

    We probably wouldn’t be in the boat right now had the hippies not flown pot flags in the face of our political leaders back in the day. Just another example of people trying to show just how “different” they are, but only succeeding in proving how odd they look.

    We need to simply ask the right questions, and MAKE THEM HEAR US! We can do this without mass disobedience and making ourselves look stupid. If we revolt in a way that is illegal (like lighting up in front of a public office just to make a point) it WILL backfire. They WILL show it in a negative light, and the whole cause WILL backslide. “See, this is what happens when you get lots of people gathered together smoking marijuana, they break laws”.

  69. Holy Smokes! How that Change thing going? I’m seeing a lot of it. The more things change. The more they stay the same. Mr. O grab your balls out of the purse. You remember the purpose was to inhale. You are on record saying that was the purpose. I would like to see the change of the corruption at the highest floor of the DEA.


  70. Holy Smokes!

    Join my party: The Pot Party

    OR, my party of one – RAMP – Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition

    Yes, you can have conservative tendancies but not drink the Kool-aid!


  71. If Obama didn’t know in advance what was being presented on You-Tube then he is a bigger dumb ass than Bush. He knew, enough said. Google owns You-Tube so we better start watching out for Google also.
    You just can’t trust stoners who get in positions of power and turn on their brothers and sisters like some republican piece of shit. Proves that they never were cool in the first place.

  72. Realistically he really cann’t address this issue forcefully this term. He has 8 years of Republican crap to undo. The economy etc etc. He can’t waste political capitol now. Especially since Republicans broke the Senate majority.

    I think we should realize that he is the brightest, most articulate President in ages. He is on our side and will be better than anyone else. We need to get out and support candiates this year so they don’t lose further ground. Build support for him and keep the faith. It can and will hapen.

  73. Marijuana prohibition will go down in history as the greatest mistake and misguided science since the Flat Earth theory. Ironically there are many similarities to that and this fiasco. In particular the often times severe penalties and consequences for not marching in lock-step with the asserted government falsehoods. Believe what we tell you, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if science disproves the Government’s position. Our Government has willfully violated the Constitution both the 1st amendment (separation of Church and State) and the 10th amendment (people have natural rights that cannot be taken away from them by an over-meddling over-reaching Federal or State Government). Government has usurped the natural right of the people to responsibly use a plant and erred again when it asserted this Puritanical ideal of a “drug-free” America and again when it went on to promote this “flat-earth” philosophy world wide. So many myths and false allegations are embedded within this prohibition that are blindly accepted by the majority of the people. But that is changing. No longer are people willing to accept as readily myths like: any and all use equals abuse, that there is no responsible way to consume marijuana, that marijuana is always extremely potent, that marijuana is dangerous, that prohibition is regulation of commerce, that marijuana users are unproductive people.

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