Obama Hints Support for Ray Kelly’s Candidacy as Next Secretary of Homeland Security

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Ray Kelly, who has spent the last 12 years as New York City’s police commissioner, has been a topic of discussion recently for the upcoming vacancy for the Secretary of Homeland Security. In a recent interview, Obama said of Mr. Kelly, “[He might be very happy where he is, but if he’s not I’d want to know about it.” He went on to add that Kelly would be “very well qualified” for the job.

Ray Kelly pic
Ray Kelly

Kelly spent 12 years instituting unreasonable and racially insensitive systems of arrest and harassment via his unpopular “Stop and Frisk” measures. The program searched more black men in 2011 than actually lived in New York City, as reported by the New York Civil Liberties Union. Despite NYC marijuana decriminalization, Ray Kelly instituted policies that were used to deceive citizens into accidentally “violating” more serious statutes than a civil matter like private marijuana possession.

The New York Times opinion page discusses the pros and cons of Kelly’s potential nomination, taking note of his tenure being marked by much controversy. The Drug Policy Alliance found that under Kelly’s leadership, 1,000,000 hours of police work were dedicated to making 440,000 marijuana possession arrests in 11 years in New York City.

If you agree with us that Ray Kelly’s job performance would be as damaging at the federal level as it clearly has been at the municipal level, then please sign this petition to stop his nomination before if can be considered further.

2 responses to “Obama Hints Support for Ray Kelly’s Candidacy as Next Secretary of Homeland Security”

  1. If it weren’t such a mind-boggling waste of taxpayer money, the Department of Homeland Security would just be a bad joke. A gargantuan, rampaging White Elephant, DHS the world’s most expensive and ineffective patronage mill. Given that DHS did not exist for the first 225 years of our nation’s life and yet somehow “the homeland” managed to stay secure, one can imagine what kind of relationship this anodyne-named bureau has with its purported mission. (What, did we just forget to secure the homeland for our first 225 years as a country?)

    To hope to extricate corruption and cronyism from the mission of the agency is a fool’s errand because they are so inherently linked to a department whose most famous diktats have to do with fondling three-year olds, patting down nonagenarian crones, and forcing all of us to remove our shoes and belts. It’s an elaborate, meaningless set of rituals, a ruse that is widely understood to be “security theater” by those in the know.

    So we have a job that is grandiose, unnecessary, expensive, and useless.

    I think Ray Kelly will be perfect.

  2. Ugh. HTML, how does it work?

    (The italicized words in the comment above are supposed to be (1)patronage mill and (2)forget. Thanks for fixing if possible.)

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