N.H.: Manchester Cannabis Reform Coalition kicks off on November 21!

Nov 12, 2019

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N.H.: Manchester Cannabis Reform Coalition kicks off on November 21!

Panel discussion at the Jupiter Room will feature advocates and legislative leaders — mark your calendar and encourage your friends to attend this important event!

It has been another very frustrating year for cannabis policy reform advocates in New Hampshire, and Manchester’s three state senators are a big part of the reason. Despite the fact that their state party’s platform calls for legalization of cannabis, Democratic Senators Donna Soucy, Lou D’Allesandro, and Kevin Cavanaugh all voted to kill the bill that would have allowed limited home cultivation by qualifying patients.

If you’re wondering how this could have been possible, check out this article describing the role of Manchester Police Chief Carlo Capano and Mayor Joyce Craig in bringing about the defeat of HB 364.

It’s clear that activists need to become more organized and active in the Queen City. If you live in or near Manchester, please join us on Thursday, November 21 as we launch the Manchester Cannabis Reform Coalition with an expert panel and Q&A session. Here are the details:

WHAT: Manchester Cannabis Reform Coalition Kickoff, featuring expert panel and Q&A

WHEN: 6:30-8 p.m., Thursday, November 21

WHERE: Jupiter Hall, 89 Hanover Street, Manchester

WHO: Sen. John Reagan (R-Deerfield)
Rep. Renny Cushing (D-Hampton)
Matt Simon, Marijuana Policy Project
Jeanne Hruska, ACLU-NH
Ross Connolly, Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

You can RSVP here at the Facebook event page.

Please mark your calendars for November 21 and share this message with your friends and family in the Manchester area!