News Flash! Marijuana Still Not Eradicated!!

Dec 15, 2008 , , ,

Well, the federal government’s National Drug Threat Assessment for 2009 is out, and — who’dda thunk it? — “Marijuana availability is high throughout the United States.” This is despite record seizures of marijuana plants in 2007, as well as an all-time record number of marijuana arrests, over 872,000. Indoor cultivation — often in converted homes and other dubious locations — has increased “because of high profit margins and seemingly reduced risk of law enforcement detection.”

This year’s Monitoring the Future survey confirmed marijuana remains widely available, with 83.9% of high school seniors saying that marijuana is “easy to get” — a figure that remains virtually unchanged since the survey began in 1975.

The western U.S. remains a hotbed of domestic marijuana cultivation, yet the Drug Threat Assessment reports that only 2% of law enforcement in the Southwest  region(stretching from Southern California  to Texas and Oklahoma) report marijuana as being the greatest drug threat in their area, while in the Pacific region (Northern and Central California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada) only 1.1% see marijuana as the greatest threat.


5 responses to “News Flash! Marijuana Still Not Eradicated!!”

  1. The ONDCP has no interest in eradicating marijuana, just in pretending to. It is their sacred cow. They would rather arrest and criminalize almost a million citizens a year for possessing a natural plant than lose their budget. It is without a doubt the single greatest domestic policy disaster since slavery and is the new slavery.

  2. you are exactly right jim. there is too much money involved, from private prison operators, to probation, rehab and on and on. It has become an industry upon which a drug warrior’s job is dependent upon. it is too bad that the government takes the position that if drug use goes down they need more money to continue the fight . And if drug use goes up, well they need more money to stop the problem. I truly hope that one day in my lifetime, this unconstitutional, extremely harmful drug policy our politicians hypocritically continue to enact will be reverse. But most times i just feel that is wishful thinking.

  3. I agree that the only thing They care about is their budget. I am 56 years old and I have never seen a president I could trust. Maybe Obama is the one but I would not bet on it.

  4. I feel that the only reason why they can’t make Marijuana legal is that they have no way to control the growers that grow the medicine but thats why they have medical marijuana dispensaries that should help in taxing of Marijuana so that it can be legal…

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