White House Comments on Marijuana Policy; Poll Finds 71% of U.S. Voters Want Feds to Respect State Marijuana Laws

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Just hours after a national poll was released showing widespread support for marijuana policy reform and staunch opposition to federal interference in state marijuana laws, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer caused a stir  by making some comments about marijuana enforcement during a press briefing.

Specifically, he reiterated President Trump’s support for legal access to medical marijuana, noting that the current budget prohibits the Department of Justice from interfering in the implementation of state medical marijuana laws. He said that recreational marijuana use is a different issue and suggested there would be “greater enforcement” of federal marijuana laws in states that have more broadly legalized marijuana. It was unclear what he meant the federal government would be interfering in such laws or simply stepping up enforcement against individuals who are violating them. President Trump said during his campaign that marijuana law should be left to the states.

MPP issued the following statement in response to Spicer’s comments:

“The vast majority of Americans agree that the federal government has no business interfering in state marijuana laws. This administration is claiming that it values states’ rights, so we hope they will respect the rights of states to determine their own marijuana policies. It is hard to imagine why anyone would want marijuana to be produced and sold by cartels and criminals rather than tightly regulated, taxpaying businesses. Mr. Spicer says there is a difference between medical and recreational marijuana, but the benefits of and need for regulation apply equally to both.

“Mr. Spicer acknowledged that the Justice Department is currently prohibited from using funds to interfere in the implementation of state medical marijuana laws. It is critical that Congress once again includes that provision in the next budget, and we are hopeful that they will also adopt a provision that extends that principle to all state marijuana laws.”

According to the Quinnipiac University Poll released earlier in the day, the vast majority of U.S. voters support making marijuana legal and think the federal government should respect state marijuana laws. The nationwide survey of 1,323 voters found that five out of seven voters (71%) — including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, independents, and every age group polled — oppose the government enforcing federal prohibition laws in states that have made marijuana legal for medical or adult use.

The Quinnipiac poll also found that 93% of voters support allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes and 59% support making it legal for all purposes. The results appear to be in line with national polls released by Gallup and the Pew Research Center in October, which found support for ending marijuana prohibition at 60% and 57%, respectively.


11 responses to “White House Comments on Marijuana Policy; Poll Finds 71% of U.S. Voters Want Feds to Respect State Marijuana Laws”

  1. You’re right Faith. trump is supposedly all about states rights. Even on abortion. But nothing he says or said really means anything unless it fired you up to sieg heil him.

    No worries anybody, but keep up the good fight. I’m from Alabama, and sessions is like some kinda joke. If Richard Shelby had been appointed ag then I’d say worry. Sessions is an old school butt kissing mouse. Just watch his actions on YouTube after being sworn in. He scampered around like a cat was after him. If we didn’t have a sheriff like Ronnie Abernathy I wouldn’t have said that, but anyway… His day is coming if he keeps unconditionally supporting the trump.

    No worries people. Progress MPP and others have made will NOT be rolled back. Science and facts will prevail somewhere in this Already Great America if nowhere but mj reform. Thanks everyone and a shout to vice channel TV for weediqutte and bong appetit

  2. Any state that won’t legalize recreational marijuana should be boiled down for fat! Remember the Dred Scott decision? It ruled that if something’s legal to posses in your state, it’s legal when you bring it to another state. Was that overturned? Too bad if it was. If it wasn’t that would mean that if you brought legal pot from Colorado to Nebraska, where it ain’t legal, it would still be legally your pot. That’s a good thing. Chief Justice Tanney wasn’t crazy after all!

    Any state that won’t legalize recreational marijuana should be boiled down for fat! Remember the Dred Scott decision? Was it over turned? The decision meant that if something’s legal to posses in one state it’s legal to posses in all states. That means if you bring legal pot

    from Colorado to Nebraska, where it’s not legal, it’s still legally your pot, which is a good thing. Chief Justice Tanney wasn’t crazy after all!

      • They had a war on drugs but its another ugly chapter in american history as we are the losers.It proved theres laws for wealthy law breakers and different laws for the poor, the poorly represented. citizens rotting in jail because they cant even pay bail costs.

  3. Any so called WAR, on any of our US citizens makes us all losers, if not personally with lives wasted,than money spent on injustices ,making the games deadlier, and at a highercost. .

  4. i beleve both should be legal and in all states and the government needs to stay out of state laws and do beleve if you have scripted for medical marijuana then should be legel to carry in to states that hasnt passed the laws yet and the ones that hasnt are bumb ass states… because it brings jobs and tax in to the states im from one of the bumb ass state’s Im from Missouri. .,,,

  5. The Word Is. when weed was going to be made Illegal the powers to be took it upon them selves to categorized weed a schedule 1 drug, but they were suposto come back and give it a good schedule . Which they never did so they did not.

  6. What society?……what country…..would allow you to have sex with your animal (in 22 states in the USA) but not allow you to smoke marijuana, this is beyond my realm of thinking. Is it me or am I thinking we live in a society made of of dim wits?
    Mr. Jeff Sessions, I call on you to please explain to me that your state (Alabama) allows you to have sex with an animal AND your first cousin, yet you want to put marijuana smokers in jail? Please explain…..I am all ears.

  7. Jessie Ventura said he and Woody Harrelson had dinner with the Donald! He didn’t say when. Ventura and Harrelson are 2 of the most outspoken opponents of prohibition in the country! I’d love to know what kind of special access they have to Trump and if they urged him not to appoint Jeff Sessions as AG! If “The World According the Jessie”, on RT America, turns out to be a call in show, I’ll call & ask.

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