New Poll Shows Record Support for Legalization

Oct 19, 2009 ,

A new Gallup poll released today shows 44% support for making marijuana legal in the U.S., a record high for this particular poll. The poll also shows 53% support in the west.


While we’ve seen higher numbers in the past, and the level of support varies from poll to poll, this recent number shows a trend that’s undeniable: Americans are quickly realizing that taxing and regulating marijuana is preferable to prohibition.

The chart below shows the change in attitudes among various groups. Notice that all of them have increased since 2005.


27 responses to “New Poll Shows Record Support for Legalization”

  1. I’d say by 2016 the numbers support someone running on the Democratic ticket with a legalization platform. The number will have to improve a little bit in the Midwest as thats a key region to any major political campaign (and where the first primary/caucus Iowa is held) but if the trends continue there we could have over 60% of Democrats in support of legalization come 16. I fully suspect at least one or two states will have legalized either by initative/state legislature by then and if thats the case and if obama does what he did with Med mj in that case and the world sees the sky hasn’t fallen in those states then support will be much higher, specially in the Democratic party. So its quite possible to see a viable national presidential campaign with that platform in the near future.

  2. Another thing to add to this poll is that 78% of liberals are in support. Which by 2016 would make even more sense for a prominent Democratic figure to run for president on a legalization ticket. It would be a key wedge issue to win in Democratic Primaries/caucuses.

  3. DIDNT SARAH PALIN DECRIMINALIZE WEED IN ALASKA FROM DAY 1 OF HER TERM? I am not a republican and I am sorry to say I voted for Obama this time, but I got news for ya, I will not vote democrat, along with thousands of midwesterners that voted for Obama, because his “regime” is almost as bad as a dictatorship. and if you dont like that being used to describe this man and his term, look up the children in schools singing the Obama song. SCARY SHIT and the same shit happened with Hitler, only we are reading about Hitler in history books. What will the history books write about Obama?

  4. if the federal government would wake up and stop having a blind eye to this matter……legalization and regulation to marijuana is the only way we as americans are gonna be able to find the money to support the on-going wars we are having now.. this crop is a multi -billion dollar income..we will save money on the prosecution of these so called nobodys….the nobodys are the ones that are and have been building our society for many , many years..the buildings we work in, the roads we drive on, the oil we cook, eat, heat with……….rememeber clinton.,,’i smoked but never inhaled”…bs…and he was president….george bush was president..his ropes onm his parachutes were made of hemp weed….now its a medical alternative…………regulate it, profit from it. and get us out of a trillion dollar plus deficit… legalization is profit $$$$$$$$$$.legalize it now!!!!…beer and liquor is much, much worse !!!!!!mr. obama…open your ears and listen to us for once!!!!!!!

  5. Justin, well said. Some kids sang a song about the prez big whoop. Kids sang a song about GWB to look it up. thats not facism lol.

  6. Biggest day for marijuana in… 70 years.

    October 19, 2009 – The day marijuana lost its racist stigma.

    A poll showing the most support for legalization of marijuana. Obama pushing the envelope.

  7. Acceptance is going to become widespread in all areas now; its no longer voo doo and it will no longer be voo doo to talk about it. There are quite a few conservatives that live in Texas who are for legalization. Some are hoping that people who drink will switch over. I sure hope so. Legalize Texas!

  8. Better check with Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) Grandma 420. He’s not in agreement with Obummer’s memo on stopping DEA raids on Cannabis Collectives, or whatever you want to call them.

  9. There is a mood shift in America. The Federal memo yesterday is great news! EVERY politician out there is waiting to see how the public responds to this. It’s time to send a note of appreciation to the President. No other President has advised prosecutors to leave the medical mj users alone. This is a great step. More steps will follow (or NOT) depending on how we, the public, respond.

    It takes two minutes; here’s the link:

    The time to write is Today!

  10. The percentage of people in favor of legalization would be a lot higher if those people serving time for marijuana were allowed to be polled as well.

  11. Lighting up at a concert last week at the UCF arena made me remember how many Americans are open minded about pot, even the ones who don’t smoke. Nobody thinks its that big of a deal – at least the young people, or the entire security staff there at the college.

  12. I live in MI a Medical Marijuana state. I agree with obama completely and as far as socialisim, this imperialistic government isnt working anymore. Obviously it keeps failing on us, if you merge the 2 a more perfect union will be formed. everyone knows pure socialism doesn’t work so mix the best of the both and we have a winner. I myself got arrested on Dec. 27 2008 2:43am for 2 grams and I racked up $1,765 in fines. FOR 2 GRAMS!!!! I handed it to the cop, he took me in anyway. Let me clarify a little, im not a patient but i was using it for medicinal purpose. I can’t afford health care to get the records built up to get the card. Over all im excited that he stopped the raids, it was pointless in the first place. Anyone who is religious might like this quote: Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the
    whole earth, and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.”

  13. The baby-boomers have their work cut out for them, as we are the age group of failing bodies and intractable pain. Medical marijuana is an alternative to lots of pills, pills, pills, both over the counter and under the counter. If you have arthritis and have medical proof, such as x-rays of the loss of cartilage or nerves being damaged, then you owe to yourself to find the medical marijuana alternative. If you live in one of those 14 states, be a hero and get on the bandwagon. Critical mass is what’s needed. Be a pioneer.

  14. Astounding! What is wrong with the Midwest and the South?!

    What is with Republicans (who are supposed to be about state’s rights, and individual freedoms) being so opposed to a private activity that is non-lethal, and less addictive than alcohol or nicotine?

    Well? Speak up GOPers!

  15. Waiting til 2016 is NOT an option! The truth is out there, dont let the prohibis regroup and run us into the ground . Its time to start running government and prohibis out of our lives. Its time to stop wasting BILLIONS! Its time to stop ruining American lives and the family group. The strong family is the base and roots of this nation, Its being eroded. Government MUST shrink . Its too expensive and overbearing. Ending prohibition will go a long way to remove governments claws from our lives.

  16. Fred evil #18:
    {Astounding! What is wrong with the Midwest and the South?!}

    My therory is that the polls there are way off base. Think about it. The west s poll is much higher because people arent as paranoid about talking about cannabis. Here in midwest, I think there are much more in the closet due to fear of draconian laws here.

  17. R.O.E. – You’re probably right, there are almost certainly folks who are still intimidated by the DEA’s web of informants and Jack-booted thugs, who will use any peep of empathy for cannabis to be a viable reason to violate a citizen’s rights.

    But as for socialism, I’m betting you have no problem with our socialized military, or schools, or roads, or power grid…

    Socialism as an absolute, is awful, just as absolute capitalism is.

    Our country is a magnificent blend of the two, taking the best of both. Healthcare is an abysmal failure for the greater populace. Some get good care, others get none, and almost everybody pays too much. My mother pays more for her prescriptions, and more for her insurance EACH, than she does for her mortgage. Tell me that’s not wrong!

    Insurance companies are a racket, they hold ALL the power right now, and I’m all or taking their hands off the reins.

  18. @Fred Evil

    Thank You!

    A least someone understands.

    The health care companies are super inflating the cost because they can, inevitably they are taking the lives of many americans because of their greed and gluttony. Reform needs to happen.

  19. JJ are you serious to compare Obama to Hitler? As a person who voted for Obama and has many jewish relatives that is insulting. This is a blog on marijuana legalization please support the issue other problems can be fixed later.

    Dan I feel bad about what happened to you. Unfortunately the laws are the way they are right now and to get caught with marijuana even in a medical states with out the license it will probally cost you some money. I agree we are desparately in need of getting rid of marijuana prohibition. If more people would not be affraid of writing their congressman in support of this issue then I believe we can get this done.

  20. HerbRx { 10.21.09 at 10:08 pm }

    Grow more??? Not on this blog….

    I’ve read that MPP is not an advocate for medical patients that grow their own personal marijuana as indicated in their Arizona initiative.

  21. Genetix @28

    You’ve heard wrong… MPP’s long term goal is for the Legal Use of Marijuana for responsible adults. They do not oppose a “grow your own” ammendment. The Arizona law was crafted in order to get as much support as possible under the constraints of the POLITICS of AZ to pass meaningful relief to those that are suffering.

    This is a long battle that is not going to be won overnight. Baby step people… baby steps…

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