New Hampshire House Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill

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The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill to make marijuana legal for adults on Tuesday by a vote of 207-139. The bill will now move to the House Ways and Means Committee before moving on to the Senate.

HB 656, which was introduced last session by Rep. Glen Aldrich (R-Gilford), would make possession of three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana legal for adults aged 21 and older. Home cultivation of up to three mature and three immature plants would be legal for adults as well.

Last year, the New Hampshire Legislature voted overwhelmingly to replace criminal penalties for simple marijuana possession with civil penalties. Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed the bill into law.

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    • On Jan 10, 2018, Matt left an email saying the Governor has told reporters he won’t sign the bill into law and to “Please call the governor’s office today at 603-271-2121 and urge him to reconsider his position. Then, please share this message with your friends, family, or any New Hampshire resident you know who supports legalization.”

      I immediately did call the Governor Sununu’s office and spoke at length with his surrogate, John, who said he pass my concerns onto the governor. I told him I’m a registered therapeutic cannabis patient and had to sign things that no person who drinks alcohol would ever have to sign (no use in home/apt that doesn’t allow smoking, no driving while using, etc). I referenenced we all know how well alcohol prohibition went down and marijuana is far less lethal.

      I remember a story from a reliable source (sorry, can’t remember where just that it was reliable). The story goes that a group of state troopers are standing around and talking about the legalization issue. One asks, “When is the last time you had to go to a vehicle fatality caused by marijuana use alone (not marijuana and alcohol)?” They also said, “Never.” Then the same trooper asked, “When’s the last time you had to go to a vehicle fatality caused by alcohol?” Each and every last trooper of the eight or so gathered looked immediately at their watches. In other words, daily and frequently. So I mentioned that story to John and said legalizing marijuana IS a gain for public safety. I also mentioned that studies from NORML show that most cannabis users (recreational and medical) use at night when it’s the days end and they’re comfortable in their homes.

      It’s not too late to contact the governor; the senate will take care of itself…they’re coming along nicely imo.

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