New Hampshire Decriminalization Law Takes Effect

Sep 16, 2017 , , , ,

New Hampshire will finally take a critical step toward living up to its motto today as HB 640 takes effect, and the “Live Free or Die” state becomes the 22nd state — and the final New England state — to decriminalize marijuana possession. You can read a summary of the new law here.

If you are a New Hampshire resident, please call Gov. Sununu’s office today to thank him for signing the decriminalization bill and to encourage him to support ending marijuana prohibition.

MPP has been working with our allies in Concord since 2008 to achieve this victory. We greatly appreciate all of the support you have provided over the years!

Unfortunately, we know that our work in New Hampshire is far from complete. A commission has been formed to study marijuana legalization, and most of the commission’s members are skeptical if not downright hostile to our position.

13 responses to “New Hampshire Decriminalization Law Takes Effect”

  1. Florida has several counties decriminalized now ! State needs to do same . State would approve constitutional change if on 2018 ballot ❗️🇺🇸

    • We the people voted for medical marijuana and the bill passed, but the state refuses to act on it since it is still illegal to smoke it. There is only one dispensary that I know of in all of Central Florida, and a long waiting list. I hope this red tape nonsense is quickly delt with accordingly. Yes some counties will simply give you a ticket for small amounts, but decriminalization across the state has not happened.

  2. Virginia needs help here. Chronic pain patients, now without their medications, as no one prescribes anymore, would welcome the opportunity to use this valuable plant.

  3. NH has a horrible heroin and fentanyl problem and it has been proven that marijuana is helping addicts get off the opiates. Alcohol and cigarettes cause so much more damage and marijuana causes almost no damage to the user or others. It is time marijuana was made legal so the police can concentrate on the opiate drug dealers.

    • Spot on, we need to get legalization or decriminalization on as a constitutional amendment in FL 70% support it. Medical was legislation afterwards that made it meaningless . We need help in FL ❗️🇺🇸

    • Help in FL, please ! Legislators won’t follow constitutional AMMENDMENT on medical marijuana despite a legalization is what over 70% of citizens want. The constitution don’t allow for the prohibitive costs and poor quality products Gov’t subverting legal rights of citizens help us please !

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