Neighboring states end prohibition, making N.H. even more of an island

Oct 13, 2020

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Neighboring states end prohibition, making N.H. even more of an island

MPP’s general election voter guide is now available; please take time to read it and make a plan to vote!

Last week was a huge week for cannabis policy reform in northern New England. On Wednesday evening, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott announced that he would allow a bill legalizing cannabis sales to become law without his signature. He also signed a bill that will automatically expunge all previous misdemeanor records for cannabis offenses. And in Maine, the first adult-use cannabis retail stores opened for business last Friday!

Sadly, Gov. Chris Sununu has shown no indication that he is evolving on the issue. In a recent appearance on WMUR, Sununu once again dismissed the idea of legalizing cannabis, saying “now is just not the time.”

It sounds like, for Sununu, it may never be “the time” to end cannabis prohibition. Fortunately, there are two ways around this: one is for N.H. to elect a different governor, and the other is to elect enough supportive legislators that it becomes possible to override a potential veto.

There has never been a more important election for cannabis policy reform in New Hampshire. Please take time to read MPP’s voter guide for the general election and share it with other supporters. Then, make a plan to vote and start spreading the word about your preferred candidates!