National Conference of State Legislatures Passes Resolution Urging De-Scheduling of Marijuana

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The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) approved a resolution Monday urging that the Controlled Substances Act should be amended to remove marijuana from scheduling in order to give federally approved banks the ability to work with marijuana businesses. This would also allow states to determine their own marijuana policies without the threat of federal interference. For a resolution to pass, it must be supported by a majority of participating legislators in each of 75% of the states represented at the conference’s general business meeting.

Due to the Schedule I status of marijuana under federal law, federally insured banks risk penalties if they offer financial services to marijuana-related businesses. For that reason, many of these businesses are forced to operate on a cash-only basis, making them a target for criminals. While limited guidance has been issued, which intended to encourage financial institutions to serve marijuana businesses, access to banking remains a problem.

The full resolution can be found here.

MPP’s Karen O’Keefe said the following statement in a press release:

“State legislators and the vast majority of voters agree that marijuana policy should be left to the states,” said Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, which tracks marijuana policy in all 50 states and lobbies in state legislatures throughout the country.

“Legitimate, taxpaying marijuana businesses should not have to face the difficulties of operating on a cash-only basis. Allowing banks to offer them financial services will be good for the industry and benefit public safety,” O’Keefe continues. “Even more so, states should not have to worry about the federal government interfering with their marijuana policy choices.”

5 responses to “National Conference of State Legislatures Passes Resolution Urging De-Scheduling of Marijuana”

  1. All this prohibition of Cannabis nonsense would not have ever happened if they (Anslinger, Monsanto, Dupont, Oliphont, etc) had tried to pass the tax act of 1937 in today’s age of communication. It’s a travesty that it has taken so long (80 years) to rectify the damage done by ruthlessly and unjustly demonizing both marijuana AND industrial hemp JUST TO ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION WITH PLASTICS, PULP, ETC). Purely shameful!!!!!

  2. Agreed. Notably, DuPont was granted a Patent for their (proprietary) process of using wood pulp to make paper from our forests. Of course, dioxins were involved, heavily so, to make their ‘new better look at our white paper it’s sooo clean and shiny! And just smell that new paper smell!*

    *cancer included with every purchase until you die.

    Now, dioxins & Agent Orange, now there’s a sadly unknown by most connection. Bring in Monsanto, creators of Agent Orange, killer of all. And it’s quite the weapon, too! Just ask all the Vietnam vets exposed to it.

    So much more, though I’ll not continue. It’ll make a thesis.

  3. The U.S. Goverment Congress and House should reschedul Marijuana and make it LEGAL for anyone over age 21. They should tax it both at State & Federal levels using the money to take care of the deficit, to fight other Dangerous drugs like Crack, Crank, Meth, Cocaine, Opioids, and other illegal drugs, The tax revinue could also be used for Education, Infrustructure, Air ports, Roads, Bridges, Trains, Subbways, It could pay fir Border Security, to build the wall, it could support Fire Fighters, EMS, POLICE, NURSES, This is just Common sense Marijuana is Natural, it has hundreds of Medical bennifits, Siezures Restless Legs, Depression,Anxiety,cancer,pain, and.any many more. It could be used to help treat drug addiction lets make it fare for all lets make it legal for all it it was legal I could come off of my Vicodine witch is bad for my liver I would stop using anxiety drugs I would stop using anti depressants and I would stop Drinking alcohal and Chewing Tobacco.

  4. This is One Nation Under God so How is a Plant made by God by Planting a Seed Considered a Illegal Drug. Drugs are man made & Harmful. Marijuana is not no one has Ever Over dosed on weed alone so it never should be put in the same category as Drugs. try Reading a Bible or any Religious text here is one from the Bible Genesis 1:29 God gave man any tree, fruit or plant bearing seed. Read the Constitution it Protects Religious Freedoms, Read our Money ” In God we Trust ” or ” One Nation Under God ” can the Law makers of this Country become wise enough to Understand that they are Wrong & Correct this Wrong by Allowing the Sick to be Healed by Medication Provided by the Creator & or “God” & to Stand by their Word when they took Office to Protect the Constitution & the Right to Religious Freedoms I Trust “God” do you ?

    • The lawmakers of Georgia that are against marijuana should and hopefully will be voted out of office. I will certainly do my part to put them out. Marijuana is a seed bearing plant put here by God for our use. The lawmakers could care less about what the people wants but our votes can put them out of office. Kit should be legal statewide and nationwide..

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