MPP’s Rob Kampia Discusses the Future of Texas Marijuana Policy Reform

Mar 04, 2014 , , , , ,

On March 1, MPP officially began lobbying for marijuana policy reform directly in the Texas legislature. Over the next several years, we will be working with supportive lawmakers and local advocates to remove the threat of jail for simple possession of marijuana, and eventually end marijuana prohibition altogether in the Lone Star State.

Here is MPP’s executive director, Rob Kampia, discussing the future of marijuana policy reform on KXAN:

5 responses to “MPP’s Rob Kampia Discusses the Future of Texas Marijuana Policy Reform”

  1. Officer Mae…Puhlease!…back to the Academy for remedial “undercover” training?…Your badge is showing!

    Is anyone monitoring this blog?…Are you(MPP) aware of this illegal offer?

    Eric K. Johnson

  2. Many years ago, it seemed Texas would never allow marijuana to be legalized in any form. Only one decade ago, we had hopes that MAYBE within the next 30 years or so, we would see our state realize all of the benefits of marijuana. Now, you have established this five year plan, and my eyes have filled with tears of joy. Thank you MPP for working so hard to help educate people.

  3. I’m following this for you see….I’m to marry a man from Texas,Austin area…well, I’ve been on medical MMJ for over 5 yrs. want waiting and praying I’m able to use my Pain meds and be ok in Texas….moving from Washington State…..I’m very worried in need it badly for chronic pain.
    thank-you for doing all u can for others to see it truly is a blessing on pain. DJW

  4. Thank you Mr Kampia for your support for medical marijuana. My sister could not have eaten during her cancer and radiation treatments this past year if it were not for the marijuana. She would have gotten weaker, sicker if not for it. We were told last month that she is in remission from her cancer! The cancer can come back and I pray that Texas will have legalized medical marijuana if that should happen. She doesnt get it anymore but she is in a lot of pain so she has injections in her back and shoulders for pain and wishes she could find someone to get it for her now because the other person that was getting it for her kept almost $300.00 of her money and she got nothing so she has to do without it now, She is in a lot of pain not related to cancer and is taking Morphine twice a day for the pain and getting the injections. We dont know very many people in TX and we are afraid to try and find someone else to get it for her, she does not want to lose her money again and she does not want to get arrested for it either. Please keep working for all the people that have devastating pain and illnesses to get medical marijuana legalized. God Bless you!

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