MPP’s Dan Riffle Debates Marijuana Policy on MSNBC

Oct 24, 2013

Marijuana Policy Project’s director of federal policies Dan Riffle appeared on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co. this week to discuss the need to change our disastrous marijuana policies by taxing and regulating it in a manner similar to alcohol. He was opposed in the debate by Kevin Sabet, director of Project SAM, which supports continuing to arrest adults for using a substance that is objectively safer than alcohol and allowing the marijuana market to be controlled by criminals.

You can watch the debate below:

One response to “MPP’s Dan Riffle Debates Marijuana Policy on MSNBC”

  1. The American People of The United States of America by the constitution created a government that put the power in the hands of people and by the petitions that were signed by the people have demanded of the government to legalize marijuana. So who is stopping the demands of The People Of The United States Of America??? They should be removed from whatever position they hold especially if it is a government position . It is treason to go against The American People. His position should be investigated by haw much tax dollars he has spent and this would be his position on why he dos’nt want marijuana legalized. Every PENNY spent against THE AMERICAN PEOPLE should be re-imbursed.40 YEARS is ABSURD AND ANRIGOATED. TAX REVUNES OF 10 – 14 BILLION A YEAR,when we’re in debt. Save 7.7 billion a year in GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES ??? That is’nt making any sense. There is a growing industry of rehabilitation centers,doctors,phychiaitrists,for ALCOHOL,THE DEATHS IT HAS CAUSED,not counting drugs. STOP IT NOW !!!!!ENOUGH OF YOUR SPENDING AND NOT DOING WHAT YOUR EMPLOYER WANTS, THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA !!!!!!!! WHY HAVE’NT YOU BEEN FIRED ???How many signatures FROM AMERICANS does it take to over rule the law ? I want to know how many PETIONS SIGNED BY AMERICANS was presented as a LAW to change the maijuana law. IF THEY WERE’NT PRESENTED AS A MEANS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO THEIR GOVERNMENT THEN DO IT NOW. WHO REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE IN THIS MATTER?? ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS THAT WERE VOTED INTO AN OFFICE??? THEN WHY HAVE’NT YOU USED OUR PETITIONS AS OUR VOICE ??? HAVE YOU RECIEVED A PAYCHECK OR ARE YOU THERE TO MAKE SURE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE IGNORED ??IF YOU ARE RECIEVING A GOVERNMENT PAY CHECK AND HAVE AND ARE REFUSING TO DO EHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT , I WANT YOUR NAME AND POSITION.THIS IS WHY LAWS WERE MADE FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO REFUSE AMERICANS, IT’S CALLED TREASON AND THE PATRIIT ACT OF 2001. I WANT A RESPONSE.

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