MPP Slams Former Congressman’s Plan to Force Marijuana Consumers Into Treatment and Marijuana ‘Education’ Classes

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Patrick KennedyMPP is taking issue with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s plan to force marijuana consumers into treatment and marijuana “education” classes, which his new organization, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), is scheduled to unveil in Denver on Thursday.

“The proposal is on par with forcing every alcohol user into treatment at their own cost or at a cost to the state,” said MPP communications director Mason Tvert. “In fact, it would be less logical because the science is clear that marijuana is far less toxic, less addictive, and less likely to be associated with acts of violence.”

MPP is calling on Kennedy, whose family made a fortune selling alcohol, to explain why he wants to keep an objectively less harmful alternative to alcohol illegal. Specifically, MPP is asking Kennedy to address the question on SAM’s website and provide facts regarding the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol. MPP also launched an online petition this morning asking Kennedy to provide an explanation or resign as chairman of SAM, which received more than 1,500 signatures within the first hour of being posted –

“Former Congressman Kennedy’s proposal is the definition of hypocrisy,” Tvert said. “He is living in part off of the fortune his family made by selling alcohol while leading a campaign that makes it seem like marijuana – an objectively less harmful product – is the greatest threat to public health.”

“If this group truly cares about public health, it should be providing the public with facts regarding the relative harms of marijuana and discouraging the use of the more harmful product,” Tvert continued. “Why on earth would they want keep a less harmful alternative to alcohol illegal? Former Congressman Kennedy and his organization should answer this question before calling on our government to start forcing people into treatment programs and throwing them into marijuana ‘education’ camps.”

The organization, which claims such anti-marijuana zealots as Kevin Sabet and David Frum as members, purports to represent a moderate “third way” of marijuana policy that is supposedly a compromise between legalization and prohibition. The reality is that a well-regulated and taxed system to control cultivation and sale of marijuana is the truly moderate position between total unregulated legalization and the failed policies that constitute the government’s war on marijuana.

Leave it to prohibitionists to inaccurately frame a debate!

32 responses to “MPP Slams Former Congressman’s Plan to Force Marijuana Consumers Into Treatment and Marijuana ‘Education’ Classes”

  1. some politicians just dont want to give up the weed war against is completely insane as it has been for many years what self righteous hipocrits these people are .most marajuan users dont have problems they like me chose to smoke pot rather than drink,why do they think we are bad and that they need to save the world from cannibus.take some more pills kennedy

  2. Don’t get on the wrong side of this guy. He tried to hook me up to a porn video or some stupid ass thing on twitter, sorry u lose sabet it didn’t work. That’s what this loser tries to do harm your reputation.

  3. Criticizing policies and actions is one thing. Going after a man for the alleged deeds of his grandfather, on the other hand, is quite another – a level of writing unfit for Fox Nation, let alone an organization struggling to be taken seriously even by people who agree with their goals. Advice from the choir to the singer: be better, or be silent.

  4. He looks like an alcoholic that has failed the 12step program. Patrick go drink yourself to death, and i will go try to consume enough marijuana to kill myself and we will see who dies. Dumbass

  5. So this clown is kicking off his disinformation crusade in Denver – apparently he thinks he’s being all “in your face” with The People of Colorado. Precisely where and when is he going to be here? It would be nice to provide him with some education and encourage him to come to his senses and quit making a fool of himself by spouting Anslingerian lies such as “MJ destroys the brain and expedites psychosis”.

    It seems only a matter of time before he starts parroting Anslinger’s claims that “the majority of MJ users are blacks, Filipinos, Mexicans, and entertainers”, and that MJ “causes white women to seek sexual relatiions with Blacks”.

    What a buffoon.

  6. Well, when you’re as rich as he is, you’ve got money to waste. Since you’re richer, you must be better than the rest of us and you think you can tell other people how to live their lives, even other rich people who are backing cannabis legalization. Your ancestors were drug dealers in Prohibition, and that’s how they made their fortunes, and that’s why you’re wealthy.

  7. Kennedy: “In terms of neurobiology, there’s no distinction between the quality and types of drugs that people get addicted to. That’s why they call it a gateway drug. Addiction is addiction is addiction,”

    Pretty sad – and typical – that this guy simply makes up his “facts” as he goes along. Sadder still if anyone buys them.

    He has jumped off his evangelical 12-step Pink Cloud and right into the arms of the Anslinger crowd, and now he is parroting their lies. Same-old Same-old regurgitated “Just Say No” dreck, plastered over with a new silly face.

    And what relevance does this idiot from the AAP have in this debate??? No one, but NO ONE, is advocating making MJ availabe to children or adolescents-that wholw line of argument is a big fat red herring. Typical that the prohibitionists try to generate FUD and argue toward people’s ignorance. I repeat: NO ONE is saying or legislating giving pot to kids! The legal age for recreational MJ is TWENTY-ONE! These people are bald-faced liars!

  8. Mr. Kennedy might have been able to pull this off in 1972, when Nixon’s marijuana commission recommended marijuana be decriminalized. A lot of water has gone over the bridge since then. Kennedy’s proposal is laughable, except to the extent that it is funded by powerful interests with their own axe to grind.

    It is appropriate to note the hypocrisy of a man whose own fortune is tied to a legal drug attacking another safer, if still illegal drug. The entire drug war is founded on hypocrisy. If we can’t take on that hypocrisy at every point it rears its ugly head, then we might as well surrender to the deceptions that propel Kennedy’s lame attempt to remake himself as a public figure.

    And we _will not_ do that. Hasta la victoria siempre.

  9. I should have noted that, while Kennedy’s “own fortune is tied to a legal drug,” alcohol was NOT legal when his forebears first started raking in the bucks on it during Prohibition. Which makes Kennedy’s hypocrisy on this matter even more richly and paradoxically ironic. Because marijuana will be legal.

  10. The former Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s organization will linger on waiting for vice president Biden or other anti-cannabis politicians to become president. It would not be done by a vote, but by presidential executive orders. If it’s ever a vote, it will be among the nine former DEA head administrators and the U.S. General Attorney behind closed doors. The final solution.

  11. The Joe Kennedy clan made money during and after prohibition and they still do. Legal, taxed, and regulated marijuana will reduce the heavy drinkers and alcohol addicted use of alcohol as a self-medication by, as I see it, around 50%. Up to 70% of all alcohol sold goes to underage drinkers, heavy drinkers and genetically addicted alcoholics. The ultimate national legalization, taxation, and regulation of marijuana will take a huge bite out of the legal sale of alcohol. Those persons who are invested in the sale and profit from alcohol sales will loose money big time. Kennedy is doing nothing more than trying to protect his interest in booze profits. This has all been “One Big Money-go-Round” for years. Families have been ruined, children orphaned, old and young have died as a result, and Kennedy turns a blind eye to it all. The world will eventually gain knowledge of the real reason that marijuana was made a schedule 1 drug eventually. Nixon’s hand picked professionals did not see any reason that marijuana should be on the list of illegal drugs. Nixon made a very anti-Semitic remark regarding the money that would be made if marijuana were made legal. It’s on the tapes and should be heard by all. Undercover research has found over 400 organic compounds in the cannabis sativa plant. Some of them, it is rumored, have found their way into big pharma medications. There is one compound that has proven to be an excellent treatment for most forms of cancer if not all forms. This returns us to the old problem of hidden “Money, Power, and Greed” as the three evils that have driven the totally failed “War on Drugs” and the totally successful corruption of members of congress, business, banking, and on and on to infinity. Got the picture? Send the truth far and wide regarding the excellent value to humankind in the legitimate sale and use of marijuana, not only as a medication, but also as a wonderful and safe substitute for alcohol misuse and addiction. Sure, it is like alcohol in that the young folks under 21 should not use it. As it now stands, it is easier for our youth to get marijuana than it is for them to get alcohol. Let the world know the truth and kill the big profits in marijuana as an illegal drug. Cut the drunk driving by at least 50% if not more. Take some of the tax revenue and put it into science based addictions treatment. The new movement is into a reality movement regarding the big “Money-go-Round” and how that works internationally.

  12. I think the appearance of SAM represents a wonderful opportunity.
    With the government so quiet there has been no actual debate on the subject.
    With the appearance of SAM as the unofficial spokespersons for the drug war, there is finally a face to focus on and someone to call to debate.
    So challenge them to a live televised/netcast debate.
    I’m sure you could organize a fantastic list of talkers from MPP, DPA, NORML and various celebrity supporters of reform, including former and even current world leaders.
    Obama won’t come out but these guys have chosen to, so make the most of them.
    You’ll rip them to pieces.

  13. It is NOT the hemp plant or the cannabis plant or medical marijuana or hops buds, or ANY member of the natural Cannabacaea family that is being persecuted by the wayward Kennedy. It is the ‘Big Phara’ oxy-opiates that are the cause of the current rash of increased illicit drug use among the younger, non-baby boomer generation. Why is this so?

    Because the cannabinoid receptors responsible for the ‘high’ effect of marijuana and the consequent ramping up of the dopamine channel flow, are located NOT in the stem of the brain where the functions of breathing and heart beat are regulated, but rather in the cognitive brain, the ‘estomigo’ (stomach), the duodenum, adipose tissues and fat cells.

    Why did Michael Jackson perish from an overdose of prescribed ‘Big Pharma’ opiates?

    Because he chose prescription, ‘ethical’ opiates, over the tried and true cannabis plant alternative.

    No one has EVER died from marijuana, people.

    But, people die every day from overdoses of prescription opiates.

    A small price to pay for ‘Big Phara’, but a total loss for our society.

    Hence, you have past proven fools such as Kennedy, lined with the power of ‘Big Phara’ handouts, acting in such a deleterious manner.

    For, in the brain stem, the opiate receptors reside, NOT the cannabinoid receptors.

    Opiates can ‘knock out’ your breathing, or your heart rhythm.

    Cannabis will just give you a case of the ‘munchies’ along with a little perceived giddiness, and pure organic PAIN RELIEF (See nociception).

    Kennedy is a ‘buff-oo-ne’!

    (And, does not deserve to be affiliated with ANY sane Irish person or American.)

    Robert Hempaz, PhD Trichometry™

    Follow me on Twitter @hempaz

  14. Dear MPP,

    S.A.M. claims that it supports legal access to medical marijuana and elimination of criminal sanctions for marijuana. So why don’t you ask them to put up or shut up before you attack them? I mean, challenge them to demonstrate how their organization plans to work to legalize medical marijuana both state to state and federally. Ask them how they intend to get marijuana rescheduled in order to meet their stated goals. Ask them to show how they plan to fight against mandatory minimums.

    If they aren’t even working towards their stated goals, then they are of no legitimacy and should not be framing the debate in any way.

    L Clayton

  15. I agree with Paul Pot and L Clayton. Let’s keep our focus on more constructive criticism and activism. How much good will an anti-Patrick Kennedy petition accomplish? I’m more interested in persuading our current (not former) members of Congress to take a bold, educated stance on this issue. Let’s get our message to the people who really matter!

  16. What is wrong in sending these people to rehab ?
    They are nothing but drug addicts killing the rest of us that want to live legal lives !!!
    People that smoke weed are a waste to the tax payers money and are putting the rest of us into debt ! I am will to support him and pray this site comes downs and the people here get the rehab help they really need !

  17. Peter, you’re an absolute tool-bag, ignorant brain-washed d-bag. There are plenty of cannabis users that have Master’s Degrees, families, great jobs and do lots of good for people and our country. Before you come into the lions den covered in blood, you better get your facts straight idiot. GET. YOUR. FACTS. STRAIGHT!

  18. Applying the principle well articulated further above, the clarifying answer to @peter about “wasting taxpayer money” is: consider that the poor puffsuckers who buy $igarettes day by day, $3k/yr for pack-a-day are paying for– guess what– the anti-cannabis Blaw Enforcement which makes it so expensive to produce and supply riifer that a steep PRICE DIFFERENTIAL exists between cannabis ($200/oz) and $igarette tobacco (usually under $20 for two packs = 28 grams) manipulating kids in a tough urban school, who need to smoke something to look kool, into buying the cheaper/deadlier “choice”.

    An R. J. Reynolds website brags that $igarette taxes furnish $44.5-bil. a year to govt. entities in US, and then, quid pro quo, govt. obligingly spends $20-bil/yr. on cannabis suppression.

    And then what do the “other” taxpayers pay? CDC estimate: $193-bil. cost to US economy for $igarette smoking– $96-bil. healthcare costs and $97-bil. productivity losses.

  19. Peter: “People that smoke weed are a waste to the tax payers money and are putting the rest of us into debt !”

    I will once again take exception to the fact of being labeled a waste to tax paying people. First I pay taxes too, and don’t agree with everything that money goes to but I don’t pigeon hole everyone who disagrees with me as a “waste”. As for me, I am a Honorably Discharged Veteran, who paid more then his fair share in regards to sacrifice for my country. Alas, I must admit, I am disabled and the bills that 6 plus years of fighting cancer will probably never be paid. I could use a pill made from some company, the amount I would require would run me over $500 a month and my insurance wont pay for it, and instead of using just what I need or the organic stuff, when I need it, I am forced to take in twice as much for half the effect, and the side effects were two pages of fine print. Please educate yourself to the facts and if you are still opposed at least bring forth some viable reasons based on facts, not paranoid here say and LIES.

  20. I wonder how many of our congressmen in the good ole boys club go out and enjoy that liver damaging drink along with the heart, lung, kidney and other organ damaging cigarette? It’s perfectly ok for a pharmaceutical company to prescribe a drug to me where I need to have my blood drawn every six months to make sure it is not damaging my liver. I have smoked pot for over 35 years and have never had anything wrong with me that didn’t come with ordinary aging. I haven’t been able to smoke for a while now since I am looking for work after being laid off my long time job, but you can bet I will start again after I find a job that doesn’t require a drug test which I consider a violation of my privacy to start with.

  21. Treatment and education classes??? This brings to mind the re-education and “Struggle Sessions” of the Cultural Revolution in China under Mao and enforced by hordes of Red Guards during the 1960s Thousands were humiliated and thousands died. Be careful what you ask for.

    I am frightened by such ideas.

  22. “Dan Grey says “Cut the drunk driving by at least 50% if not more. “. I really question this for smoking pot distorts ones sense of distance. I had a patient that stepped out of a third floor window expecting to join with a friend in a neighboring apartment. He sustained a very serious injury. Helping with a coffee house for youth, we had a teenage girl try to step out of window ten feet above the ground. We caught her just as she was stepping out. She confessed to smoking pot. No, Dan, I do not think one should smoke pot and drive. It is not safe.

  23. Question to Howard Christofersen, MD:

    Were they your patient before the window incident? If so, what kind of medications did you give them? Because it seems that these incidence centers around you.

  24. Pot does not suppress fear or distorts ones sense of distance, so window jumping can easily be ruled out as a cause by pot smoking.
    This myth started by an old film propaganda on pot when a driver stops his car far away from the stop sign.
    It never seems to 0ccur by those who observe and have never smoked pot, that the driver was being overly cautious as a result of being high on pot, but instead the narrator says that it was all caused by the sense of distance being distorted. A typical propaganda ploy.
    And there’s more …..
    I’m sure many people have seen that old movie during their early school days.

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