MPP and Allies Launch Texas TV Ad Campaign

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This week, we began airing a TV ad in Texas featuring Russell Jones, a retired narcotics detective and Texas Hill Country resident. Jones says that people under the influence of marijuana are much less problematic than people under the influence of alcohol, and that “law enforcement officials have more important things to do with their time.” Its primary purpose: to urge lawmakers to support HB 507, which would reduce criminal penalties for marijuana possession in the Lone Star State.

The TV ad — online here — is airing on CNN, ESPN, and Fox News Channel through Thursday at midnight, and received a lot of media attention, including from Huffington Post, International Business Times, San Antonio Current, and many others.

The ad cites annual arrest reports produced by the Texas Department of Public Safety that show that more than 360,000 arrests for marijuana possession were made in Texas from 2009-2013.

11 responses to “MPP and Allies Launch Texas TV Ad Campaign”

  1. Revolution of the Mind

    For 70 years they promoted brain damage and cancer with alcohol and treated the cannabis community badly for choosing a safer alternative.

    Some people don’t like cannabis but just because you can’t handle the V8 doesn’t mean you should ban the V8.

    If people are so afraid of cannabis why aren’t these hypocrites trying to make alcohol and tobacco illegal ?

    Cannabis prohibition is tyranny and oppression.

    Thinking alcohol is ok and cannabis is not is like thinking the world is flat when it is round.

    Antioxidant and Neuroprotectant rich Cannabis is listed as a schedule 1 drug while the poison alcohol and tobacco are not even scheduled.

    Cannabis with cannabinoids that have been patented as antioxidants and neuroprotectants is illegal even in America.

    Alcohol destroys and creates holes in the brain And causes cancer yet is still Legal worldwide.

    These hypocrites erode their brains with alcohol but then still go out and treat the cannabis community badly with fines and jail time.

    Land of the Free but they don’t have the Freedom to grow cannabis which is far safer and better than alcohol.

    Home of the Brave but they are afraid of Cannabis Plants.

    Legalize Cannabis Freedom

  2. Showing this ad during Game seven of the Houston Rockets versus the LA Clippers Would get a lot of attention. Can anyone say if you’re going to show this ad during the game?

  3. @Reuben – The reason alcohol and tobacco are not listed/ or have a drug scheduling classification is simple. By law they do not have to be. They are regulated by the ATF and therefore are not subject to meeting the classification process as other drugs do.

  4. Hey MPP, Texas already has a real full-legalization bill pending. Why not support that? Is it because it won’t include taxes for corrupt politicians and a favorable regulatory structure for Big Marijuana?

    • Unfortunately, the bill you speak of, HB 2165, which was introduced by Rep. Simpson, is dead for the year. It did not receive a vote in the House before the deadline to cross over to the Senate this session.

    • To address your original concern, HB 507 did not include any language related to taxes or the marijuana industry. It simply reduced penalties for possession. MPP supported Rep. Simpson’s ambitious bill, but HB 507 had much more support from lawmakers and made more sense for us to focus on from a strategic standpoint.

      Unfortunately, the only bill to make it through the legislature before the end of session was SB 339, a more or less unworkable CBD bill.

    • HB 2165 got a vote of 5-2 in the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, while HB 507 got a vote of 4-2. Meaning someone was absent for the vote, not necessarily that one had more support than the other. All that aside, the votes in one committee are not accurate indicators of how much support a bill has in the full House or Senate. This is determined by speaking to lawmakers on a regular basis to gauge their positions.

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