Missouri Becomes 19th State To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

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Gov. Jay Nixon

On Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon made Missouri history by allowing the state to join the ranks of 18 others that have eliminated the possibility of jail time for the possession of marijuana. The new law made several significant reforms to the state’s criminal laws, including protecting people caught with up to 10 grams from incarceration for choosing a substance that is safer than alcohol.

The governor decided not to sign SB 491, instead allowing it to become effective without his signature. In addition to “decriminalizing” simple possession of marijuana, this new law also reduces possible sentences related to the sale and cultivation of marijuana, including the current ban on probation or parole for those with 3rd felony offenses.

Unfortunately, the law is somewhat limited. It will not take effect until January 1, 2017, and the protections against jail time only apply to people without prior marijuana convictions. Also, a possession charge — even without the possibility of jail time — is still a crime and can mark a person for life, affecting housing, employment, and future employment opportunities.

Nonetheless, this represents several major improvements, and now statewide law is beginning to reflect those of both St. Louis and Columbia, which previously decriminalized possession of up to 35 grams of cannabis.

MPP wishes to thank Missouri attorney and activist Dan Viets and Show-Me Cannabis for their strong contributions to the new law!


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  1. Not enough! For a change, let Missouri take the path of Colorado and the other states that have legalized Marijuana. It’s the only thing that we use that doesn’t have to go through man-made processes to be used. Alcohol does, cocaine does, meth does, ecstasy does, and all other harmful elements that people use to get high on. Marijuana just grows, you pick it, dry it, and smoke it. Come on Missouri! Get on the bandwagon!

    • I’m confused. . If Marijuana is still a FEDERAL CRIME then how in the world is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT taking the profits the tax revenue is creating from the sale of Marijuana. I was under the impression that taking profits from any illicit activities including gambling, prostitution, and of course the sale of drugs was a FEDERAL CRIME. So let me get this straight. Our government is locking people up for the usage, sale, and cultivation of a plant that they are collecting profits from. LMMFAO!!!!! THAT SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT; )

      • It builds money too keep it going in the long run!! Ik here in Colorado, you have to have a license to grow anymore then 3 budding and 3 not budding plants!! But I also know that since it has been legalized Colorado has a lot more findings for schools. 10% of every sale at any medical or recreational store goes to local schools to buy the school stuff, provide a sack of food everyday for needy children to take home after school, provide a tutor for the mentally challenged, but coats, shoes and snow suites for all children whom don’t have them!! It provides other accommodations for all the schools as well!! It may sound like nonsense now but once it’s actually legal, it will bring in money for the town, the people and the schools!! I have a 9 year old nephew that is Autistic and has Asburgers Deasease !! Without the sales of legal marijuana, he would not have a tutor to sit with him during breakfast, classes ( to teach him one on one ) and sits with him during lunch and all recesses!!

      • As far as I know the Federal Government is not collecting taxes from the sale of Marijuana in the States that have legalized it. The States are the ones benefiting from it. But I did hear from a veteren earlier this year that the Veterans Administration is thinking of giving medical marijuana to its patients. If this happens then it will be legal federally. I am a native Oregonian and Oregon sells Marijuana and its derivatives for recreational use.

      • Remember this is the same government that send our troops to Afghanistan to grow and protect the poppies and pot to ship to our children so they get addicted then we throw them in prison for slave labor for corporations to profit from. Also the CIA uses much of the profits to supply arms to overthrow or infiltrate and murder to control other country’s. Remember Allie North and the contras
        In south America. Our government are the real drug dealer’s and big banks.

    • Missouri is still part of the only Industrial Nation in the World to outlaw Cannabis for commercial use. Martinis and Hiballs still rule in decision maker cirles.

    • The government works for you! please get petitions to fire these corrupt individuals that no longer work for you but for corporations and other self interest groups YOU PAY THEIR SALARIES, WHICH R GUARANTEED, AS WELL AS HUGE PENSION PLANS AND HEALTHCARE WHICH YOU ARE NOT PRIVY TO! read ABOUT HOW Portugal legalized all vices over 14 years ago and there is practically no crime etc,,also watch M. Moore’s movie in which he goes to other countries and ask questions about their system and it’s amazing! find out how as a USA citizen u are being screwed! AFTER WATCHING THIS MOVIE I REALIZE MY GOVERNMENT HATES ME AND MARITIME LAW RULES!

    • We r fighting for total legalization in Mo… gonna be petitioning around January. I’m on fb under dawn wheeler, Leslie mo. . we expect 2018. We want to end prohibition..

    • Join our Facebook page Missouri marijuana legalization movement✌️if you haven’t heard of us we are a group of 40000 and growing to get the petition in January 2017 to get 100% legalization in Missouri. woohoo

        • Chris12B

          it sounds like it would be good to get it legalized as medical first and it may be, but we might not be able to then get it legalized just because as “free” citizens, we have as much of a right to smoke pot as we do to drink vodka or whiskey or any alcoholic drink and as much of a right to smoke cigarettes. I think these are all within our right of the pursuit of happiness.

    • From California, been straight for a month out of fear. Served my time as a wino. Can’t believe the law here promotes alcoholism over being a weedo. Won’t go back to booze, I enjoy the clarity of mind w/o an alcoholic haze.

  2. Think of how much revenue marijuana legalization would bring in to our state/country!!! Millions of $$$! And we’d save alot of money by letting the convicts, that are only incarcerated because of marijuana possession, go back home to their families. Only arrest those that don’t follow government enacted marijuana laws! Show the citizens of this country that you care about their opinions and want what they want. The majority wants it legalized. Let’s get this done!

    • I’m confused. . If Marijuana is still a FEDERAL CRIME then how in the world is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT taking the profits the tax revenue is creating from the sale of Marijuana. I was under the impression that taking profits from any illicit activities including gambling, prostitution, and of course the sale of drugs was a FEDERAL CRIME. So let me get this straight. Our government is locking people up for the usage, sale, and cultivation of a plant that they are collecting profits from. LMMFAO!!!!! THAT SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT; )

      • Uh well guess you don’t know that State over rules? and any state can remove itself from Federal by a letter! and this is what Texas was doing when Rick Perry was in Office. wonder if it’s still in process??

      • excellent analysis! i wonder how many people stop and think about what you said,which was absolutely true! WOW! they are making money off something they are against.Where does morals come in? or do they?ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttttt!

    • Marijuana should not be a way to piggyback the poor to earn money. It should be LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES to grow your OWN plant! No matter who you are or where you live.

      • all the evils attributed to mj are related to its enforced scarcity
        and the strictures of its contraband status. Something that can
        grow anywhere in the lower 48 is the basis of illegal trade and
        corruption. We pay for the policing and we pay for the cartels:
        and we pay for the funerals. Let small farmers and gardeners

    • $$$ Yep it’s crazy how something that is not a gateway to other drugs is put on a front to be one. Heck most people get drunk and oops have a baby on the way or oops drunk and well it’s can go on and on. My point Uncle Sam sees $$$$ from a herb that’s been here before Uncle Sam. Can anyone tell me if you have a plant in your yard and when you go to harvest it there is a crack dealer sitting there asking you to try some crack. No because if you have to go looking for a simple herb your chances of finding everything but herb is a 80% or better. Because Mexico is not just sending herb, noo that’s not what’s addictive the other chemicals are and guess what people in America are making a drug Dealer in Mexico richer and the courts in America richer. Heck make alcohol illegal, yeah oops who pissed about that comment, haha a lot but it’s true the chemical drugs would be cut more in half if a simple plant could be grown. $$$$ signs are what someone other then me is seeing instead of all the families destroyed by chemical addicted drugs. $ over lives and guess what $ will win sadly. Pot, herd, Marijuana is been made and being made a to big of a deal. Heck lots of people would love to be able to sit down after a long day at work and consume some THC so they can relax and sleep comfortable without worry about having to take a drug screen and losing there job from something no where close, I mean not ever in the same category as crack, Cocain, or any chemically made addictive drug that last maybe 5 days in your system. Our great great grandfathers would bust our rears for thinks of putting Maijuana in a class of a simple 5 panel UA. $$greed$$ as they mix a stiff drink and laugh. Well we live in the United States and a 1 nation so what is this legal there only medically legal in that state. Somebody help this government out with understanding we are 1.

      • ” Pot, herd, Marijuana is been made and being made a to big of a deal. Heck lots of people would love to be able to sit down after a long day at work and consume some THC so they can relax and sleep comfortable without worry about having to take a drug screen and losing there job from something no where close, I mean not ever in the same category as crack, Cocain, or any chemically made addictive drug that last maybe 5 days in your system. ”

        What are you trying to get at? This is one giant run-on sentence and I am deeply confused

  3. Why do you continue to erroneously claim that cannabis has been ‘decriminalised’. None of the legislation enacted anywhere has ‘decriminalised marijuana. That can only happen when prohibition has been repealed. “Legalisation” is simply putting lipstick on the pig of prohibition. We are seeing the inevitable and predictable disastrous results of legislation that has been passed in Canada, Colorado and Washington. Virtually the only proposal that has been drafted in the public interest is the California Cannabis and Hemp Initiative. It will be back on the ballot in 2016. Far to many long time activists and groups have sold out and allied themselves with the Feds, the Corporations, law enforcement, Big/little Pharma, the hustlers and profiteers in support of draconian measures like MCLRA. It’s becoming increasingly apparent where their true vested interests lie.

    • I disagree, I live in missouri and this indeed is true so long as you dont have a felony of trafficking on your record. I’ve been stopped with up to 7 g on me and no one has done anything to me about it didnt even give me a ticket just handed it back and told me to have a good day (this was 2 days ago which is why I started looking this up and found this article) In the state of missouri without prior trafficking felonies you will be able to carry legally up to 10 grams of any article grade of marijuana in the state of missouri and possess as much as you want in your home so long as its out of reach of children, pets etc. They have storage guidelines set up and all that Its actually pretty smart. Jay nixon is a greedy senator I guarantee you by january 1st im going to go to springfield 40 minutes from my own home where the first license got issued step out after I make a big purchase and party hardy. It’s happening no point in shitting on the golden goose. Let their greed rule them and all the things we want will follow. (they have now licensed St.Louis in 9 area’s kansas city in 4 springfield in 2 and branson in 2)

      • I’m an epileptic in Carthage/Joplin, and have been closely trying to follow the legallization/decriminalization movement, but it gets very confusing. I see conflicting posts almost daily. Are you telling me that I just need to drive to Springfield?!? And why hasn’t my neurologist told me this? They know I smoke when I can, and have told me that there are absolutely no known side-effects with my current meds (which are nothing short of poison. I actually have to have the toxicity levels in my blood checked to make sure I’m not critcal.) I’m not ok with putting that in my body, and I fear that just over 10 years of Depakote, Kepra and Dilantin are taking it’s toll.

          • I just don’t see Missouri ever passing it.
            It would be good for a lot of people, but we have to wait until the older generation to die off.
            The old ways are too embedded in this state and it really sucks.

        • I had a Cerebral Hemorrhage & am on Keppra, Tegretol & Dilantin. When I was 21, I went to My Neurologist to find out that No Alcohol is Allowed in My Body or I will have Massive Seizures which I did, Both. So, I asked Him if Marijuana would be Allowed in My Body. He replied: Yes, there is No Harm in that. So, I Choose to do the Latter. When I have a Seizure, I will smoke some to Calm Me down and stop the Trembling. When I am Frustrated, Stressed Out, having Migraines, Headaches or just having a Good Time,etc. I Smoke. There are Many People with Brain Injury’s in this World, more than HIV, AIDS, the list goes On & On. Just LEGALIZE IT.

        • Cannibus oil is legal. It works immediately on stopping seizures and safely… You don’t smoke it you put the oil a few drops under your tongue.

        • I find it cruel and inhumane what the legislature is doing. Just think of all the good a billion dollars in taxes would do. I believe what they did borderlines Watergate. Illegal. Why is our government being cruel too us. Come On!!!

      • Michael,
        I am so happy for you. Not everyone here is MO is that lucky.
        My son was charged with possession less than 35 g and paraphanelia (pipe), all he had was residue of Marijuana in the pipe.
        He had a criminal record from a previous crime, not drug related. Been out of jail for 10 years.
        He had to pay 104.00 dollar fine, two years probation and is required to pay 50.00 a month to the contracted probation officer, who will require him to take psych evaluation for 300.00 and a possibility of being locked up for 30 days in the psych ward, (at a cost to my son, probation officer gets kick back). Total nightmare. Plus the attorney cost 850.00

    • Yes I agree with you. The fed gov was never meant by our forefathers to place excessive rules on the people.The fed gov was meant to work for the people for their personal persuit of happiness and liberty. I feel that it’s time to pay attention to the words of Tomas Jefferson and return the power over to the people of this great country of ours.In fact he warned the people of a danger of politicians riseing ubove the people to the point of the old monarks of Europe. We the people should have the say on total decriminalization on a national level by popular vote. Period .End of story. Restore the lower to the people NOW!

  4. I am grateful to the voters in Missouri for their efforts on behalf of lifting the great burden of The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 from off our backs. May The LORD Bless you, keep you, and deliver from judgement. In Jesus’ Name I testify, “Surely I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen.

    • are you guys kidding me they didn’t decriminalize shit they only lowered possession of less than 10 grams to a Class D misdemeanor and if you have no prior convictions of drugs of any kind they may decide not to arrest you this site is a joke you would think that they would tell people the truth instead of lying so they go get in trouble …

  5. It is unusual to find the state of Missouri in favour of decriminalizing marijuana possession. That state still wants to execute anyone that has even tried any non-prescription drug!

    The ultra conservative views of both Kansas and Missouri citizens have held them back in so many different ways. it is time for them to join the real world…

    • I was born and raised and still live in rural central MO. The people aren’t as much the problem as the state gov. They feel it is their duty to ignore the demands of their citizens based on their own misguided personal beliefs. So called “Christian” values and so forth. As a Christian myself,I believe that Cannabis was put on earth for our benefit,through medicine,recreation, whatever….Even if I didn’t, we live in America where I think the will of the people should out weigh the personal preferences in an elected office but sadly here that isn’t the case.

    • Luther I don’t know what part of the state of Missouri you live in, but I am walking the streets in Missouri with a copy of the M.C.R.P.A. petition that is trying to legalize totally 100% pure legalization with no Restrictions here in our state. The word I am getting as people sign my copy of the petition isn’t anything like you make out. The people are cheering and are all stoked about our plan to legalize. Your wrong if you think Missouri isn’t ready for legalization. That’s right Missouri the MCRPA is here and we are collecting signatures to put this to the people of Missouri to vote for in November 2016. Find one of get your signature on this petition and help us get this on the ballot so the people of Missouri can decide come November 8, 2016, and we can all start our garden come January.

      • send me a copy of the petition and ill send you a photocopy of it signed by hella people, what are the requirements of the signature? i goto all kindsa shows.

        • New Approach Missouri with the support of Show Me Cannabis are spearheading petition drive. New Approach Missouri has locations where petitions can be signed http://www.newapproachmissouri.com/

          All signatures must be delivered to Secretary of State by May 8th, 2016. Sign as soon as possible. As of April 20, we still need about 50,000 signatures.

  6. It ain’t the people who smoke a little pot you have to worry about.
    It’s the people who don’t want it legal we need to keep an eye on.

  7. We could use the money from legal Marijuana to help our schools, fight against hard drugs, fight against drinking and driving, help improve Missouri. It would be good to legalize Marijuana. So let’s get it started and legalize Marijuana. It is safer than other drugs. Look at Colorado and Washington State. Millions can be made from legalizing Marijuana. The money made from legal pot could help alot for everyone.

  8. I find it interesting that Washington D.C. has both medical and recreational cannabis laws. All of our top politicians can enjoy relaxing after a hard (cough…cough) day, but most of the rest of us would have our lives ruined, spend time in prison, etc….. if we were caught doing the same. We overlook the practical uses of the plant. Its value as fiber, oil, food. We could stop the mexican drug war for the most part. Canada has found ways of making things like plywood from the fibers. It’s time to allow this plant back into our culture and economy for the benefit of all, instead of using it to profit our legal system.

  9. Hemp For Victory…for 10,000 years the most important crop in the world. Then corporate greed and Harry Anslinger and Andrew Mellon put together a racist propaganda campaign to make cannabis illegal, and the earth and her inhabitants have become progressively more ill each year since. Hemp is our best hope for saving this doomed planet. We only get x years on this planet. We should be able to live free. If you are against marijuana reform I challenge you to educate yourself with studies not prepared by big pharma, big oil, big government. Inform yourself about this amazing plant and learn not only what it can do but how it works as a medicine, a building material, a dynamic food source. Free yourself from control of others. Find out what is possible, please!

  10. I am not worried about all the money generated from legalization. I want to see citizens able to grasp their medicine without feeling guilty or criminal as our government has lead them to believe for a very long time. There are many cures and ailments that can simply be had by using cannabis. If the pharmacy can’t patent the plants, who cares. They make enough money already on placebos, poisons, and what ever else they pass out to the public. Check the death tolls. People and insurance companies are paying top dollar for that death rate stat. Oh yeah, in this “legal state of Mo” , don’t tell because the law enforcement will nail your ass, any chance they get.

  11. Medical Marijuana will help many many people in Missouri. I have diabetes any time I have ever used it (which is infrequently) due to current laws. My readings are normal. I am on pills for my diabetes. With exercise, medicine and marijuana my readings while fasting are never over 100. Please make this medicine available in Missouri! I used to take prescription pain relievers for a damaged hip. Which they advised not to replace until I am 60 due to heart complications. They advise I should only be operated on once in my life, for my hips. I refuse to take any more opioid based pain relievers. There is too many complications.

  12. I’m not going to complain but we still have a long way to go. But for a backasswards state like Missouri where I live I never even thought this would happen and it shows that when the referendum comes up for the vote in 2016 we may actually be able to once and for all legalize.

    For now the greedy cops will just ticket you and the greedy courts will fine you but it’s still better than going to jail for some weed.

  13. Eric K. Johnson says:

    December 15, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    It’s past time for state law to change and apply equally to all residents. – MPP

    Does “apply equally” apply to former elderly and ill/ disabled “Cannabis Criminals” who are also free residents of The State of Illinois?…or should all cannabis felons be punished for the rest of their lives?…by prohibiting access to health care based solely on a past and paid for cannabis “Crime”.

    When Illinois denied access to health care based on a marijuana crime…I said nothing…because I was not a cannabis felon in need of medical care…?

    Then they said the obese citizens were excluded from eating fast “food”…and I said nothing… because I was not obese…ad nauseum…Which medical treatment will be denied next… due to a past behavior or…?

    Did everyone forget this is The Compassionate Act?

    I am a marijuana felon… along with MPP staff Rob Kampia and Chris Lindsey…yet MPP supported this felon exclusion…Both Kampia and Lindsey would be denied safe access to medical health care under the poorly crafted Illinois law they helped create and enact.

    I believe I may be speaking for many cannabis criminals throughout The State of Illinois who thank you…for nothing…Do you still possess the courage to ask me for donations?

    …no chance…MPP sold it’s own… down the river… Shame on all of you!

  14. For real cannabis legalization sign the only petition being circulated. We don’t need politicians in Missouri. We have direct initiative. Cannabisrestorationandprotectionact.org

  15. Get the MPP out of my home state and you might have a chance at ending cannabis prohibition. As long as the MPP (aka: the new American Mafia) has control of your legislation (by way of big cash from outside of Missouri), you will forever pay them. Get rid of them. Follow Arizonans for Mindful Regulation as we fight and beat the MPP at their own game. We have the right legislation. Follow us . . . (not WA, OR, CA . . . they were all originally duped by the MPP) . . . #AZFMR #wearethemainstream and join me on fb at Arizona Jane.

  16. This is not enough for me. 🙁 I have a neurological disease and the low THC high CBD strain is a perfect, safe and natural cure for me. I tried it in Colorado and it cured my symptoms 100%. The only alternative from the pharmaceutical industry has awful side effects, the side effects are worse than the symptoms it’s treating. A lot of people with my condition are moving to Colorado, Minnesota or Illinois, but moving is not an option for me. It’s not so easy for me to move, my job is here, extended family’s here, husband’s job is here, kid’s school is here. As for being caught with illegal marijuana that will NEVER happen, I’m not about to have my children taken away by social services, not to mention lose my job if my boss were to find out.

  17. Since the article actually states “a possession charge… is still a crime” how can the headline claim the change will ‘Decriminalize Marijuana Possession’?

  18. we Missourians need the MissouriCannabisRestorationandPritectionAct.org to be signed into law! This is the only way we are going to truly save lives! All your doing with this is allowing the sick to become sicker and be forced to leave our home state for treatments in other states. That is not fair nor right. The Show Me State Can do much much better than this!

  19. Yall know the devils lettuce is A SIN! It will ruin your life and lead you to addiction! Children, steer clear of this nonsense and please do NOT inject the marijuanas! It is dangerous and it will kill you! That good kush won’t be so good when you’re choking on it; none of that purp or blue dream or OG is going to fill the hole in your heart so cleanse yourselves and leave all these toxic drugs behind!!

    • Chronic – I don’t know what you call the ‘devils lettuce’, but it is not marijuana. Show me in the bible where it is labeled a sin. I think you made that up. It will not ruin your life or lead you to addiction. Marijuana is not injected and has never been reported to create a hole in your heart or to be toxic.
      But, your words and ideas are toxic, nothing else. You possess so little knowledge of this topic that I wonder why you even responded.

  20. If those of you who smoke weed would put as much effort in to your own personal life as you do trying to pass a law to legalize a drug for you to feel better about yourself, you wouldn’t need a drug. If you don’t like the laws in this state, then move to another state that does legalize it.

    • I believe this man’s hate for marijuana is a front for a deeper issue. Handle that Scott. Just because what u know of marijuana u watched on tv and see everyone that uses marijuana as that lazy guy on the couch with all the wrappers and Kleenex around him. That is by far the worst stereotype I’ve ever heard. What would this law being passed do to those who don’t partake? Would their lives be ruined? Just because I smoke and my neighbor doesn’t does that mean he can’t enjoy life? I can’t believe the whole country hasn’t legalized. I’m from California and spend a lot of time in Kansas City Missouri. I’d be stoked to see the laws here get more like back home. First we need to pull the wool off the eyes of the unfortunate ones like Scott here who haven’t the slightest clue. Wake up Missouri/ America

    • Ou do realize over 3/4ths of the people fighting for this need it as medicine. This is not a big group of stoners trying to get high!!! This is so important people like you who won’t open your eyes NEED TO!! If you’re going to tell people why they shouldn’t are you going to take the time to listen to them as well? Or will you remain simple minded and plug your ears. This GOD GIVEN MIRACULOUS PLANT has so many uses. The medicinal part alone is AMAZING! Let alone the materials oils fibers paper building supplies I mean this list IS HUGE!!! Saying no because people “will get high” (yet people drink themselves to death everyday, I’d rather have cannibis legal!) is just SELFISH! The money to be made and brought into communities to farmers kids schools extracurricular drops in crime drops in overdoses of man made drugs HOW CAN YOU DENY THIS, especially if you’ve done your research (which from the simplicity of your comment simply bashing people who smoke recreationally tells me you have not. This is not meant to be rude just real. So much for MO to gain from legalization! Check us out! ☺️????MCRPA

  21. I’m confused. . If Marijuana is still a FEDERAL CRIME then how in the world is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT taking the profits the tax revenue is creating from the sale of Marijuana. I was under the impression that taking profits from any illicit activities including gambling, prostitution, and of course the sale of drugs was a FEDERAL CRIME. So let me get this straight. Our government is locking people up for the usage, sale, and cultivation of a plant that they are collecting profits from. LMMFAO!!!!! THAT SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT; )

    • …is still a FEDERAL CRIME then how in the world is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT taking the profits the tax revenue…

      ——– wait until you see the racketeering-inspired-corrupt-organization law ! (RICO ) they take any or all of yer assets and that’s BEFORE you’ve even been found guilty . . .

  22. What you all need to understand is this, while decriminalizing cannabis is great and definitely a step in the right direction the entire law should be repealed. There is so much good that would come out of it that everyone would benefit from it. ie;
    Vehicle panels,medication, clothing, paper, just to name a few! Let’s go green in Missouri!

  23. People need to understand why this drug is illegal.

    Besides the fact that high-CBD strains have had significant impact in treatment of neurological disorders, hemp (which is legally looped in with marijuana in most of the country) can be used to make clothing, paper, building materials, even fuel. Think of all the giant industries (fuel, lumber, pharma) that do not want us to have access to a cheaper, safer, environmentally-friendly alternative to their products. Then think of all the money they pour into political campaigns and lobbying.

    Still confused?

  24. If marijuana is legalize in Missouri for medical. It should be for nerves and insomnia. When my nerves get up, I smoke and it calmes me down. At night I will lay in bed for hours trying to go to sleep. So I smoke to make me sleep. Marijuana works great for both.

  25. My son is being physically and mentally tortured in a county jail for 21 months now for a conspiracy circumstantial marijuana distribution by some freak that was already in prison to get his time reduce!!! Not many people could put up with what he has endured the last 21 months .. The government wanted him to take a plea bargain.. He couldn’t confess to something he didn’t do!! Well lo and behold imagine this cannabis being discriminated in
    January in old MO.

  26. This just shows the truth about our governor, he needs to grow a pair and sign it plus a whole lot more. How long will it take people to realize big pharmaceutical companies are killing us slowly while lining the pockets of politicians like Missouri’s governor.

  27. I was busted in Missourri January 13th, 2016 with over a pound of weed and a few ounces of hash and 5 ounces of oil. My boyfriend and I both have medical marijuana cards from California 215s. They let him go and I got pinned with the charge 2 B felonies. So far I have served 99 days in Daviess County Jail (Pattonsburg, MO)
    I am currently in Rehab in my orig hometown , Iowa City, Iowa,. I have to do 30 days before I have to go back to jail in Pattonsburg and wait 2 weeks for court, I have a paid attorney but she hasn’t had much luck with any reasonable offers and they DA will never return her emails. I am a patient and just wanted to bring my medicine back to Iowa with me, which I knew the risks. The highway patrol profiled us seeing the California plates.I was not speeding or swerving, followed us, drove along beside me stating “I had both hands on the steering wheel and was staring intently forward even as I drove beside her.”
    He followed me util I exited on MO 6 , I thought was US 6. Which leads to Iowa City. He assumed I was eluding him. I followed the road till it came to a T intersection and pulled over. As i was checking my GPS on my phone and he approached the window , not having his emergency lights on and asked for my ID, i know better but still gave it to him and he asked me back to his car. He claimed to smell Marijuana on me once I was in the vehicle checking his maps. He then kept me in the car and questioned my boyfriend and told me he got permission from him to search the vehicle, then afterwards claiming he found weed on my floorboard which was a piece of Usnia Moss. They searched my vehicle without probable cause and found my medical on the roof in a vacuum sealed bag. Claiming that I was delivering.
    They are charging me with 2 B felonies. Do you have any ideas I can get my case lowered or thrown out? Please get back to me I havent had anyone reply to me about my case. Thank you have a nice Day

  28. Missouri need to recognize marijuana as medicinal. I live in Colorado and beat a narcotic pain pill addiction because I was able to use marijuana to alleviate my pain. I got in trouble in missouri for possession and they put me on probation telling me I was not allowed to use my marijuana for medical reasons anymore, therefore sending me back to a Dr. to be put on narcotic opiates again. Much more harmful to the body and its just stupid that they would rather I become dependent on opiates rather that use a very unharmful, unadictive substance that grows rather than man made shit

  29. i will tell u this i would rather ride with some one that just smoked a big fat one than ever ride with a fucken drunk. drunks KILL people.alcohol should be out lawed to all age groups.it dont matter with alcohol yr age.and as for the pain pills well i have to take them.but i dont abuse my pain meds. but i keep them under lock and key the around my neck.if i could smoke pot maybe i could get off the pain pills for good. i know they are messing with my liver and god knows what else they are doing to my body.Let just make pot legal and OUT LAW ALcohol to all ages.my husband lost his enter family do to a DRUNK driver.and i have deal with drunks all my life.people that smoke pot are mellow happy layed back people i have ever met.so is pot legal in missouri and where can i get a medical pot card so i can stop taking pills to stop hurting????? and is it legal recreational pot too????????

  30. All I have to say we are not living up to our name in the fact that Missouri is the show me state but yet we are letting other states show us the proper way if the state doesn’t want to be the good guy take it one step further and say that it falls on the city and let the city decide its that simple just come out and say we don’t care what you do with cannabis but if the city says it’s not ok we stand behind that if the city says ok do it we stand behind that. Let the people decide what is good for them and bad for them as long as they don’t effect other people who cares what someone does. Plus we are missing millions and millions in tax dollars that the state can misappropriate. Show me the money we could be the jerry Maquire state

  31. This is very bad idea don’t reward these people they need to go to jail for doing drugs . and I don’t care why people think they need no die axe makes you need it

  32. I live in missouri and im having trouble finding any credible reports anywhere reputable to validate this claim. I hope it is true i fully support marijuana legalization. But again all i can find on it is some online tabloid reporter. 1 story about it. This story in fact.

    • Don’t know what happened to you good neighbor but Maijuana does not kill pain but it does help a lot of other things. I had an accident and I tried to take the pain away by consuming THC but no it did not. I’m for the legislation of the Mother Earths herb and always will be but its not a pain killer.

      • It does incite a distraction. When you’ve been in pain for an extended amount of time, a distraction is welcomed. In that way cannibas could potentially ease the pain. There are even strains that are reffered to as ‘body highs’ in which you feel a slight numbing sensation. Alot of patients claim to find relief this way.

  33. Governor Jay Nixon,
    Honorable Sir’s, The SB491 will help some folks. I have a unique situation, I have no large intestine. Causes a great deal of stress, pain(guts)
    I need medication now, two(2)one(1)gram each Jibs,cigarettes,joints just to start the day. This helps relieve the guts and I might want to clean house. That’s just to start the day. I’m needing Four (4) cigarettes just making it for bedtime. At least six (6) jibs, joints all day pain relief. Sir, I can not live in this economy,with disabilities,S.S.D. Would you have any wise words for my special needs.? Other than you’ve got problems or consider dieing

  34. i am someone who is actually considered by my docs at ku med as somewhat of a “miracle patient” for having actually beaten congestive heart failure bringing my heart from 10% function 2007 to 100% these past several years,as well as no longer needing oxygen full time but strictly at nite. I’d also lowered my diabetes to normal readings. where my meds are greatly reduced, four of them actually bring on early onset cataracts and glaucoma. they also bring on rls which is a form of parkinsons. because of this, needless to say, i am closely monitered. over thirty yrs.ago i was hired as a pharmacist tech under the auspices of the dea with a crew hired to clean up a local drugstore which had operated internationally! as a (ahem) drug store. you get my gist. i not only had to pass a piss test but a lie detector test to get the job. i was hired not on the basis that i didn’t have a past drug history,but because i was honest. needless to say,i’m hardly what anyone in their right mind would deem a drug fiend. if i were, i’d be dead. end of story. yet, in the right wing nut job neighborhood where i live, where the finger pointers! are the very ones smoke, smoke, smoking yours truly is the one singled out, largely because unlike them i’m not racist, homophobic, a trump or cruz supporter, nor do i thump my chest and crow about what a fine upstanding christian i am as i slander my neighbors. a few yrs. back i actually lived between a retired fbi agent on one side,and an nsa agent on the other. we knew each others’ various and sundry habits,(tiny,close houses) yet unlike this asinine block, we were omg! NEIGHBORS. what a concept! this is actually not the only source with this info, last fall the venerable ntl.geographic not only had an entire issue on mary jane, but spelled out mo.’s stance. clearly the wing nuts are incapable of reading, else they would leave their neighbors alone and stop the hypocritical fingerpointing already. believe me, i so wish they’d either get a life or move to kansas.

  35. Anyone who thinks marijuana is a harmful substance is blind. Stuck in your ways of naive assumptions and critisims on those who use this PLANT. Given to us by mother nature. How many points do we have to prove for you to open your eyes.

  36. a.m. the news came over the wires that prince (my dear “soul mate”) prince died from fentynal (please excuse spelling). for those of us aware of this very very very dangerous drug,it is dispensed routinely for people who suffer from fibromyalgia. a condition we are finally! accepting as all too real for those who live in constant intensive pain. i pray this is no longer the case, i just don’t know…but at one time 90% of all! anaesthesists (ugh,spelling,again) the very dr.s we put our lives! in their hands as they bring us to the brink of death and back again- enter the field specifically for access to this drug. sobering thought to say the least! we may not have lost our prince, America’s prince, had he instead been given pot, a healer, not a killer. i am devastated, this didn’t have to happen. wake up wake up wake up! fentynal is a chemical derivative of heroin, heroin the dirty little secret that thru out history,is the REAL reason we fight wars. It finances wars, enslaves people, and is what has made our wealthiest elites who hold the world’s purse strings, including the world’s monarchies, very rich. at our! expense. u.s. shores are being inundated with more and stronger heroin than we have ever seen in the history of this country. we are not only getting it from afganistan, but mexico. heroin has also long been used,morphine,etc. in medicine. get this GOD DAMN monkey off our backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. In all honesty missouri will be one of the last states to legalize anyof use of marijuana since it is part of the “bible belt” this state is very much religiously influenced and the religious groups believe it is the “devils drug” these are not my opinions but what i hear daily from people. Out it was up to me id say legalize ALL drugs and only penalize specific ways of using them instead of the drugs themselves. By that what i mean is its your body i don’t care whatis you put into it however i don’t agree with the people that i see constantly smoking pot with there kids sitting on there laps i don’t agree with the people that would rather buy drugs with what change they have rather than putting food on the table…..situations like this that i see daily and makes me say keep it illegal but then again if they want to use it RESPONSIBLY not in front of the kids not behind the wheel high what ever then do whatever makes you happy. It only takes a couple of idiots to ruin it for the restof and we see that in everything now days from drugs to gun ownership to driving fast and cigarettes. A little bit of irresponsibilityand goes so much further than a lot of responsible actions.

  38. I’m a veteran and I have PTSD I used to take up to 7 medications I live in New Mexico and I have my medical card since I’ve got it my life is much more manageable and I only take two prescriptions hopefully soon I only have to take one and that will be marijuana there’s no medication therapy or nothing I could do to help me forget things I don’t want to remember and live same day over and over for years the best thing that ever happened to me I’m not saying by hitting hi but being able to walk out my front door and wanting to live a great life something I deserve but was denied by myself with all those medications in my body it made me feel worse than what I can make myself feel marijuana is great I could work at a normal job I could talk to people I’m not anxious or paranoid I can go to sleep at night and not wake up sweating having terrible dreams about the stuff that happened long time ago there’s so many people out there they are being denied what they deserve like a life of family and just being able to smile and now everything’s going to be okay I know it’s not that best thing to try to do I know its not the best thing to try to do but in my eyes if I was just to be dead and gone I wouldn’t have to feel like that and have my family members not know what I’m going through and being scared everyday gave me hope and stand up and be who I am a good kind person who will help anybody just for the satisfaction of knowing they’re ok legalize marijuana and we’ll have a much better place nobody knows what is to be scared of yourself

  39. Hey comments – I was fascinated by the insight – Does anyone know if my company could get access to a template a form copy to type on ?

  40. Lies and double speak.
    Not a single state in actuality has “decriminalized”.

    They just offer different “permissions” and different ways to go to jail….

    We need the psychopaths in government to recognize that it is an inalienable right to chose what one puts into ones body.

  41. Just got out of federal court today for my son is facing charges of conspiracy circumstantial case of distribution of just marijuana he has been held in jail now for two years battling this with the corrupt prosecuting attorney!!! His so-called friends or acquaintances that all got busted with marijuana turn the table pointer finger at my son along with the boy that even went to prison and did a proffer and made a huge story that wasn’t true about our family so thank God for this new law and Jay Nixon!! I shutter over the thought of another family going through this nightmare!! They want to give him 30 years since he’s fighting this case!!! You do not fight the federal government you just lie down and die is what they want!!!

  42. https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-clemency-for-father-of-terminally-ill-child-serving-18-years-for-nonviolent-drug-charges?recruiter=525467312&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=mob-xs-share_petition%2Cpetition_show-custom_msg

    PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE MY PETITION! My husband is being harshly punished and sentenced! The system is bias and is abusing power! Help me free my husband, he made on mistake, his first mistake and doesn’t deserve to waste years and years for something he has already moved on from and regrets deeply! He deserves a second chance!

  43. I have brother that has cancer .He will not get to life long enough to get it but it help him have a appetite he will eat he getting weaker! If I can’t find it some times . Change this dam law peoples need this so get off you ass and get done !

  44. Beginning in the beginning, God gave us dominion over all green plants that come from a seed,….. so I really don’t see how the government can supersede the Lord. He said it’s okay, I’m good with it.

    • There are many ways. .Most common is butter…Thc and the canaobids stick to fatty cells. .that’s why 30 plus days to get out of body depending on fat in the body. But I found butter to be a little restrictive. .my friend made zucchini bread with fresh green leaves only stirred into the batter. ..very good for her…she had terminal lung cancer. Also she would use a vaporizer. It’s not smoke but vapor much different like using one of the copd machines I guess except of course different medicine. Smh… I can’t stay in my home any longer if we don’t fix this and ALL OF YOU GUYS WITH DIFFERENT PETITIONS! !!! YOU WILL BE THE DOWNFALL. WE’VE ALREADY SEEN IT HAPPEN MORE THEN ONCE BUT THERE’S THAT STUBBORN MULE! IF YOU CAN’T AGREE HOW THE HELL YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO HAVE TO AGREE? ?.I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HARD EFFORTS AND DEDICATION I TRULY DO. BUT IT’S BEEN PUT OFF FOR YEARS NOW BECAUSE OF THE INFIGHTING IF YOU ALL JOINED TOGETHER. …THEY COULDN’T HAVE STOPPED US BACK DURING THE FIRST TRY! I’ve cried so much for our babies that have died from their seizures. Why is the other states babies more important than ours? I have watched and waited as long as I can. I love my home I love being born and raised here with roots going back to early 1800 in these parts….I don’t want to leave but husband’s illness fathers illness my pain…we just can’t wait any longer. Please get together.

  45. Are you kidding me right now this is rediculouis yes the Lord created all things including Marijuana but it was intended to be used to help people and did through the generations but at some point man misused it and messed it up like man has done all along yes it is helpful for glaucoma epilepsy autism and a few other things it would be a good thing if people would not abuse it but that is not going to happen therefore it should Not be legalized EVER I at time smoked Marijuana and I know for a fact it Does lead to stronger drugs and it should NEVER be legalized medically or otherwise because whether it’s for medicine or recreation people will use it to get high but the facts are it probably will happen

    • It only lead you to other things because you wanted it too. Pot does not make you do other drugs. My son smokes and he doesn’t do any othe drug, ever. It helps him. And what are you calling abuse, you can’t abuse it. You may not like it and that’s fine but it’s not adictive. Sorry you feel that way

  46. I am a TBI survivor. I am unable to inhale the wondrous weed because my one of my lungs collapsed and the other was punctured. I cannot drink for fear of having a seizure. My right side is partially paralyzed and tingles constantly as if it were asleep. I’ve dealt with this for over twenty years. I would like to try marijuana brownies…anybody have a recipe or other ways to experience the benefits without inhaling? Thanks in advance.

  47. Thank God maybe I can finally get my health back so I can focus on my family and provide a future for them of freedom from the paradigm I created through misusing my God giving abilities. I will I trust the Lord as above so below praise God hallelujah amen

  48. I supposedly sold 24 grams of weed in 2011 I don’t recall this particular incident, it was hard times and I needed extra cash so it’s possibly , in 2014 A warrent was issued for the matter. I was then for the first time ever arrested for the sale of weed on a warrent. I went to court with a lawyer I received a first time a fence class B feloney, 5 years probation, 100 hours community service and 7 days in jail with work release. I did not graduate high school I am by far the sharpest crayon in the box and I was very scared, because my lawyer told me I would most like do no less then 5 to 10 years if I took it to trial. I made a story up in my head telling my lawyer I was thinking I was guilty. I REALLY DON’T KNOW. Now my life is rueind and I feel I was taken advantage of.

    • Wow dude, you should avoid taking a hit when you’re going to post. Your spelling and grammar are so bad you’re like a poster child for the anti-marijuana people. If the spelling and grammar wasn’t bad enough you basically admit to being so stoned you don’t remember selling marijuana. We need fog-free posting if you expect to get more support in Missouri

  49. Who messed up collecting the needed signatures for the November voting date? Why was this allowed to happen? Getting enough signatures should be the easiest part of legalization to move forward in Missouri.

  50. If you want to understand this issue much better watch the movie ” How Big Oil Conquered the World”. Everything is connected to this influence.

  51. Missouri will pussy foot around and it will never be legal. I love Missouri but it’s taking to long. I’m going to Colorado for a few years until they get it together. I only use it for my pain from an injury. It works. I don’t take opiates anymore and that’s better for me. Come on Missouri get with it!

  52. Leaglelize it already it just a herb. I’ll sign a petition and I never even tried the stuff. It has been a problem for a while now. So get it done with. Give America wat they want already. People want to smoke oh well that’s their business. Stay the fuck outta it. And don’t tell em they can’t cause that just make em do it more. So fucking let them do wat they want this is supposed to be a free country. So far though I don’t see it being anywhere near a free county.

  53. Thank you thank you thank you Gov Nixon!

    Please run for president. I will help.

    Thank you too many times + 1

    Thanks to you sir for taking another step in teh right direction, as you always do, I’m a constituent and I know.

  54. Lol @ all the comments. You are all a bunch of idiots. I am sure not one of you have college degrees nor gainful employment and if you do, its more likely not that impressive. Weed is not just a “herb”. Its a chemically altering substance that destroys brain cells and essentially re-wires how you think and process. Has anybody actually at any of the studies documenting long term abuse? No. You have your lame its a herb and we can garner so many taxes from it but in reality its really for selfish reasons. There is a reason good, high paying jobs make you take a drug test.

    • IU you sound very bigoted and stereotypical of a hubris filled academic type. I have one degree and am seeking another. You are a propagandist that enjoys his own ideas at the expense of others. You failed to mention that alcohol is a very, very destructive substance that is sold all over this country. You make stereotypical blanket statements that show you are only a superficial person full of misinformation and stupidity. Peace but not for you.

    • Alcohol is legal, so are cigarettes. Do you think that’s ok just because some lawmakers said so? I wonder why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Cmon already. the jig is up. Politics.

  55. IU you sound very bigoted and stereotypical of a hubris filled academic type. I have one degree and am seeking another. You are a propagandist that enjoys his own ideas at the expense of others. You failed to mention that alcohol is a very, very destructive substance that is sold all over this country. You make stereotypical blanket statements that show you are only a superficial person full of misinformation and stupidity. Peace but not for you.

  56. The reason corporations drug test is to avoid liability and to protect their bottom line, MONEY. You are the that is a idiot and a unintelligent person of the highest degree. Many people do not take the time to objectively reason using the higher centers of their brains and I feel you are one of them. You analogy of the reasons that companies drug test proves you are drinking the cool aid of corporate america. You are the type that thinks they have the best ideas and that you can disregard the truth and simply regurgitate the corporate manifesto. I hope you get just as much understanding as you deserve.

  57. I suffer from ptsd, anger issues, and heart problems. Cannabis helps me with my ailments as well as many other people’s. I don’t understand why you won’t legalize it already. I also hear people saying that this is a drug that’s harmful and gets people hurt. No, it’s not the drug that is committing the crimes. I have smoked cannabis for years now as well as many people I have met, and I have witnessed more crime with alcohol, cocaine, meth and etc. Not once have I witnessed crimes, sickness( aside from coughing real hard and making your stomach lurch), hospitalizations or death from roasting up some cannaveggies. I’m not saying peoples oppositions don’t matter on this subject, but why fight something that you don’t partake in anyways. Let the ailed be cure free the cannabis tree. Let go and let it grow. This is also a multibillion dollar industry that could also help pull our country out of debt. Isn’t our goal to do what’s best for our country. Heal the ill and pay the bill.

  58. My son had Ewings Sarcoma seven years ago. That cancer has an 80% fatality rate. The only way I could get him to eat was thru marijuana. He passed away July 12, 2010. Eleven days before his 25th birthday. I now have rhuemtoid arthrtitis , fibermalgia, and have had back surgery six and 1/2 years ago. At first the doctors put me on pain meds, then they took them away. Not because I was abusing them, but because they like to get you hooked and then you get desperate and try to find anything that will help. But because you don’t want to be a “drug addict” you go thru rehab and the government or “non-profit” people make their bucks! I’ve smoked when I was a teenager and early 20’s. Then I had kids and quit for years. People who say it doesn’t help the pain have no idea. Then a little over a month ago, some drunk went into a bar and started arguing with everyone and shot my sons’ friend in the heart, shot another who was critical and another in the leg. Luckily? his gun jammed and the patrons jumped him and held him for police.. I’ve never heard of someone smoking weed going out and doing something like that. Also the person who talked about injecting marijuana, I think you need to smoke a joint or keep your damn mouth shut. You don’t know shit and the guy who was so high and almighty about someone else’s spelling, you too ought to smoke a joint and keep your damn mouth shut! Even my 83 year old Mother believes it should be legal! So take that you sons of bitches! Who went and made you God! Also pharmasuicidall company;s couldn’t make their billions of dollars! Insurance company’s can’t make their billions, and yet it’s legal in Washington D. C.? You all should be ashamed of yourselves!

    never been in severe pain every day of their life. So, yes, Missouri needs to legalize it. As to drinking, just over a month ago, one of my son’s friends was at a bar after work, not even drunk, but some asshole came into the bar and started arguing with everyone, then pulled out a gun, shot my son’s friend in the heart, shot another critically and shot another in the leg. Luckily his gun jammed and the patrons of the bar jumped him and held him for the

  59. This decriminalization is a far cry for what really needs to be done. Too many of these large organizations like SMC aka NAM keep on trying to pass a restrictive medical and the people keep on rejecting them. Its time we do what is best for Missouri and just legalize. Our petition for legalization will grow Missouri like never before.

  60. oh duh! to all the opinionated “haters” out there…many years ago a former naval shore patrol cop! and member of intelligence, informed me…”it’s one thing to use drugs, it’s another to allow drugs to use YOU.” i strongly believe truer words were never spoken. think of all the “legal” substances, alcohol being a primary! one, much less legal! pharmaceuticals which are abused daily-yet in moderation,can certainly be helpful. if you’re aware of white refined SUGAR and the fda’s attempts aprox. 1920, to have it listed as a DRUG and certainly a substance most of us give little thought to, but! think of it’s devastating effects on our bodies when abused. the v.a.! a conservative group if i ever saw one, is calling for marijuana reform. clearly, there must be a legitimate reason.

    • agreed…I say this all of the time. If you drink IDK why you would have a problem with MJ. It is mild in comparison. I get it, it is illegal but it shouldn’t be. IMO. Its silly.

  61. Nice blog:) ! I ended up here while looking for an answer to what I thought was a pretty generic legal question.? My son was ticketed for possession of less than 1 gram of marijuana in DEC 2016, and a hitter. His court date is in 2017. Since decriminalization Jan 1, 2017..what are they going to do hold him to 2016 laws? He is 25 years old and a veteran of the war in Iraq. No criminal record, just traffic, no DUIs, he doesnt even drink.. I wrote a letter to the judge and the prosecutor as a character reference. I know I am his mom ( my mom thinks im awesome) There were some things they needed to know.But being the court system they probably won’t see any letters. He and his girlfriend were moving away from IL to TX for new jobs. He was driving a Uhaul and she was following in their car. and now IDK how he is going to get time off to go to court, 14 hours away….. My main question is really about the dates and does decriminalization mean nothing since this happened before 2017?

    • That was a super helpful comment!
      For what it’s worth, Kansas City held a vote yesterday that passed a measure to reduce the penalties further, I won’t go into detail here since this thread is old, and new posts to a dormant thread are, as Charles here demonstrated, very worthwhile and beneficial to the community.

  62. I know that in cali, the dea can step in a dispensary and confiscate it all if they want to (at least they have before). State law just means within the state, county law within county and so forth. Federal law is nationwide and can be enforced whenever it’s being violated, regardless of local laws.

  63. Marijuana Legalization in Missouri
    Alcoholic 1920 – 1933
    Each year 50.000 people die from alcoholic
    Car crashes over 100 people a day die from car crashes
    TOBACCO 400.000 people a year die from tobacco
    The Malaysia Airlines plane that has been missing since Saturday, Flight 370 en route to Beijing, is the 22nd plane to crash so far in 2014. All 227 passengers and 12 crew members are presumed dead.

    This year’s rate of crashes isn’t unusually high — there were 138 plane crashes in 2013, and 155 in 2012, according to data from Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives, a Swiss organization that tracks such data.

    But in terms of fatalities, 2014 is on track to be a pretty bad year. In just the first two and a half months of the year, 376 people have died in plane crashes, compared to a total of 462 for the whole of last year.

    These figures refer to all airplanes flying in the world, including private aviation. When considering just commercial aviation, or large airplanes flying passengers in scheduled service, the picture changes radically: the Malaysian Boeing 777 is the only large airliner accident this year.

    More planes crashed in 1943 than in any single year since then, according BAAA data. That year saw 562 planes crash, and 2,266 fatalities.

    But 1972 was an even worse year for flight-related deaths: 3,329 people died in plane crashes around the world, according to BAAA data.
    Marijuana Legalization in Missouri

    Marijuana Legalization

    Alcoholic 1920 – 1933

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