Mexico Could Legalize Marijuana Soon, Says Former President Fox

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Last week, former President of Mexico and well-known marijuana reform advocate Vicente Fox told reporters that Mexico could legalize marijuana within the next five years.

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Vicente Fox

Fox said that although Mexico’s current leader, President Enrique Pena Nieto, has stated his opposition to legalizing marijuana, impending legalization efforts in key U.S. states could force Mexico to follow their lead. “Once California gets into this,” Fox said, “Mexico is going to speed up its decision process.”

During Fox’s presidency from 2000 to 2006, he was tasked with battling Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. The country’s various efforts to hinder the cartels, including ramping up military attacks, have so far been unsuccessful and have resulted in even more bloodshed. By some estimates, the death toll for casualties of Mexico’s drug war has reached 100,000.

In response to the failure of traditional government tactics, Fox has become a staunch advocate for reforming drug laws, arguing that prohibition has been responsible for creating and sustaining the deadly gang activity. In addition to speaking out publicly against prohibition, Fox has been involved in political advocacy. Earlier this month, the former President met with marijuana reform advocates in San Francisco to discuss the formation of an international partnership dedicated to decriminalizing and regulating marijuana.

Although polls in Mexico reveal little popular support for marijuana legalization, there are pockets of strong support. One of Mexico’s major political parties recently announced its plan to introduce legislation that would make marijuana legal in Mexico City.

5 responses to “Mexico Could Legalize Marijuana Soon, Says Former President Fox”

  1. Number of people killed from Cannabis overdose in the last century: 0
    Number of people killed in Mexico from the Drug War in the last six years: approx 100,000

    Drugs don’t kill people, drug wars kills people.

  2. Responsible marijuana smokers present nо threat оr danger tо America оr itѕ children, аnd thеrе iѕ nо rеаѕоn tо treat thеm аѕ criminals, оr tо tаkе thеir children away.

  3. The tied will turn and in the next few decades marijuana will be legal almost everywhere. Keep denying the truth you prohibition activists, your on a road to no where.

  4. The drug war is soooo old school. The public isn’t grandstanding anymore for the “hero” prosecutors & cops who bust & prosecute members of families. Its has completely turned around. After over 80 years of lies and bullshitting the general public, people are fed-up with the UN-truths!
    Everyone knows that marijuana has medical value. The deadly tobacco companies, the alcohol companies, and the sky-rocking in popularity pharmaceutical companies are supplying millions of dollars to keep their profits flowing in, while keeping marijuana illegal. Profits before People ideology.

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