Maryland Police Chief Cites Fake News Report in Senate Hearing

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At a Maryland State Senate hearing to discuss decriminalizing marijuana Tuesday, a high-ranking law enforcement official betrayed his total ignorance about marijuana when he claimed that decriminalization would cause a slew of overdoses throughout the state.

From the Capital Gazette:

“The first day of legalization, that’s when Colorado experienced 37 deaths that day from overdose on marijuana,” [Annapolis Police Chief Michael] Pristoop said in testimony at Tuesday’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing. “I remember the first day it was decriminalized there were 37 deaths.”

That information is straight from the Daily Currant, a well-known satirical news site, which claimed that Colorado hospitals were overwhelmed with emergency cases caused by marijuana use.

Chief Michael Pristoop

Apparently Chief Pristoop didn’t know that marijuana was already being used widely in Colorado, just like in every other state, and that it is impossible to die from a marijuana overdose.

Maybe Pristoop was truly ignorant of these facts, in which case he probably shouldn’t be testifying in support of continuing Maryland’s failed marijuana prohibition. Or maybe, like law enforcement bosses in Minnesota and around the country, he’s just worried about his budget.

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  1. Maybe he meant overdose like that police officer that called 911 and told them to send rescue right away because he and his wife made pot brownies and they were dead and time was going by really, really, really, really, really, really slow……I can see the chiefs’ point

  2. It is a act that you cannot OD on pot but you can OD and DIE from aspirin and that is legal!! People and their holier than tho pre conceived notions of what is good and bad need to sit down shut up and learn something!!!

  3. From The chiefs own “Welcome Page”,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “The Annapolis Police Department is committed to the continued acquisition and use of new tools and technology. I have seen modern technology and its beneficial impact in crime fighting. Five minutes spent on a laptop computer for example allows an officer to save precious time in investigative steps or intelligence gathering that might otherwise take hours, even days.” TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY indeed!

  4. And i`m sure he believes in Santa Clause the Easter Bunny,Tooth Fairy and the Great Pumpkin too!!! He IS Incredibly Stupid – PERIOD!!!! 15 Years ago, A person I worked with told me that he was turned down for a police officer position because his IQ was too “High”, I have always thought to this day that he was bullshitting me, After reading THIS? I now question it, Was dude telling me the TRUTH? WOW!!! Such Ignorance!!!!

  5. Another Chief testified that it stays in your body for 30 days! Imagine being under the influence/ stoned for 30 days straight after one joint! Where can I find this awesome strain? Law enforcement is worried about not being able to invade your home and confiscating your belongings under the guise of you being a drug dealer.

  6. This is just proof they will use any anti-marijuana propagada that supports their slowly dying cause without verifying it first. They will say anything so they can keep destroying peoples lives with unfair laws, it doesnt matter if its truth or satire. VOTE HEATHER MIZUER GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND!

  7. You can’t spell “Pristoop” without “stoop”, I guess. Stoop.


    This is just proof they will use any anti-marijuana propagada that supports their slowly dying cause without verifying it first.

    What else is new? They were doing this at the beginning of legalization, in the very flower of prohibition’s youth, even before the Official Drug War ™ when their fraudulent cause was in the prime of health and growing ever stronger. Reefer Madness anyone?

    That they are now citing comedy websites in favor of prohibition just shows that their message is now so completely old and saturated and incapable of convincing modern Americans that they are finally realizing the need something new to scare us, something other than the old “Just Say No” canards–and have turned up nothing, rendering them desperate enough to shoot themselves in the foot and make the cause of prohibition even more of a laughingstock than it already is. This is pathetic and desperate flailing, the kind made by someone who knows he is already doomed. We have them lashing out at everything, tilting at windmills, and pretty much describing something they saw on Mad TV as “this documentary I saw recently”.

    We are so winning. 🙂


    Law enforcement is worried about not being able to invade your home and confiscating your belongings under the guise of you being a drug dealer.

    This is very true. There are a lot of people who really should not be cops, who get into it for the limitless bullying power and the ability to rob honest citizens with impunity, and we have laws that explicitly allow them to do so as an “incentive” to fight the War on Drugs. At the same time, there’s also LEAP, which is where the good cops are, the ones who realize that the War on Drugs–ALL drugs–is a war on the American citizens, that criminalizing addicts is counterproductive and that wasting time and money on MJ prohibition especially is just a distraction from the real crimes they should be going after. Which is another reason I think some cops love the Drug War–not only can they be bullies and rob with impunity, they can also be regarded as heroes for doing essentially nothing.

    Think about it: right now, MJ users make up most of their arrests, so they can strut about citing how many arrests they make, allow you to believe those were actually mostly dangerous criminals, and they don’t actually have to endanger themselves. Legalize MJ, and they are not only going to have fewer arrests, they’re going to have to work for those arrests and endanger themselves, because let’s face it, real criminals are considerably scarier than a twenty year old–or a fifty year old–with a join in his/her pocket, and they’re harder and more dangerous to deal with. Legalize marijuana and they go from, say, 100 busts a day of harmless MJ users to maybe 5 busts a day made up of people committing the kinds of crimes where they shoot back.

    Yes, I do consider many if not most cops to be lazy cowards. If it weren’t for LEAP, I’d have said “all cops”, and I’d have no respect for any of them. At least there are some cops who want to chase actual bad guys and not harmless MJ users or already-victimized hard drug addicts–or use those goals as a justification to bully and criminalize the rest of us who don’t use.

  8. When marijuana becomes legal everywhere all police will have to be trained on how to solve real crime like murder , rape and robbery.

  9. Marijuana has been used as a socio-political weapon for 75 years.
    Marijuana has been the vehicle purposefully misused to re-create a “New Plantation” filled with the unfortunate descendants of their enslaved ancestors.
    More’s the pity!
    Marijuana is legal in the Free States of Colorado and Washington…is marijuana legal in your state?…if not , why not?
    I would urge every reader to take five minutes to contact your Senators and Representatives and find out the answer?
    If you’re scared,you can jump in my back pocket!
    If you want your rights to be recognized and respected , SPEAK UP !… CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???
    Change won’t happen magically, it takes civic participation.
    Put down the Cheetos and pick up the phone?

    Eric K. Johnson

  10. Apparently this guy has never heard of Snopes during his limited time spent using a computer. So sad that we have actually elected a person like this…

  11. Its sad and a sorry state of affairs when the who are to protect and serve lie to serve their special interest. Enough is enough.

  12. I can’t believe this. Is this Daily Current for real? Has anyone called this hospital and directly talked to any of the medical staff to validate this bs? Deaths from OD on marijuana? My God, how desperate can these people get? How do they get away with printing such blatant propaganda? Ask them how many people die every day from doctor prescription drugs which takes this madness to a whole newer twisted level.

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick and twisted society.”

  13. If one cannot remain unbiased, then one should remain quiet. Otherwise, truth remains buried. Now, retire this idiot before he further embarrass his colleagues.

  14. I don’t know why this would surprise anyone. Law enforcement and the DEA, FDA, and NIDA have lied to congress and to the American people for over 70 years about marijuana. Marijuana does not cause cancer, produce impotence, make men grow breasts, cause brain damage, or make anyone pick up an ax and murder their families.

    The United States today faces a far more serious problem than marijuana dependence. That is the addiction to drug war money. It is apparent that Chief Pristoop suffers from this serious disorder. He is hopelessly addicted to drug war money. People with this addiction will lie and do anything necessary to maintain the flow of drug war money. They will claim that marijuana kills or that it is as dangerous as heroin and meth. There is new hope for this addiction. The first step is to admit that there is a problem. The next step involves finding out the truth about marijuana and reporting that truth to others. I suggest strongly that Chief Pristoop discuss this matter with the judges, and other police officers at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). Best of luck in your recovery Chief Pristoop!

  15. I am a strong supporter of legal MJ. I am also an ex-Police officer who worked a squad car in Miami, Fl. For twelve years. I looked at it as being illegal but never charged anyone with possession. Most of the time, my partner and I would just dump it on the ground and then give the person a lecture, then let them go. Not all of Law Enforcement is against it. But the one’s that want it legal cannot say so due to upper management. So give the Police a break, because we don’t think like politicians.

  16. First I would agree that there are those that should not be police officers. But the real problem is their supervisors and the city and county officials that encourage them. The criminal Justice System is broken. The poor idiots that are police officers don’t even have the intelligence that they are being used. I also believe that people who use Marijuana on an ongoing basis, drive better and are more aware of their surroundings. They make better decisions and are even creative and contribute to society more than any of the police officers that are out there. They are robots willing to do the bidding of their masters, with no questions, and are a discredit to the human race. They are losing this illegal battle of the drug war. The real war is that the people of this country need to repeal any laws that allow our leaders, political, local and state to be held accountable for their crimes. They have laws son the boos that give them “immunity”. They can even kill a person with premeditation and get away with it because they thought their life was in danger. Give me a break. The only real way to combat these criminals is to hurt them in the pocket book. Anyone in jail for any crime should plead not guilty and “go to the box”. They should request a jury of 12. If enough people fight this system it will bankrupt. Power to “The people” and death to “Tyrants”

  17. So many have lauded on about the dishonesty (in plain english, lying) to achieve substantiation for thier existance. Well, at least since the executive order establishing the National Security Act, those in every level of our government have not told the truth about anything. They don’t have to, they just call it (whatever they want) a matter of national security. It doesn’t matter if it is an unreasonable abolition against marijuana, or anything else. Our government views the american public as the enemy, to be controlled ad taken advantage of. (I know I ended in a preposition, sorry)

  18. ELIMINATE this quisling from office— and get the American people some real goddamn leadership on this issue!

    But I want him, Michele Leonhart, and every drug warrior like them saved….

    For the dock. At the Nürnberg/Tokyo-style war crimes trial that We the People DEMAND to have, when this ridiculous nearly century-long World Civil Race War against us is over.




    “… the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”—excerpt of Harry J. Anslinger’s testimony before a Senate Hearing on marijuana in 1937.

  19. “At a Maryland State Senate hearing to discuss decriminalizing marijuana Tuesday, a high-ranking law enforcement official betrayed his total ignorance about marijuana when he claimed that decriminalization would cause a slew of overdoses throughout the state”.

    “betrayed his total ignorance”?

  20. …”betrayed his total ignorance about marijuana…”, may have been better said using “revealed his….”, but a Prohibitionist he is, and that fact actually benefits the criminals more than the people he was hired to protect. It’s obvious cops read these posts and sometimes comment,… right bo and Dela?

  21. Hey Bo, Dela, and Cliff, you might want to check out definition #5 below of the word “betray” before commenting further.
    be·tray [bih-trey]
    verb (used with object)
    1. to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty: Benedict Arnold betrayed his country.
    2. to be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling: to betray a trust.
    3. to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to: to betray one’s friends.
    4. to reveal or disclose in violation of confidence: to betray a secret.
    5. to reveal unconsciously (something one would preferably conceal): Her nervousness betrays her insecurity.

  22. Hey Wesley, Chief Pristoop consciously testified about his knowledge of cannabis, intentionally resorting to scare tactics, to try and persuade our lawmakers from making a change to the harsh, overbearing laws regarding the use and possession of cannabis. He’s as much the problem as the thieving criminals who want the status-quo maintained. I don’t like seeing all that money leaving our communities.

  23. I don’t imagine Pristoop is a “drug expert”…but he can’t actually be so ignorant to believe his own agenda
    I believe he was formerly a gofer for the well known law firm
    Dewey Cheatum & Howe?

  24. This story could be told over and over. The power of the pen. Put a name of sorts after the story, and you have truth! Also, click here and I’ll give you a hundred bucks! Now that I’m nearly 50 years old, my theory that I’ve often stated is true. Conservatively speaking, 3/4 of Americans probably believe this Moron. Except, 70 million Americans smoke weed. Thats more of a real figure. Deaths, none. Pot has over 250 useful medications, marketable, real organic drugs that have replacement abilities for chemically derived existing drugs that huge manufacturers control. Do you think the Drug Industry is willing to lose a trillion dollars? Really……. think for yourself J

  25. Do you think the Drug Industry is willing to lose a trillion dollars? Really……. think for yourself – Jeff Smith

    Only if they can make up those lost profits by “creating” new cannabis based medicines (pre$cription only) they will market instead?
    Hustlers keep hustlin’ & Suckers keep getting suckered…

    Eric K. Johnson

  26. I don’t imagine Pristoop is a “drug expert”…but he can’t actually be so ignorant to believe his own agenda –

    That should read, ” he can’t actually be so ignorant as to believe his own agenda.”
    I felt impelled to correct myself before it was discovered that I may have betrayed my own ignorance!

    Hail to the Pedantic!…they keep us in strictly correct order?

    Eric K. Johnson

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