Maryland Governor Could Sign Bill to Fix Decriminalization Law Soon

May 20, 2015

decriminalization, Larry Hogan, Maryland, paraphernalia, SB 517

Last month, the Maryland Legislature sent Gov. Larry Hogan (R) a bill to remove the criminal penalty for possession of marijuana paraphernalia. The time for Gov. Hogan to act on this bill is running out, so please email him today and encourage him to sign this reform into law.

[caption id="attachment_8795" align="alignright" width="214"]Larry-Hogan Gov. Larry Hogan[/caption]

By removing the criminal penalty for possessing marijuana paraphernalia, SB 517 will fix the current legal absurdity that makes possessing a small amount of marijuana a civil citation (like a traffic violation), but makes possessing the container that marijuana is in a criminal violation. Without this fix, the door is left open to selective, biased enforcement, which wastes law enforcement time and effort that would be better spent protecting our communities from violent crime.