It Shouldn’t Be A Crime

Oct 28, 2010 , , ,

The 2010 mid-term elections are just 5 days away, so there is no better time to share this important message:

No adult should be punished for choosing something safer than alcohol.

We produced this powerful 30-second video to inspire you and everyone you share it with.  It’s time to give adults the legal option to use a substance that is safer than alcohol – marijuana!  Use this video to inspire your friends, family members, and co-workers to support efforts to tax and regulate marijuana similar to alcohol.

Aside from the fact that marijuana prohibition is a complete failure – 17 million Americans consume it regularly and surveys show that young people are able to obtain it more easily than alcohol or tobacco  — it also steers people toward our nation’s #1 most preferred recreational drug, alcohol, which happens to be more dangerous.  While the danger that a food, drug, or activity pose is not sufficient reason to prohibit it, our laws should not punish people for making the rational choice to use a less harmful substance.

Currently, responsible adults who prefer to relax at the end of the day with marijuana must risk prosecution to do so.  Getting arrested for a marijuana-related offense could mean a simple fine, but it could also mean losing your driver’s license, your federal student financial aid, your job, your children or your home.  We waste billions of dollars every year on this failed policy that causes far more harm than marijuana itself.

It’s time for this to end.

25 responses to “It Shouldn’t Be A Crime”

  1. I don’t think you should suggest to use marijuana instead of alcohol. All that will do is piss off the alcohol industry and then they’ll just throw more money in to fight AGAINST legalizing marijuana.

  2. Hi Me,

    Please note that the PSA does not suggest or encourage that anyone use marijuana. Watch it again. Its message is simply this: “No adult should be punished for choosing something safer than alcohol.” MPP does not encourage marijuana use — we just don’t think that prohibition works or that adults should be punished for using marijuana (while going unpunished for using a more dangerous substance, alcohol).


  3. I TOO don’t think that prohibition works or that adults should be punished for using marijuana!!!! Let me rephrase that….I just think that stating it’s safer than alcohol will only piss off the alcohol industry and then they’ll just throw more money in to fight AGAINST legalizing marijuana.
    I think there are better way’s to get the point across.

  4. It is time to stand up. Truth is a powerful ally. Look around, it is “sprouting” up like so many fields of green, far as the eye can see. It is happening all around the planet! I am happy and proud to stand up to the alcohol industry, big pharma, ignorant drug czars, and devious “I got mine” selfish crooks any and everywhere! Any, and every time!
    Stand strong! Yes on 19, and all other pro cannabis propositions are the “RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY”! STAND STRONG AND PROUD! Now is the time to fight/educate the uninformed!
    Thank you MPP, and all other organizations fighting for truth, peace, and ultimately humanity… (Not hyperbole!)

  5. There are many reasons to end prohibition and I too think it would be wise to use the ones that avoid possible confrontation from the alcohol industry and big pharma….lets educate everyone first….fight them later.

  6. At this point in time I believe less people are trusting of the government (which bails out crooked investment banks) or the pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco companies (who make billions on pushing their poisons). It’s only a matter of time. If you live in CA or other places where elections are happening please vote and encourage everyone you know to vote. This madness needs to end!

  7. I feel that they are right and we should not be punished for making a choice ,and yes this massage may piss off the acohol industry but take a test and see witch one is more harmfull and I will bet you acohol will lose every time in so many ways!!!!!!!!!!and MJ even bets out most perscipion drug I know I use to take over 50 three times a day and now I only take 5 a day now you tell me…..

  8. I agree that it is time to stand up for ourselves and quit letting fear of industries and/ or unfair laws stop us from trying to prevent the destruction of lives for doing something much safer than drinking alcohol. It is hypocritical, obscenely unfair and completely ineffective anyway.
    If we keep waiting for people to become educated, with no education pesented to them, we will be waiting forever. They will probably never have less money to fight us with, we will never have more to fight with if we can’t spread the facts and gain acceptance and support.

  9. Theres one way to change things…Change yourself. Be honest and truthful and demand it from those who rule , dont let them side one bit…not one white lie not one slight of hand trick.


  10. Thank God for cannabis,
    I used cannabis way back in the service, but never thought much about any medical uses. Anyway a few years back I developed some serious health issues, and started going to the VA. Long story short…six months after a friend suggested I try cannabis I went from 37 pills a day to ONE scrip!!!! ONE ,GET IT , ONE. My God you have no ideal how much my life has changed for the better. For four-years I was taking 3 different opioids, codeine, hydrocodone , and morphine sulfate!
    I thought I was doomed to a life time of addiction it sucked. Because of these drugs I lost four-years of my life. Four-years ago I wasn’t reading anything much less responding on blogs.
    Indeed “From sea to shining sea”!!!!

  11. I am an avid supporter of the end of marijunana prohibition, but I do believe there are a lot of situations where a parent should lose their kid(s) for the use of marijuana. Irresponsible parenting is irresponsible parenting, and when you have kids you shouldn’t be getting high around them. Not that marijuana use makes you a bad parent necessarily, but there are some bad parents that abuse marijuana to the point where they shouldn’t be allowed to keep their kids.

  12. Again I say cigarettes/tobacco has never been put under the gun of prohibition. Why does it get to go on scott/free. No investigations on this plant. No studies. No prohibition. WTF?
    ANyone care to comment on this. Preferably Rob Kampia if your not to busy Rob. Day after day it goes on and not even a blip on the old radar screen. The fact that it has not been prohibited goes unnoticed again. I don’t get it with tobacco, it’s like it’s got a “get out of prohibition free” card. WTF?
    Peace bruddahs and sistas. November 2nd approaches. The feds are preparing to suit up. B vigilante. B red e.

  13. Cannabis sativa cure my asthmatic case than franols drugs.But it seem that i must use it every day to reduce the strong chemicals that made the franols tablets.I must clear off all elements such that i can cure it by cannabis.I also discovered an artifiacial crude oil using cannabis sativa ashes,perfume sticks ashes and coconut oil.I am successfully for i can see fire change on it and its one of my best prove to assure you that it will do well on engines and generators etc.

  14. Jman and Everyone else,
    It’s my impression that if the government had not bailed out the banks that you would be standing in a 1930s style soup line now or very soon. You people need to stop knocking the government. They do need to punish the banking industry. But only the people directly involved. There are a majority of people that are good honest people in every walk of life even in the government no matter what party their in. Just like the majority of people no matter what race or religion or what ever they are are good decent people and there are those that are evil in all of them. I am just saying don’t generalize and put everyone in the same category.

  15. Oh Yeah,
    The alcohol industry has lots of money right now,but we only have the money we raise through donations. So don’t rile them. They would crush us. Just like industry did to pot and hemp 80 years ago

  16. cannibis has helped me reduce meds t0 a fraction of the meds i was taking,fuck the booze companys!theres more and more people waking up and reilizing how much money were wasting and how much we could be making,talking taxe dollers here people.wake the fuck up its a 10000 year old plant,it was proven in the 1940,s that it was gould for many ailments,im sure for thousands of years around the world queen vic used the shit???take heads out of asses people its time to stand up for somthing good..

  17. I am a chronic pain patient with the majority of my spine slowly getting worse. I have suffered with extreme pain and have seen a hundred doctors. I have been given heavy narcotics for the past 8 years for my pain but there is only one reason I am not addicted to pain pills and that is the use of marijuana. It has been my only saving grace. I have addiction running rampid in my family and my fears of living that sort of life are intense. If it were not for the use of marijuana I would surely be a pill addict. I went from taking 28 pills each time 6 times a day to alleviate symptoms of pain to smoking just a little and I barely take the opioids. The pharmacutical companies will go broke if they allowed medicinal marijuana. I can guarantee it. Man makes opioids, God makes marijuana, guess who I trust.

  18. This ENTIRE debate is completely insane and outrageous! Every argument in any form or category made against marijuana can also be made against alcohol, and probably tobacco as well. Yet alcohol is legal for possession and consumption, and America consumes alcohol at record-breaking levels. It is even sold at convenience-mart gas stations even though drinking and driving is illegal in every state! Volumes of research has proven that alcohol serves no tangible benefit to society other than it being merely a recreational drug (and maybe sterilizing the needles of illegal drug users). Many adults are not responsible and don’t know when to quit when consuming alcohol, and “Drunk drivers are responsible for 1/2 of {all} highway fatal injuries.” (ref: However marijuana has several proven medicinal uses, and has been clinically shown to be indicated in the care and wellness treatment of cancer and HIV patients, as well as the elderly and those suffering from chronic nerve pain. Marijuana has been useful in the manufacture of strong rope and even paper products and very low cost wearable garments can be manufactured from it. It has a calming affect on users and the sensation is pleasurable, and you don’t suffer from a hangover the next day. And users cannot become physiologically addicted to it as with Alcohol. So how do you curb the violence in our prisons? Simple. Give inmates marijuana and I GUARANTEE prison crime and fatalities will greatly diminish! And such a move would likely improve the overall safety of the prison staff. Sure this sounds outrageous; most new and controversial ideas sound outrageous at first. But every reasonable minded person would agree that this would work. And in the end, it is just a plant. It grows naturally whereas alcohol does not normally appear in any large quantity naturally in nature – it has to be manufactured by humans in quantities suitable for consumption.
    So in light of the foregoing points of this discussion, my question to all readers of these blogs is: “Why Is Marijuana Possession and Consumption Illegal Yet Alcohol Is Legal and “OK” In Our Society?” If this current situation makes any sense to anyone, PLEASE enlighten me! When one considers all the REALLY serious problems and pressing concerns facing our troubled world today, I am absolutely OUTRAGED at my government and society at large with the current state of affairs and the laws regarding this issue. It is clear that I do NOT (yet) live in a rational world.
    Thank you.

    – Dean Palmer
    Electronics Engineer/Researcher
    Natural Born United States Citizen

  19. When prohibition ended a lot of moonshiners lost so much of thier profits they started growing weed to make up for the loss. All the war on drugs is just another cash cow, the government can use to raise taxes.I can’t remember witch state it was,but they gereated 8.12 million dollars just in application to be dispencary. Just imagine how much more there would be if we taxed it.

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