Iowa Decriminalization Bill Introduced

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Rep. Bruce Hunter

Iowa Rep. Bruce Hunter has introduced legislation that would decriminalize simple possession of marijuana. Under current law, those found with under 42.5 grams of marijuana can be arrested and face both heavy criminal fines and jail time. HF 2313 would replace these penalties with the issuance of a simple misdemeanor citation of $300. There would be no arrest and no threat of jail time.

Seventeen states have removed the threat of jail time for the possession of modest amounts of marijuana. Many of these states, including Minnesota, made these changes as far back as the 1970’s. In fact, just yesterday, Richard Bonnie – former director of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse and policy advisor to the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations – submitted testimony in support of a similar proposal in Maryland.

If you are an Iowa resident, please ask your state representative and senator to support this noncontroversial bill.

8 responses to “Iowa Decriminalization Bill Introduced”

  1. Just legalize marijuana!!! This has gone on long enough!! I read on this site people have overdosed on smoking which is bull!!!! State could also make money by legalize marijuana!!! Stop this nonsense as it does help with pain and would be a lot better than some of the narcotics out there that people become addicted to and is a hell of a lot more dangerous. people will continue to smoke it and all you’re doing is making criminals out of them!!! Knock this bullshit off!!!

  2. Someone please tell me how a $300.00 fine is progress. It is nothing more than the political puppets trying to bargain for more time in office with as little an offering as possible. And it is cowardly being handed to the people of Iowa as if they’re too stupid to notice the fact that it is empty of value. How appalling it is that ALL, not a few, not many, but ALL of the elected elite continue to draw a check, and not one of them have as of yet, speak even a remote hint of the truth about why this problem lives in our culture today. It lives because a cowadly Congress allowed a blackmailing ruthless racist President Nixon to set up a office with executive power(not an amendment, which would’ve been subject to a referendum ballot vote later)and rules that allowed them to lie without ever being held accountable for it.
    Mr. Robert Capecchi, you sir are doing a disservice to the MPP and the people who support it by reporting the facts in this neutral manner as if HF2313 is progress and in the end asking people to “ask your state representative and senator to support this noncontroversial bill”.
    “Noncontroversial Bill”, isn’t honest and constructive reporting.

  3. I dont do marijuana, but I think locking people up for it is a waste of my tax dollars,. Just stop it! Enough is enough!

  4. ok well I did some research and this law is allready in place for Iowa its called the ” Iowa Drug Stamp Tax Law

    SEC. 37. 453B.1″ where it basically states ( I didn’t read or try to understand the whole thing-I’m not a lawyer) that a dealer can buy a stamp for a plant, processed weed or another drug not sold by weight like LSD and if caught with the drug and the stamp they would only be charged with possession instead of possession and tax evasion. All this HF 2313 bill is doing is taking the tax stamp law and turning it into a money maker instead of some obscure law that no one knows about. I guess its progress but not much. even the weight for the tax stamp law and this new thing is the same: 42.5 grams which is about 1.5 ounces. don’t take my word for it do your own re-search. this info would work great in advertisement both for and/or against this bill depending on how the info is presented of course. LOL I should work for you guys. in fact i would love to.
    563+543-0645 or maybe I’m just full of my self……. bye for now folks

  5. I don’t see where putting someone in JAIL for is helping with anything. There a lot of very good uses for Marijuana , it helps cancer patients and going though treatments ,it helps them with being able to eat without them getting sick. It helps people that suffer from very bad headaches from seizures , it also can help with controlling seizures . I see no problem with it . As I said putting people in Jail is not going to help anyone. If it was Legal all the money the state would make would help for so many things , fixing our roads , helping women and children that are in domestic abuse .
    There is a shortage of funds for a lot things that need repairs if it was Legalized that would help our state . Everyone complains about no funds to repair this road or fix this or that but no one sees the that making it legal would help . All everyone wants to do is put people in Jail , there are much worst people that should be in Jail . Someone needs to wake up and look at the upside of making Marijuana Legal . You want to get our state out of the RED & back into the BLACK make if LEGAL .

    • A bunch of stuffy old people are so stubborn because of what their parents told them, “it’s not a respectable thing bleh bleh bleh” well they’re going to pass one day and soon their opinion won’t matter so they might as well get it over with and start saving lives and rebuilding roads etc etc

  6. Medicinal and recreational legalization should be a no brainer but it seems like a lot of people are unsure about recreational. So keep recreational illegal and have no incarceration and no fine make the only penalty be it must be destroyed on sight if found in possession of the substance. Yes you would be out your money for the bag but id rather have that then jail time or a fine. People been using it for centuries this should be a no brainer to legalize. What we go through today will be called “cruel and unusual punishment” in the future!

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