Hawaii House approves restrictive decriminalization bill

Mar 13, 2019 Aloha State, decriminalization, Hawaii, HI

If you live in Hawaii, ask your senator to fix HB 1383 and decriminalize marijuana this year!

Last week, the Hawaii House of Representatives amended and approved a bill to decriminalize marijuana in the Aloha State. It now heads to the Senate.

Unfortunately, however, the bill only decriminalizes up to three grams, which would be the smallest amount of any decriminalization — or legalization — state. Under HB 1383, the penalty would be a steep $200 civil fine, rather than jail time. A $200 fine can be hardship for low-income residents.

Contact your senator today and ask them to support decriminalization, but to work to amend HB 1383 to increase the possession amount and reduce the fine.

By passing a sensible decriminalization law this year, Hawaii would free up law enforcement resources to focus on more serious crimes and avoid branding Hawaiians with a criminal record for a substance that is safer than alcohol.

Please contact your senator today! You can also find some background materials on decriminalization here. Together, we can bring smarter marijuana policy to Hawaii.