GOP Congressman Introduces ‘Respect State Marijuana Laws Act’

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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday that would resolve the conflict between state and federal marijuana laws and allow states to determine their own marijuana policies.

The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act exempts individuals and entities from certain provisions of the Controlled Substances Act if they are acting in compliance with state marijuana laws. This is the third time Rohrabacher has introduced the bill. Twenty of his colleagues in the House, including seven Republicans, co-sponsored the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015, which was introduced in the 114th Congress.

“The call for federal marijuana policy reform is growing louder and louder,” said Don Murphy, MPP director of conservative outreach. “Congress needs to listen to their constituents and to state lawmakers, most of whom agree marijuana policy is an issue best left to the states. This is a bipartisan solution that ought to find support on both sides of the aisle.”


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  1. I feel that the president should legalize marijuana on a federal level and that would make him more popular with the people.

  2. I believe Medical Marijuana saved my life when I went through chemo therapy recently.
    I live in a state without compassionate law to allow an old lady an edible once in a while. I pray this will happen soon.
    This legislation would alleviate fear of federal prosecutors coming after me.
    Thank you!
    Cheryl Selby
    [email protected]

  3. Thank you for introducing this legislation. With everything going on with the federal government, I hope it doesn’t get lost in the mix of things. It’s important for SO many reasons, I hope it gets passed!! Since the federal government doesn’t want to take responsibility, the only thing left is to leave it up to the states. ****The only thing I would be uncomfortable with, is when a person goes from a legal marijuana state to one that cannabis is illegal….what does a person do then?? I live in Washington State and we travel a lot, so what protection would I have crossing state lines? Washington as you know is legal medically and recreationally. How would it work in states where it’s not legal at all, or it’s only medically legal? Would I still be protected under Washington State laws in other states? That’s a concern that needs to be looked at and addressed. Thank you again for getting the ball rolling.

  4. Thank you so much Senator Rohrabacher for introducing sound legislation, that will allow millions of Americans their constitutional rights of self governance. I applaud your efforts, and steadfastly support them.

  5. I agree completely , I believe the state should be the one making their laws because they are the ones enforcing them . It and that goes for firearm laws as well for the federal government to sit back and make laws that local enetyes are to enforce is ludicrous , the Government should keep out of state affairs and let our citizens defend our homes and families because we understand police cannot be everywhere and a gun in your hand is much better then a cop on the phone !

  6. Please please pass this law!! I am a chronic pain and multiple sclerosis patient who was informed today that I will not be eligible for Ohio’s medical marijuana law because of being on opiate pain medication! This is so very unfair! Marijuana helps me immensely and I had to quit because of getting drug screened at the pain clinic. Which it really sucks having to go there in the first place-my neurologist was doing just fine as far as I’m concerned! He recommended the marijuana in the first place. So please help me and all other chronic pain patients!!!

  7. can we get a link up on ur newsletters to make it easier for us to show our support to our reps & senators as early as possible. As a needy med patient on five qualifing symbtoms & 3 doctors signed off for me, but cost prohibited by state taxes &” strictist laws”(IL) in the country on meds availability, any help in my states laws appreciated.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  8. Thank you Congressman Rorabacher. You know, I hope that a vast majority of Americans stands with you. Republican, Democrat, and other. Keep up this essential work.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. Current medical marijuana patients want to be able to travel to California or Arizona from Nevada with my medical marijuana without being harassed by Federal officials. How are they allowed to take my marijuana and MJ paraphernalia away when both of these states also have medical marijuana state laws at the state lines by the Feds?

  10. This is fantastic. Progress is slow. So many suffer or break the law waiting for changes. I was wholeheartedly behind President Trump. I also believe he is smart enough to see how legalization and taxation could mean so much in USA. Money and jobs and many people able to do more.

  11. This is a very important issue. Making marijuana illegal in the first place was a result of racist ideas and not at all common sense. Many states have legalized medical marijuana and others also recreational use. It’s crazy to lock people up for victimless “crimes.” Marijuana use is less dangerous than alcohol use. We all know how well prohibition worked with alcohol.

    Thank you.

  12. The problem with this state level issue is that makes the USA a split country . In East America you go to jail,lose your home and kids. Job is gone with or without prison.

    Why do the police wait for the drugs to be in our house before they do anything? Why don’t they bust dealers anymore? Gangs? If they can stake out a drug dealer and track users for house deeds they can surely track gang members.

    Over in West America you have medical and recreational freedom. No worries about being shot to death in your bedroom for grabbing a gun on that door bashing with no announcement.

    The Nazis would be proud.

    • I live in the middle – Texas – it is it’s own courtry too. Our govenor is against any kind of compassionate laws. I am old and in constant fear. I am still on cancer remission drugs and they don’t care about “this is the ONLY drug that works on my head and neck treamors” I disovered this on my own when I was using for chemo. Now I use every day. I so wish I could grow it or we could have a co-op.
      Thank you so much for the work you all do and I would donte if I wasn’t on a fixed income. I HOPE and PRAY to God daily that I live to see it passed here for merciful use.

    • Good afternoon,

      Not sure if anyone in the new administration will even read this as I am not a million or billionaire.

      I am for medical use of Marijuana. There are many medicines that are derived from Marijuana.
      There are creams, teas, sprays, pills etc. that help not only pain but aid in stomach pain, increase appetite, reduce muscle spasms and more.
      I have 86 year old mother who is in constant pain. They have her on Oxy, tried Morphine but it messed her up she couldn’t walk. I would like to have option to use Marijuana instead of opiates.
      Please listen to the people that have researched medicinal marijuana and pass laws for this use. I also think recreation use should be decriminalized. Its ok to have legal alcohol even though that destroys families and health but since majority of people drink that is ok. It is mind altering Legal Drug… which I don’t think has any medical purpose other than numbing mental pain temporailry.
      This new administtration scares the hell out of me with all the hate and direction it appears to be going, white mans world. Taking away surpport for womens wrights, taking away support for womens health the list goes on. Going to take away health care.
      Republicans had 8 years to figure something out but becasue our President was black in a white mans world they woudnt’ work with Presidnet Obama. Now there is a guy that thinks he can run the US like a buiness, he has no thought in his actions or reponce to what people say. He calls people liars, talks down to others like they don’t matter. God help us all.

    • The entire cannabis prohibition history is plagued with conspiracies between industry and government and anyone with half a brain can see this. Cannabis should have NEVER been made illegal. It’s time the government admits that the cotton, pulp, and a few other industries colluded with the government in an attempt to snuff out competition. Freedom never starts, nor ends, with prohibition.

      I agree… looking across an invisible line, called a ‘state line’, in a country and major policies are different. Either you have the right and the freedom, which is what we all should have, or you don’t. “It’s evil” on this side of the line and on that side it cures and treats ills without pharma in addition to people meditating spiritually with it.

      Media has always had too much control and that problem exists severely right now.

  13. This is important legislation required as cannabis remains federally illegal even in the states that voted to make it legal .
    We simply can not have law abiding state, county and local citizens jailed because the federal govt choses to continue the decades old misclassification of cannabis as addictive and having no medicinal value.
    All the research done in other countries proves that cannabis does indeed have safer pain relief characteristics than opioids and it is NOT physically addictive as are the drugs it is scheduled with.
    Ideally our pro business president would step up and instruct his AG to reclassify cannabis off the most dangerous drug category allowing society to legally benefit from the plants superior capabilities without fear of prosecution.

  14. Please stop writing here and write a message to your federal rep ASAP asked him or her to support sign on to HR 975 state rights to marijuana act

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