Georgia’s Legislature convenes; put cannabis policy on the agenda

Jan 13, 2022

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Georgia’s Legislature convenes; put cannabis policy on the agenda

Ask your legislators to stop jailing cannabis consumers.

While cannabis policy reform is sweeping the country, Georgia remains one of only 19 states that still imposes jail time for simple possession of cannabis.

Polling shows more than 70% of Georgia voters support legalizing cannabis for adult use, and surely the margin is even stronger for decriminalization. Yet more than 45,000 people were arrested in 2018 alone for cannabis possession in the state! The legislature must act in order to bring this long overdue policy change to the Peachtree State.

Make sure your lawmakers know this issue matters to voters. Let your lawmakers know it’s time to stop arresting cannabis consumers. Ask them to support changing the penalty for possession from possible jail time to a civil fine.

After you reach out to your lawmakers, be sure to share this message with your friends and family in Georgia and encourage them to do the same!

And stay tuned for other updates — including about efforts to expand Georgia's very limited, medical cannabis program, which applies only to low-THC cannabis extracts.