Fire Michele Leonhart!

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The DEA has gone rogue. First, an agent describes marijuana regulation in Washington and Colorado as “reckless and irresponsible,” contrary to the president’s assertion that it’s “important for it to go forward.” Now, DEA administrator Michele Leonhartalert_sidebar_MicheleLeonhart has criticized President Obama for, accurately, saying marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol to the consumer. In fact, the science says marijuana is dramatically safer than alcohol, for both the consumer and society.

It is unacceptable for our nation’s top drug cop to not understand the relative risks of America’s two most popular recreational drugs. That’s why we have started a petition calling on President Obama to fire Michele Leonhart and replace her with someone who will base decisions on science and evidence instead of politics and ideology.

This is the same person who once refused to answer the relatively simple question of whether marijuana is less harmful than heroin or crack cocaine. Her repeated refusal to recognize clear scientific evidence undermines the president’s mandate that “science and the scientific process guide decisions of [his] Administration.” She’s got to go.

Please sign our petition and share it with everyone you know!

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  1. To what end will the firing of Michele Leonhart bring us. The true core of the problem is the CSA and its schedule 1 classification of cannabis. Replacing her with another person following the same narrow minded job description will bring us back to the same problem with a different face regurgitating the same bias much like the ONDCP does. If the choice were mine and firing people was the answer then Washington would be empty, but I don’t think that’s a good answer either. Although in a purely juvenile place in my mind it is funny to watch them beat their heads against the wall. But as I said before the true core of the problem is with the CSA. As long as we allow this conflict between state and federal law we will ALWAYS pay our elected officials to accomplish nothing. The CSA, DEA and ONDCP are the brainchild’s and tools of people who pay no attention to medical science, reason, morality or the Constitution for agendas that only serve sociopathic greed. The administrators of the CSA have within their power to ignore information that would betray their act, and contradicts the guidelines of their authority. This is the unmistakable face of corruption.

    Change the Cannabis to Schedule 3 or 4.
    Stop violating the Constitution.
    Listen to the People.

  2. The entire #MedMj movement, though forward, has two competing forces moving it along.

    Advocates, such as Pres O’bama, who hear what the people are saying on the one hand,

    And, on the other side of the moving glacier, are those like Ms Leonhart who have a vested interest in the ‘old’ religion.

    Though oxy-opioids, meth, and the abuse of prescription drugs are Ms Leonhart’s new foci as the DEA pivots away from #MedMj to deploy scarce resources towards much more dangerous afflictions, in order to protect her job (now, through two administrations) she cannot NOT hold on to her status quo.

    When opposing forces operating on both sides of a coin cannot flatten the other, the result is that the coin rolls.

    We are not going back to the ‘old’ ways.

    Accept the fact that political people like Ms Leonhart (and, by extension Pres O’bama), have vested reasons why they cannot publicly jump onto the #MedMj bandwagon with both feet.

    It is not necessary to fire Ms Leonhart.

    Her focus has already been redirected elsewhere.

    Focus more on what Mr President does in his last two years in office.

    For example, if bona fide state sanctioned wholesalers and retailers of #cannabuds and cannabud distilled products could perhaps operate their businesses a little bit more legitimately via the opening of conventional checking and savings accounts, then following the money and the tax due would be a lot easier for the auditors, that’s for sure.

    And, a lot safer for the #cannabuds business owners in Colorado, Washington, and elsewhere throughout the USA who are currently sitting on piles of risky cash.

  3. Why should she be fired and why now? She said the same thing at a recent Congressional hearing, and probably many times before. She’s just doing her job. She’s not being paid to be intelligent or well informed. She’s being paid to arrest people for using drugs, period. Besides, why would she admit to something that would put her and her entire organization out of work? Can’t really blame her for getting a little testy when her boss basically said her job is pointless and unnecessary.

  4. Forgive—> Convert—> Redeploy.

    Time to be compassionate with these suits and bureaucrats, acknowledge their managerial talent and give them positive tasks to do.

    The new Surgeon General Report estimates that “smoking” (i.e. $igarettes) costs the US economy $289-bil. a year. $igarettes are worldwide death drug #1 (6,000,000 a year, alcohol distant second at 2,500,000). It’s not the cannabis or the tobacco– let’s gently kindly persuade our “leaders” to promote positive new-tech(toke) alternatives to the H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette AND the 500-mg “joint”– which can both be entirely replaced by e-cigs, vaporizers, pen vapes and Long-Drawtube One-Hitters. Replace “prohibitions” with ambitious positive measures to permanently solve health problems we’ve lived with for generations now ($igarettes have killed 200 million since 1853).

  5. Re-scheduling is not really a good idea. It just seems like a compromise that we shouldn’t have to make just to make a few conservatives feel better about themselves because someone they don’t even know isn’t using cannabis. Cannabis needs to be removed from all drug scheduling. If we re-schedule that’s only half the battle. If you read the way it’s worded you would still be putting cannabis where it doesn’t belong if you were to place it into any schedule. I think history is going to be looking back at this whole thing and it’s going to show how fear and stupidity really overshadowed good science.

  6. Yinjin is correct, cannabis doesn’t belong in the “controlled substance” category. Actually, the whole premise of the controlled substance law is unAmerican–giving the federal government unconstitutional power to dictate personal private decisions about health and nutrition, with criminal penalties for violation. Yes, government should have authority to set standards for production, labeling, and purity of commercial products including pharmaceuticals, but NOT to police personal decisions about consumption or ingestion.
    Of course, that is a theoretical issue at this point, but keep it in mind. I find the first few comments on this post to be both naive and nonsensical. Of course the Attorney General, subordinate to the President in the Executive branch, has both the legal power and sufficient cause to dismiss DEA boss Leonhardt for insubordination. It is essential for ANY administration to rein in and dismiss insubordinate bureaucrats.
    Don’t you remember how Bill Clinton sacked Surgeon General Elders not for anything she had done wrong, but because by talking about teenage masturbation she had embarrassed the President. What a distinction–embarrassing Bill Clinton by talking about sexual behavior! and she was only speaking in the abstract, not with any personal reference to the President’s peccadilloes (look it up.)
    To defend or excuse the DEA boss when she publicly offers inaccurate testimony, or even worse refuses to answer direct inquiries from a Congressional committee, or to say that her job is “arresting people for drug use” is in each case to distort or oversimplify the matter.
    Let’s go back to the Senior Bush administration. After two years of holding hearings and studying evidence, the DEA’s own chief administrative law judge ruled that cannabis was improperly placed in Schedule 1, and under the law as it is written NOW, should be re-scheduled; and that it would be “unreasoning, arbitrary, and capricious” for DEA to continue to stand between patients and the medical use of cannabis. That decision was rendered in 1988, over 25 years ago, and every DEA boss since then–with the connivance of the Presidents and Attorneys General–has sustained that LEGAL FICTION of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance despite their own judge’s finding.
    ALL of the DEA administrators have worked at cross purposes to the public welfare; all ought to have been dismissed for that reason. When this DEA boss openly flouts the enforcement policy guidelines, as she has, and publicly disrespects the ACCURATE statements made by the President, as she did, then any COMPETENT executive would lower the boom. Mr. Obama is too timid to take command, and his Presidency has suffered for it. At times he seems to have no clearer political comprehension than the befuddled persons who posted, less rather than more coherently, their objections to the suggestion that Leonhardt ought to be fired.
    She ought to be, for blatant insubordination, which goes far beyond merely embarrassing the President. The DEA with her in charge is throwing down the gauntlet of defiance against the forces of change—forces which represent the clear will of the people. That will is expressed not only in opinion polls but in actual election returns—and our government is supposed to respond to the voice of the people; to rest upon the consent of the governed. The narco-bureaucrats hold the people in contempt, and DEA officers will never answer in the affirmative if asked whether they would comply with Congressional repeal of cannabis prohibition. They see Presidents and Senators come and go but they truly believe that their agency, their power base, is perpetual. The police are supposed to enforce laws, and not to make the laws themselves. But in a police state, no laws are allowed to be written except those pleasing to the police themselves. If left in her post after these acts of insubordination, Leonhardt becomes the poster girl for the police state.
    Narcotics cops are not harmless. They are not public servants. They are parasites who profit from a failed policy, a counter-productive policy of prohibition, a policy which their efforts to implement serve only to exacerbate a tremendous range of injuries to our society, our economy, our liberties, our future.
    Not only should the DEA boss be dismissed, any intelligent citizen ought to realize that the DEA itself should be abolished.
    Furthermore, federal court rulings have construed the intent of the Controlled Substances Act to indicate that it is actually supposed to be UP TO THE STATES to determine accepted medical use of drugs, and therefore the DEA has actually usurped state prerogatives and ignored the law by refusing to recognize that state approval of medicinal cannabis use means, ipso facto, that marijuana cannot remain on Schedule 1.
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse, so neither Obama nor Leonhardt should be excused for their “unreasoning, arbitrary, and capricious” position sustaining Schedule 1 status for marijuana.
    And as for the first few commenters on this post, their ignorance of political power relationships and the principles of representative democracy may be some kind of an excuse for their lame objections to firing Leonhardt . . . but they don’t hold water.

  7. Sorry, here’s my apology for medical myopia–should have written “Yujin” not “Yinjin” in my previous post.

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